Citadel Of Secrets - Chapter 6: Thrown Out Of Heaven’s Mirror

Chapter 6:

Thrown Out Of Heaven’s Mirror


I touched the mirror, and only as I did, everything turned back to what seemed normal. Kelly Clarkson was still playing, my eyes, face, and whole form was the same as usual. It was as if nothing had ever happened, like this was all in my mind. I immediately walked out of the bathroom, and sat on my bed wondering what was happening to me. I wasn’t afraid, and still I wasn’t in any distress in any form,   it was like my conscience had thrown Fear and all those cowardly actions out of me.


I changed my clothes, and got in my bed. I kept wondering what had happened, I mean, I usually would be in shock, or the most probable thing that could happen would have been that I would have left the house, but it wasn’t like that, and that’s what scared me. I got into my bed, and held the blankets hard, just in case.


The bell rang, it was 7:30 A.M, and only starting the day, I had decided that the day was going slow. I got up off the bed, and slowly walked towards the bathroom. I got in, and saw my reflection, I was paler, and my eyes seemed darker. My mind didn’t seem to care, I couldn’t figure it out; it was like something was missing from me.


I got in the shower, and began to bathe myself. I still wondered to myself what I was feeling. “Wait, a second…” I said to myself in sudden movement, and I stopped moving. I couldn’t remember what happened last night.


It was only until now that I could think straight, my mind was clear, like I could think anything and not stress myself out. I kept thinking of what happened last night. I didn’t remember anything; it was like anything before this morning was erased completely from my mind. I looked up and thought to myself, “What the hell…I can’t remember anything before today…” personally I didn’t care, it was like my mind just didn’t want to think of what I did, like I had amnesia, I couldn’t think of anything.



Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/21/2009 1:14:58 PM
OOoooh, scary music. On to chapter 7!!!!

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