Before the Rain Comes

Name:  Devalal

Screen Name: Deva




Oh, my dear friend, it is paining so, to remember about you and the day. It is pinching agony when recollecting the incidents of that day. I don’t really want to give a place in my mind to the thoughts about the beloved friend.  You all may wonder why it is so. Is it not a negative approach towards someone beloved? Yes, it is different in nature.


I heard of decreasing mental pain by sharing the sorrow with somebody. So I am trying to comb out the incident and that fearful day.


He, my beloved friend was staying along with me at our workplace.  We were sharing a rented room. My friend used to go on Fridays to his home town, which is around sixty kilometres away from our workplace.  As Saturdays and Sundays are holidays in our organisation, he could really enjoy the weekends.


My friend was sincere and a hard worker. His vigorous and active movements were always appreciated by everyone in our office. No jobs were pending in his presence.  He was so punctual about the time of getting in for works, and to go late from the section always.  That day I saw him, in different moods.  He was sometimes so happy, to break jokes, sometimes so hectic in works and sometimes so sad.  But I remember, I saw him sad on that particular day only. Otherwise he was so happy and his jokes increased our lifespan by making us to laugh always.  I wondered why he was so busy, so sad and some extra vigorousness in his every movement.  When I asked him, he told, he had to go a little early to home, so that he can reach home before the rain comes and before the moon.  But I was astonished because that was the first time I heard from his mouth that he had to go home so early.  He finished his works almost all and set out for home.  He used to ride a bike to his hometown all through the way.  I was tricky to follow him that day, because I wanted to see what was so special about his wife that day or any special occasion that he had decided not to invite me or made a tour programme.  I was of course little bit angry on him as he was going without informing me.  I somehow managed a bike and followed him. I thought, it might be a surprise to see me at his home immediately after him, and I can catch him and scold him in front of his wife for not informing me about the special occasion.  He was little bit faster than ever.  I knew, my back ache will start by riding the bike and follow him all through the sixty kilometres. But I came to know the indulgence of some eternal force in making me to go behind him that day in a later stage.


The road was busy and I felt difficult to get through and reach him easily.  Vehicles were running like mad dogs.  It seemed that everyone wanted to go first to make his mother hospitalised immediately.  I saw poor, unattended dead bodies of cats, dogs and small birds lying on the road, which was becoming like pictures drawn on the road with real blood, because of the continuous stamping of vehicles on it.  I felt very difficult to avoid my bike from riding over those bodies.  Nobody has got time to stop and see what happened to the poor animals, which gone under their wheels.  I felt sad on the cruelty of mankind towards the poor lives.     


I saw a car beside the road. Its front was smashed and the driver was caught by the police.  He was seen standing like a snake, which came out from its cage to step along with the piper’s music.  He had drunken a lot to even stand steady. A man who was riding a bike against him was bounced from the road by his hit by the car.  An ambulance came to the scene and gone away with the groaning emergency siren.  I slowed down the speed of my bike to become some more cautious in riding it.  I could see my friend, gone a long distance far, to be seen as a red spot moving further away from me.


I was thinking about the man who has been taken by the ambulance to the hospital.  The ambulance might have been arranged by the policemen there.  I thought it could have been a help to keep a police corner at least at each twenty kilometres on the highway, so that the unattended bodies of men who met with accidents could be made an attempt to retain their souls.


Suddenly I remembered about my friend who might have gone too far for me to reach behind him and I didn’t know exactly the route followed.  I speeded up my bike to an extent to be under control but reach him.  I thought I heard a thud.  I looked up in doubt of a thunder and symbols of a rain. I felt guilty in riding the bike to follow him unnecessarily and to get soaked.  But I could not see any indication of a sudden rain.  “But what was that sound!? Was it an accident again? Where could be my friend at that time?”  Another thunder sound heard in my heart in the fear of a misfortune.  I could see a bike sprung up with a man on it.  “Could I see a familiar shirt?” my blood suddenly got frozen.  I could not see anything else other than the stars dancing in front of my eyes.  I stopped my bike and made it to rest on its stand.  I ran towards the accident spot.  I could see a car with a sticker on its rear glass.  The sticker was of a human god’s picture. Some footnote was visible.  I read it. ‘Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is the lord of this vehicle’. I crossed the car to reach its front.  The front side was smashed. I remembered Mata Amritanandamayi had lost her power on it.  The man who was driving it was a worshipper of Amrita.  But he had drunken a lot.  All those pictured were wiped out from my eyes in one second and I could see some gentlemen carrying a red blooded body.  I was congealed when I identified my friend.  I thought I would collapse there. My eyes were becoming dark.  I managed to sit down on the road.  Someone helped me to get up and reach to my friend.  I saw his half of the head was crushed.  The helmet he worn was gone along with the fleet.  I found it hard to face the situation.  I saw somebody hiring a taxi to get his body inside. But nobody was ready to accompany him.  I suddenly ran towards the taxi and got in.  I forgot about my bike.  I did not see the body scrupulously.  There was afraid of becoming unconsciousness by seeing it. The taxi ran fast.  I feared of another accident. I called out all the names of the gods of all religions I knew.  After about a half an hour we reached the Medical College.  The taxi driver helped me to carry the body to the emergency ward.  His body was taken by the nurses into a room and the door was closed for me to wait outside.  I tried to meet the doctor. But he was running. I thought to wait. After ten minutes or so, the doctor came out with a sad face.  I heard a faint voice but echoed on my ears. “Sorry, he is no more…….” I felt like my heart stopped pumping, and I was blacking out.  I sat on a chair. My eyes were opened, opened to see nothing. I got up by the shook of the taxi driver.  He asked me to clear the bill.  I cleared the bill and headed towards the mortuary.  I saw his family reached to see him for final. 


I came out of the mortuary.  I heard a thud again.  There was not need of looking up. I could see the rain started.  The voice of my friend was echoed in my ears. “I have to go home early, before the rain comes and before the moon!”

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Short Story
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