Akateery is the name given to the humans who inhabited the forests south of the Gateway Foot-Hills and East of the Xalia's Wrath Mountain range. Akateery (or at least a word similar to it in sound) in the Centaur language means “those that vanish”. The Centaurs named the Humans this because Humans would appear for a season or two and then would not be seen again for decades or even centuries. Every human, no matter where they're from, pass through Earth city to attend one of the three Universities.


  At Settler University, one will start by learning the general skills that every settler must know to survive on the frontier. Skills such as construction, tailoring, leather working and wood working. Basic medical training is also included in these 'General Studies' courses. After completing the 'General Studies' courses, one would move on to region specific courses. Learning about the local resources, what plants make good crops, what animals should be hunted and how to use their hides and other parts. During regional courses, settlers will gain extensive knowledge of local medicine.

     At Scholar University, the focus is on academic pursuit. Research is the main activity here. Everything is researched, from medicine to magic to poisons. Living in a new world, new medicines must be discovered to fight off new illnesses, new forms of infection and new toxins. Magic research comes in many forms. Researching glyphs for example, glyphs being symbols created by the gods and imbued with extremely powerful magic, consists of three stages. First, breaking down known glyphs into the segments containing magic. The second step is to arrange the segments into a new glyph with the desired effect in mind. Step three is to engrave the glyph onto the weapon, armor or other object and test it. Researching poisons is also done in three stages. Identifying poisonous materials in the environment, be it plants or animals, finding a way to extract the poison, and then testing the concoction.


     Those who attend Adventurer University undergo a radical transformation.They pass between the statues of the Brothers Grim for the first time, and gaze up with awe at the visage of Doral'n the Delver, discoverer of Secrets, as Greenhorns. Many of whom will never have seen battle. Two years later, having been pushed to their limits and further, those who have survived will stand before that grand statue once more clad in armor crafted by their own hands, to take their place among the ranks of the Human Adventurers of Solteria.

Thereare three areas of study which all adventurers must master beforegraduating. Cartography, puzzles and riddling, and trap making. Thesethree subjects are studied in the morning with afternoons andevenings dedicated to combat and survival training. Both solo andgroup tactics are covered at length.

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