I wont be complaining anymore to god

I was complaining god about this world
I slept, tired of my fights against the devils
Soon I could see two butterflies flying
Moon silver wings, flapping so slow
Shape of the flies was altered then steadily
Shape attained, resembled of two angels then
Two angels, yes! They were approaching me
Too close to me and then overhead my bed!
I knew that I was being lifted by them up
I, being carried away from my world
They dropped me to a world, so new
They went off, leaving alone me there
I saw a welcome gate, with opened flap
I saw a welcome note, ‘Welcome to the Earth’
What a relief and what peaceful life?
What a wonderful world! I amazed
Enjoying sceneries, and greenish new world
Enjoying walking alongside of fields
I reached the city so soon then by walk
I could gauge then, the length of those fields
I saw a beggar was begging, so sad
I saw some youths were then running so speed
After a cute girl of, thirteen approx
Laughter and scream, I heard, “rape her”
Exploding explosions, I heard everywhere
Exploding buildings and exploding love
One man, I saw, was caught by five others
One hacksaw blade, then was cutting his neck
Blood was then showering on all five of them
Blood was then cleaned by licking, “Oh! God,
What! Could they be called as human beings?”
What a terrified and reptile this world is?
Oh! My dear angels, where are you now?
Oh! My dear world you are far better”
My blood was so frozen and legs were so stiffen
My brain was not working, then “what should I do?”
Thank god, I slowly then woke up from dream
Thank you for not giving life on that ‘Earth’
I am so good and so happy now here
I won’t be complaining anymore to God

Deva   Deva wrote
on 12/27/2009 10:06:26 AM
thank you very much for commenting dear.... it is so pleasure giving that you are back.... thank you once again

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/21/2009 3:07:50 AM
A good message for us all. Like you, I wish the world was a much better place.

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writing Deva
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