What Color Am I
I sigh when I give thought to how so many compromises
Centering their focus on the color of one’s eyes
The shape of her thighs
How high he reaches the sky
The texture and length of his or her mane
I call out sin
My God a sin

To care too much about the color of one’s skin and not what’s within
So I pray my Father that He will soften the hearts of His people
Blind the nation’s eyes and bleach their skins
To tear down the Berlin Walls that separates us from within
So we only see one of the same
Because we all are to blame
To shave each man, woman and child’s head
And pour out the shed blood of Christ upon each head
So his glory will cause each to died to self-identity
Causing hands to interlock in unity

As the morning stars peer down from heavens
They shout in worship from what they see
The son of man running free
With bleach skin
Multicolor eyes
The glory of Christ upon their heads
And righteousness in their hearts
An ingathering of one nation, one love, one worship to glorify the King of Kings

So I ask again, what color am I
I am as transparent as the clear blue sky
The color of the wind as it blows by
As brilliant as the rainbow when it shines in its glory from up high
As dense as the rain that pours from the sky
I am a facet of color that is only visible to His eyes

Deaidre_Newby   Deaidre_Newby wrote
on 11/26/2014 2:27:35 PM
Thanks StarPoet. I must admit, I love your choice of words, "the color our hearts." Love it. Very fitting.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 11/26/2014 3:08:46 AM
With so much about race going on and recent events about race, this poem has a message for all. God does not see the color of our skin but the color of our hearts. I like the Berlin Wall description. Very clever to put that in and make it work. Nice work!

writing Deaidre_Newby
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This poem addresses the unspoken racism that exist in the church, but can to apply to any race relations problems.
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