The Unified Field (in the Garden of the Finzi-Continis lies the head of Benito Cereno)

The Unified Field (in the Garden of the Finzi-Continis lies the head of Benito Cereno)

Earliest dreams in the womb, The Unified Field:

origin, thunder, its quarks and their magic charms,

numbers in their flight, the totem of glittered ground,

dervish rivers through tribal veins, seepage of blood,

children folding their faces on friends in wind.  Winds

twirl, grasp up drops off lines (poem thighs) birthing sighs.

In the Garden of the Finzi-Continis sigh

gadens of homage, luminescence of all fields

but wild flower insurrection, earth blood the wind

of change, the chains of slavery's myriad charms,

is the head, Benito Cereno's, all the blood

slaves have shed, their essences deep within the ground.

in the Garden of the Finzi-Continis' ground

myriads, the songs, fluids of life sigh to sigh

blood colors of astringent dark thigh reds, bloodied

orchids and dahlia, grape hyacinth deep fields.

Upon these sharded bulb pieces arise the charms,

pollen, there lies Benito Cereno in wind, winds

in the Garden of the Finzi-Continis. Friends

seize his head upon the pike, his body now ground,

their hearts; slavers forever-after trembled charms'

songs into their souls, blessing, weeping "have mercy!"

yet, the leper daughter took and her garden field

of the Finzi-Continis seeps Benito, his blood.

In the Garden of the Finzi-Continis this blood

flows through all the world strewn through slave death winds,

touches coup, pollen, greatest world's tiller tiller

swallower of winds' fire, fallen earth, fecund ground;

gardeners go mad, dream, weep, fawn gods' mercy.

Here lies Benito Cereno, the whole world's charm.

In the Garden of the Finzi-Continis charmed

thunder, color, sculpts petal charms, color of blood's

numberless lovely tithes, totems of man, mercy,

dervish rivers through tribal veins' ancient winds.

Children fold their faces in wind as below the ground

lies Benito Cereno his insurrection here as world is tilled.

charmed of martyrs' blood. The wind stirs from fecund ground.

Lovely moist are legs beneath Potter's Wheels' (we) blooded

clay. O unified field be just us mercy.

author's note:

The Unified Field is the single sound of the cannon of all the triggers pulled by the greatest of the greatest masters, again and again, until they all die, never understanding what they thought they had remembered before they began new works. These works are the music of the world, its colors, dreams, nightmares, the ‘one perfection’ gardeners are driven mad in their dreams by to awaken forgetful, bleeding hand reaching for spade.  It is the search for the perfect cup of morning coffee.

Benito Cereno ... literary character ...lead a mutinee on a slave slip, the ship under his new command became a feared pirate vessel

Garden of the Fizi Continis ... a story ...the  Italian noble families in the l7th century and beyond always had fabulous gardens, some grew miraculous and strange flowers

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