Citadel Of Secrets - Chapter 2: A Demure Soul

Chapter 2:

A Demure Soul


I stood back, and laughed, it was a tree. I walked around it, and walked to my house. I opened the mailbox, and got the mail out. I check the names on it, maybe one of them were for me, though I doubted it very much, “Mom, mom, mom, dad, bills, bills, promotion…David Angel?” I looked puzzled, we knew no one called David Angel, maybe they got the address wrong.


I walked towards the main door, and opened it, it was always open, my parents always stayed at home, they worked night shifts. “Hey, honey” my mom said, as she kissed my forehead. “Hey, mom…” I said back, and hugged her, “Where’s Dad?” I asked her. “Oh, in the studio, you know, working…” she said with a giggle, but I knew it bothered her.


I put my backpack on the couch, and went to the studio. I knocked on the door, I didn’t want to interfere, “Dad, it’s me” I said in a loud voice, since he could have anything beyond the door, it was soundproof. I knocked again, and then stopped, ‘Wow…I’m stupid” I said to myself, and I was right, I always did the same thing.

I went to the side of the door, where he had this communication thing; I always forgot the name to. I clicked the red button, “Hey Dad, it’s me” I said. He usually would never answer after he said “Hi” to me, “Come in, son” he said back. I heard a buzzing noise, and the door unlocked. I opened the door, and pulled it back, it was very heavy. I walked in, smiled; he smiled back, stood up, and came towards me.


“Hey son how was school?” he asked with a smile from a distance. “Same old, same old, Oh here’s the mail dad? There’s one in there to a David Angel? I don’t know, I suppose it was a wrong direction” I said to him. He never hugged me, or even got near me, it was the only time of the day I ever got to see him.


I gave him the letters, and walked away. “Thank you, son” he said back to me, “No problem…” I replied, hiding my sorrow for his actions. I walked out of the studio, every time I did, it caused me pain. I was quite sad, how he never shows any compassion, except that fake smile he always wears when I arrive.


I went to my room, and locked the door. I took off my shoes, put them in their place, and went into my bathroom. I locked its door, as well, and went to twist the bath handle. I turned the Hot and Cold water on, so it would be equal to each other. I put on my music, “Because Of You” by Kelly Clarkson, and took off my clothes.


I got in the bathtub, and rested my body in the warm, oblivious water. I slowly slowed my eyes…Damien! No... I woke up gasping. “What…happened…?” I asked myself; I had forgotten what I had dreamt. I got out of the bathtub, and dried myself. I got out of the bathroom, and put on my pajamas.


I walked out of my room, and went to the dining table, where I only expected my mom to be. It was always like this, as if life had a daily schedule, that always rejected me. “Hey baby” my mom said, “Mom, don’t call me that, I’ve told you a thousand times now…” I replied to her greeting. “Sorry for you, but you’ll always be my baby” She said back with a big grin; I was annoyed by it.


My mom went to the kitchen, and brought the dinner out to the table. As usually, my dad was in his “Studio”, but it didn’t surprise me. My mom brought me a plate of chicken noodle soup, “Well honey, I have to go in an hour, so I’m going to get dressed” she said to me. I looked at her, and grinned, it was so surprising oh how everyday repeated the same way, if I told someone, no one would ever believe me.


I finished my soup,, “I have to go baby, God be with you, behave ok?” my mom said to me, while walking towards the door. “Yeah, love you” I smiled back. My dad always left later, he worked in some company, but then again I wouldn’t know, I never spoke to him. I went back to my room, and brushed my teeth. I heard the front door close again, “There goes my dad…” I said to myself. It was as if he didn’t want to see me, as if he avoided me. I turned off the light, thinking of why my dad had always been like that, and went to sleep.


…Damien! No…


I woke up sweating, gasping for air, and in tears. I couldn’t remember the dream again, “Ugh, school again…” I said in a very annoyed voice, it was 7:30 A.M. I got up off my bed, and slowly began to walk towards my bathroom. I twisted the bath handles again, but this time so that I could shower, I got inside. As the water fell on me, I kept thinking about what I had dreamt, trying to remember.


I got out of the shower, and got dressed quickly. I looked at my reflection, I seemed pale, “Maybe I’m getting sick…” I tried to reason with myself, “It would make sense…the dreams, sweating, maybe it was a fever…” My hair was on the right side of my face, and I was attracted to the look for some reason.


I got my backpack, and ran to the dining table. I drank a cup of water, and left quickly to catch the bus.


I waited for my bus, and as I did, I decided to change my type of music. The bus finally arrived, and I sat almost in the middle, on the window seat of course. We finally arrived at the school, and I immediately went to my math class. I sat down on my seat, and waited with patience for the class to start. I saw the guy that stared at me yesterday, come into the classroom, and sat behind me.

Davidangelofficial   Davidangelofficial wrote
on 1/21/2009 9:54:32 AM
Im going to put the rest of the chapters NOW! its not done though, Im not even half way done :p

kt6550   kt6550 wrote
on 1/21/2009 3:16:26 AM
Just a thought. I think you could have gotten away with combining chapters one and two into one chapter. But I will wait for the rest of the story to see where you take this. Interesting so far. Almost a bit Stephen Kingish.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/20/2009 1:25:23 PM
Hmm, there's that guy again, I'm so anxious to know who he is! It seems David's life isn't so great after all, hm? What with his father and all. I wonder if that will be a key part in the story...? And you are still doing great, I hope you put more on here. As it is with any good book, I'm eager to continue reading and discover everything you've thought up.

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