Citadel Of Secrets - Chapter 3: Overpowered By Death

Chapter 3:

Overpowered By Death


I stayed quiet, and humble, a feeling that never occurred to me before. I felt as if he kept staring at me, I was lost, confused, and almost overpowered by him. It was as if my thought were no longer mine, as if he could get in my head, and see every deep secret, inner thought. I just kept looking ahead, and paid no attention at what happened behind me.


The bell rung, I stood up quickly, and walked outside, as far as I could. I kept walking, looking ahead, and feared of falling down, and letting him catch up to me. I could no longer think, my thoughts, conscience, was against me, they wanted me, urged me, to go back, and talk to him. I fell down, confused, and silently started to cry. I heard someone walk beside me, and slowly walking in front of me. That same someone, put its hand on my head, and said “Awaken Brother, Death Confuses All Things…” it was a guy’s voice. I looked up, “Are you okay?” it was a teacher. “What did you say?” I asked him in pure confusion. “I asked if you were okay…” he repeated. “What did you say before that though…” I looked with interest and anger, “Nothing, except are you okay, I think you might need to go home” he responded.


I looked behind me, puzzled, and saw the guy who had followed me, walk by. I went to the office, in slight shock, feeling overpowered, like as if all my strength, had been drained, I felt weak. I walked in lost, and asked the Vice-Principal if I could go home, because I was sick, and for the most part, I was.


I felt nauseous, weak, and it was like my soul was taken, or as if I was changing, and not for the better, and yet not for the worse.

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†"I always wondered if being dark or light, would change my vision of this world, I was right. At the cost of being dark, I killed, ate, and lied for most of my life. I still remember the blackest memories, in that Citadel Of Secrets."† - David Angel

My Blackest Memories...

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