Citadel Of Secrets - Chapter 8: A Lost Mind In The Middle Of Nowhere

Chapter 8:

A Lost Mind In The Middle Of Nowhere


It was as if the whole thing didn’t happen, as if I had imagined the whole thing. No one was standing up, the bus was moving, and Danielle wasn’t sitting next to me, it was Jordan, a classmate.


My eyes filled with tears of pure fear, even though it had left me, and my mind didn’t care about what had just happened, my soul did, and I knew that in my heart, there was something wrong with me. “Are you okay David?” Jordan asked me, in a worried voice, when he saw my tears. “Yeah…don’t worry about it” I said back, and turned back around to looking at the window.


My mind was lost, I couldn’t think straight, and yet there was a part of me, that didn’t even care about anything. I kept looking outside, scared, crying on the inside, trying to not show it. I knew there was something weird going on, and only with that thought, my mind went on about conclusions on what this was, cancer maybe, a tumor, and fever? But as I said those fateful names, where before I’d fear even speaking those names, I didn’t care…


Twas like a night in full oblivion, when all shadows had left their unearthly caress…” I kept thinking those words over and over. I kept staring at the outside of the bus, and yet at the same time, I was in my own little world, thinking to myself, not even noticing what was happening. We finally arrived at the school, and I was determined to talk to that kid, maybe he was messing with my mind, “What am I thinking…?” I said to myself in an almost disgusted voice.


I walked towards my locker, to put some things in, and well, get the books and the usual stuff out of it. Jason Leivenstein was walking towards me; I had noticed him from the corner of my eye. It was weird, everyday in the morning when I got into school, and in the afternoon when I was going to leave, he bullied me, it was interesting. “Mr. Londono! How are you?” he almost yelled, even though he was a couple of centimeters away from me.


At that time, I didn’t like my last name; it completely turned my stomach in pieces. “Yes, Jason?” I responded in an irritated voice, as I put my things in. “Ooh, the nerd is mad now” he said in such a mocking voice, that it burnt my insides to pieces. “What are YOU going to do about it? You’re a nerd, I’m you owner, you’re my bitch, I’m the one who will kick your ass, Got it?!” he replied to me in a voice that made my head pound, my heart die, and my veins pulse harder.


I turned around, and looked at him. “Oh my fucking God…” he said to me, I looked into his eyes; he was in pure fear, as if he’d seen Death itself. I noticed he couldn’t move, not even twitch. I reached into my bag, looking for pills for my head, it was pounding even harder. I found a bloody knife; I looked at Jason, he throat slowly cut open from the left to right. I dropped the knife I fell to my back, and closed my eyes shut.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/24/2009 12:43:55 AM
Oh my goodness, what is going on with our friend David!? I guess I'll have to keep reading, huh? Good job... again!

ringettegirl02   ringettegirl02 wrote
on 1/23/2009 6:14:00 PM
ok, definately one of my fave chapters. Keep writing, love the story :)

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