Citadel Of Secrets - Chapter 7: A Dark Beginning

Chapter 7:

A Dark Beginning


I felt interesting, weird, but completely normal at the same time. I got out of the shower, out of the bathroom, and got dressed. While I got dressed my mind drifted on endless tracks of poetry, and I comforted myself doing it. I went back into the bathroom, and drew a pentagram, “It blessed me with endless Holy Darkness, that only the Gods would have approved…” after I finished drawing it, I cleaned the foggy look on the mirror, and looked at myself. I was completely pale, and I had black nails, which made me give myself a confused look. “When did I paint my nails…?” I thought to myself in a soft cadent voice, but only after realizing my nails were in black, I didn’t care anymore.


I left the bathroom, got my school belongings, and left to the dining room. My mother was waiting for me, with her arms crossed, which gave me the impression that she was mad at me. “Yes mother?” I asked her in a soft, almost impressed voice, and looked at her right in the eye. “What are you wearing?” she asked me in a tone, that I had never recognized from her before. “I’m not wearing anything” I said to her, despite that I had a black shirt, black jeans, black shoes, and well a black sweater, I had nothing else on.


“You’re wearing nail polish now? Didn’t know we had a girl in the family…” she said in a tone which aggravated me, and only to that extent I yelled at her. “Fuck you! You have no choice in what the fuck I wear so leave me the Hell alone!” I yelled and threw the front door behind me. I walked to the bus stop, and started listening to my iPod; I was listening to Nox Arcana.


I slowly changed my pace of walking, and thought to myself if I had ever listened to this band before, the name didn’t seem familiar, yet the music, “Oh, the dark antiqueness, that blossomed its caressing arms around me, and embraced my only desire…” I thought to myself.  I kept walking, listening to the music, and noticed some people standing on the bus stop. They looked at me, and gave me a funny look, more like “The Evil Eye”, I would say. I stood a small distance away from them, but still I stood on the bus stop, and waited with them, till the bus came.


The bus arrived at its destination, and I silently got on it. The people on it were not the same people I had seen over and over again within the weeks that I had gone to the school. I walked, almost to the back of the bus, where Jason Leivenstein and his “group” were sitting. I sat almost right in front of them. My mind drifted with endless poetic scriptures, and only then, as I sat to the window seat, I saw the guy that had severely stalked me, sit next to me.


I stayed quiet, and I looked outside the window, as quickly as I could. I found my mind with endless questions, “What does he want? Why is he following me? Why am I seeing things, and not care?” I felt by the movement of the seat, that he was reaching over for something. He poked me, and I gasped, I looked at him, and saw that it wasn’t even close to being him, it was Danielle.

“What---what?” I said to myself, and I looked from side to side. “Hey David, what’s up?” she asked me, “Where-where did that guy go?” I replied to her with a question. “What guy?” she responded, “Don’t do that, where IS he?” I raised my voice.  I stood up, and saw him walking towards the front of the bus. “Stop!” I yelled from the back, but only as I did, he ignored me. I went over Danielle, and ran towards the bus, where he was walking. He stopped, opened the bus doors, looked at me, and smiled. He jumped off the bus.


I saw his body almost buried in the snow, with blood coming out from under it. Danielle came towards me, “Are you okay?” she looked at me confused. I looked back at the body, it wasn’t there. I gasped, and looked again from side to side, only to find nothing. “Is it all in my mind?” I asked myself in a short panic, “I-I-I” I stuttered, the bus doors weren’t even open, and the bus had stopped because I had ran and scared the bus driver.


I couldn’t even say anything, it wouldn’t come out, and I would drive myself crazy. My head started hurting and I fell to my knees crying. I opened my eyes, and saw the outside of a window, I gasped.


Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/21/2009 1:18:31 PM
Dundundunduuuuuunnnn!!! I would love to read more and figure this out! Good job!

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