Not Your Typical Bar Fight

     The group of men stood across the street from the bar.  Of the five men only one couldn't hear the music and conversation from inside.  It was late and the bar owner would be closing soon.  Most of the human patrons had left.  The rest of the people inside were pack members.  This bar was owned by the local shapeshifter pack.  The leader of this excursion turned to address the rest of the group.  "Remember our orders.  No one gets out alive."  The others nodded.  "Alright.  Start the spell," he said to the only human in the group.  The warlock closed his eyes and was quiet and still for a moment.  Then he started speaking the strange language of magic.  He waved his hand in the direction of the bar and for a moment the scene wavered as if it were a mirage.  "The cloaking spell is in place.  No one outside the bar will see or hear anything." said the mage.  The leader smiled, allowing his unsheathed fangs to show in the moonlight.  One by one the other vampires in the group followed suit, letting their fangs grow.  "Let's go," he said and started across the street towards the building.


     Sam took another look at his watch and heaved a sigh.  He looked around the interior of his bar as he waited for the time to tick by.  The Black Dog was the typical little dive bar.  There was a jukebox, a couple of pool tables, and lots of booze.  It had been busy tonight, even by Saturday night standards.  Sam was looking forward to closing out the register and counting up tonight's total. 

After he shut down the place maybe there would be time for a run under the stars with a few of his pack mates.  Jack, Chris, and Cassie were sitting at one of the tables, playing cards and waiting patiently for Sam to finish up.  Sam looked over at the other occupied table in the room.  The two humans had been sitting in the corner all night, drinking whiskey and talking.  Sam glanced at his watch again.  Just a few more minutes and then he could kick them out.  Cassie got up from the table and made her way to the bar counter.

"Baby, can we please get out of here?  I want to go for a run before the moonlight is all gone," said Cassie, pouting slightly.

Sam smiled. "You know, I was just thinkin' the same thing."  He leaned over the counter and gave her a kiss on the lips.  "Let me get rid of the losers in the corner and we'll close up quick,"  he said.  He stepped around the counter to go tell the humans to leave when the front door opened and two people walked in.  Sam's whole body tensed as he picked up their scent.  Not people then, vampires.  His friends caught the scent too and stood up, alert and ready for trouble.  Sam stepped forward, in front of Cassie.  “Sorry, we were just getting ready to close for the night,” he stated.

One of the vampires smiled coldly.  "Oh, don't worry.  We're not staying long mongrel.  We just have a pest control problem to take care of, then we'll be on our way."

Sam noticed that the one who spoke wore a metal glove on his right hand, each finger ending in a silver claw.  The vampire next to him pulled out a silver dagger.  Chris stepped forward and let out a low growl.  Jack spoke up. "Two against four.  I'd say the odds are in our favor, leech." 

Just then the back door flew open and in burst two more vampires and a human.  Sam could sense the magical energy coming from the human and knew he must be a warlock.  The two drunk men at the back table stood up.  The air around them shimmered for a few seconds, and when it cleared Sam could see that the two were as sober as he was.  He could also now detect from them the slight fragrance of decay that all vampires emit, but that only shapeshifters could smell due to their keen noses.  Sam wondered why he couldn't smell them earlier.  Maybe some kind of spell?  He pushed that concern aside as he realized the pack was surrounded.

"What do you think your odds are now, half-breed?" The gloved one sneered.  Then he and his partner circled Sam, fangs extended.  Sam thought about transforming but knew he wouldn’t finish the change before the apparent leader and his partner attacked.  That didn’t seem to deter Chris and Jack from trying to change. Behind him Sam could hear the sound of bones cracking and reshaping themselves.  From the rear of the bar one of the vampires pulled out a handgun and started shooting, hitting  Chris twice in the chest before he could complete his change.  Chris fell to the floor with a yell, clutching at his chest.  Jack was able to finish his transformation, and rushed forward with a growl, biting off the entire hand of the gun wielder.  The injured vampire fell back as another came forward to meet Jack.  He snarled and Jack could see that his fangs were fitted with silver caps.  The vampire lunged at Jack, knocking him to the ground, and the two grappled with each other, scratching and biting.

     Meanwhile the two vampires who had posed as humans all evening had started to advanced towards Cassie.  One of them drew a sliver switchblade.  Cassie snatched up the closet chair to her and smashed it to the ground, quickly grabbing one of the broken wooden pieces to serve as a makeshift stake.  She stabbed at one of the vampires but he darted away, laughing.  Sam turned to go help Cassie, and that’s when the leader lashed out with his glove, slashing Sam across his upper chest.  Sam cried out in pain, then turned and punched the vampire hard in the face, sending him flying into a nearby wall.   The second vampire lunged at Sam, but Sam was able to grab onto his shoulders and hold him off.  The two were locked in a deadly embrace for a few moments, until Sam reared back and head butted the vampire.  The vampire let go and stumbled back a few steps, and Sam seized the chance to kick him hard in the chest.  The vampire fell backwards, crashing through a table before landing on the floor.

     Suddenly Sam felt a sharp piercing pain through his back, followed by an intense burning sensation across his upper body.  He staggered around to see the smug face of the lead vampire.  Sam took a step forward as if to attack, but fell to the floor in agony instead, the silver blade burning him from the inside out.

     Sam looked around his bar and saw Jack and Chris lying on the floor in human form, both probably dead.  He heard Cassie cry out and looked in time to see one vampire hold her while the other slit her throat with his switchblade, then stab her in the heart for good measure.  Sam cried out in pain, both physical and emotional.

     The leader walked over and looked down at Sam.  “It’s nothing personal mongrel,” he said.  He drew the blade out of Sam’s back, eliciting a scream of pain.  “We’re just doing our part to help control the pet population.”  He laughed, then called out to the other vampires.  “Come on, boys.  We’re done here.” 

     Sam saw the rest of the group leave the bar.  The lead vampire turned back one last time.  He kicked Sam hard in the face, and the shifter fell unconscious.  The leader looked around the bar at the dead shapeshifters, sighing with satisfaction.  Then he strolled out the door to join the rest of his crew.



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Short Story
writing Darkaspen
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