Citadel Of Secrets - Chapter 1: Origin

Citadel Of Secrets 

By: David Angel 

Inspired By Real Life Events



Dedicated To:

She Who Has Inspired Me Since The First Day, The Love Of My Life,





I always wondered if being dark or light, would change my vision of this world, I was right. At the cost of being dark, I killed, ate, and lied for most of my life. I still remember the blackest memories, in that Citadel Of Secrets.


Chapter 1:



It was an ordinary day at school, nothing new, but I was happy. Life was a beautiful thing for me, as if light from the skies always shined on me. I always studied, and behaved well, no teacher, nor my parents, could say I was a bad child, or a bad son.


The bell rang; I packed my things and went to my next class, “English”. I always had a theory, whether what way would be more fascinating, to be dark, and always be interested in darkness and death, and such, or to see the world as I so now, light as if a presence always shines the way to guide you. Most people wouldn’t have answered that question, but I prefer to stay light, normal, or “preppy” as most people say about me.


I finished English, and went to my locker, “Mr. Londono”; I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around, it was Jason Leivenstein, one of the toughest, strongest, and if I’m not wrong, considered the hottest guy in St. Evangeline High School. Her pushed me to my locker, and made my books fall to the floor. It was always that way, as if time repeated over and over again, if only I had the courage to stand up to him, and defend myself, but I was too weak. I fell down to my knees, and saw him laughing with his friends. I gathered my things, as he left, and noticed some guy, I had never seen before, staring at me, as if he was worried or mad, I couldn’t tell.


I looked to the floor, and put my stuff in my locker. I got my backpack, and closed my locker. I slowly walked away, but I looked back, once more, to see if the guy was still there, be he wasn’t. I looked side to side, and didn’t see anyone. I looked back and walked towards the school exit.


I got on my bus, and sat in the front, I couldn’t go to the back, Jason Leivenstein and his “group”, didn’t allow anyone in the back, if anyone did go to the back, they would beat the person, whether it was a girl or guy. I sat on the window seat; it was my favorite, and started to listen to Kelly Clarkson. I felt someone sit next to me, but I paid no attention, I kept looking outside. The bus stopped, some people got off, and I still stared outside. The bus stopped again, and I felt that the person, whom sat next to me, got off the seat, I saw the person outside, it was a guy. It was the same guy, who had stared at me when Jason pushed me to the locker. He stood there and stared at me, I slowly took off my earphones; I was confused. The bus moved, I kept staring back at him, in awe, and he didn’t stop staring back at me.


I shook my head, maybe he was looking at someone else, and I couldn’t stop thinking about that. I heard a distorted voice, but I was still thinking about that guy. “Mr. Londono, this is your stop” I heard as a hand kind of waved at me. “Oh, sorry…” I said back, it was the bus driver.


I got off the bus, and kept thinking of why that guy was staring at me, maybe he knew me, “Yeah…cause I’m so popular…” I said with a sarcastic laugh. I walked to my house, and felt someone behind me. I looked back and saw no one. I looked at the corners of the streets, and still saw no one, maybe I was going crazy. I looked back, “Oh my fucking God!” I said in shock.


Davidangelofficial   Davidangelofficial wrote
on 1/21/2009 9:53:31 AM
Yeah... You should read my awesome novel, "A Gothic Romance". I'll put it up soon, and im not sure what Im going to do with the mysterious guy... still working on that.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/20/2009 1:18:34 PM
Oh, yeah, and I like both David and this mysterious guy; I can't wait to find out what part he plays in David's life.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/20/2009 1:17:10 PM
Hey, nice job. Descriptive and everything... it really is a pity all those wonderful, sunny people get the bad stuff, huh? But then again, they're probably the best ones to handle it in most cases, I guess. Anyways, I like it. Good!

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†"I always wondered if being dark or light, would change my vision of this world, I was right. At the cost of being dark, I killed, ate, and lied for most of my life. I still remember the blackest memories, in that Citadel Of Secrets."† - David Angel

My Blackest Memories...

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My 3rd Novel. About David Londono, and this mysterious quest to find out what is going on in his head. After being bullied by Jason Leivenstein, David see's someone he's never seen before, and wierd things start happening after this incident.
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