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Don’t Feed the Animals
By Dorian Gray & Victoria Hatfield
    Jeffrey Todd sat on the front porch of his house, staring across the street, wishing for something to do. It was summer vacation, and Jeffrey could feel the sun as it peeked through the trees that surrounded his house. Jeffrey lived in a cabin in the woods, and he saw many animals while living there. Today appeared to be a very ordinary day, and Jeffrey sighed with disappointment.
    Just then, something unusual happened. Usually the animals would run away when they saw Jeffrey, but today a little, brown mouse wandered up to the step where Jeffrey sat. The mouse surprised Jeffrey further when it began to speak.
        “I am very hungry,” the brown mouse said to Jeffrey. “Will you give me something to eat?”
        It took Jeffrey a second to reply. “Wait here,” he said, and he went inside the house to find something for the mouse. He had never heard an animal speak before and he was very eager to talk to his new friend. Jeffrey went to the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator. He found a piece of yellow cheese that he was sure the mouse would like, then he went back to the front porch and found sitting beside the brown mouse were two gray pigeons.
        “We are very hungry,” the pigeons said. “Could you give us something to eat?” After giving the mouse his cheese, Jeffrey went back into the house to see if he could find something for the pigeons. He searched in the pantry and found some sunflower seeds that he was sure the pigeons would like. Once he returned to the porch with the seed, he found three black cats sitting beside the pigeons and mouse.
    “We are very hungry,” the black cats said. “If you don’t give us some food, we will eat the pigeons and the mouse.”
        The mouse and the pigeons cried out in fear, “Don’t let them eat us!” Jeffrey didn’t want the cats to eat up his new friends so he gave the pigeons their seed and went back inside to find something for the cats. He rummaged in the cupboards and found three cans of tuna that he was sure the cats would like. He opened the tuna cans and went back out to the front porch. When he returned, he found four white dogs sitting on the path in front of the steps.
        “We are very hungry,” the white dogs said, “If you don’t give us food, we will dig up your yard and knock over your garbage cans.”
        Jeffrey knew that his father would be very upset to see the lawn dug up and garbage all over the yard, so he decided to find something for the dogs to eat. After giving the tuna tins to the black cats, Jeffrey went back inside. He opened the fridge again and found some cutlets that he was sure the dogs would like. Hoping that the cutlets wouldn’t be missed, he brought them out to the dogs. When he returned he found a family of five yellow pumas sitting beside the dogs.
        “Give us some food,” said the family of yellow pumas, “Or we will rip up your furniture.”
        Jeffrey knew that his mother would be upset to see that her furniture was ripped up, so he gave the white dogs the cutlets and went back inside to find something for the puma family. In the freezer he found some steaks that he was sure the pumas would like, but when he returned all he found was a large brown bear on the porch.
        “Where are the others?” Jeffrey asked the bear.
“In my stomach,” said the bear, patting his enormous belly. “They were delicious. What’s for desert?”
    Jeffrey went back inside to put the steaks away and find something sweet for the bear. While he placed the steaks inside the freezer, he saw a gallon of chocolate ice cream. He went back out to the front porch with the gallon of chocolate ice cream and two spoons. He and the bear ate the whole gallon of ice cream together.
        Though Jeffrey doesn’t see any more mice, pigeons, cats, dogs, or pumas, he still sees that bear and that bear always wants some more ice cream. Jeffrey would like all of you to know that if you are sitting on your porch with nothing to do, never feed the animals.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/21/2009 12:58:40 AM
Wayyy cool story. I liked this a lot. Imaginative and creative. You rock!!!!

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What will happen when you feed the animals... :)
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