The Dark Side of the Wall
I felt very bad that day and so I decided to have a walk into the nature to get out of my bad mood. I didn’t think about where I should go and ran around just following my nose. I reached a wall and walked along it. It was shady on this side of the wall and so it was cold. I longed for sun and warmth and the desire of getting to the other side of the wall grew up.

I walked along the dark side of the wall, hoping that I could find a way to get to the other side of the wall, the light side. I looked for a door or a hole to get though or a suitable place to climb over the wall. But I wasn’t successful.

In time I felt tired and cold; that not enough it had started raining and the rain got worse. I found a dry place under a tree. I sat down, snuggled myself into the coat to warm myself, listened to the raindrops falling on the leaves and closed my eyes.

I saw me walking along the dark side of the wall, hoping that I could find a way to get to the other side of the wall, the light side. Suddenly I found the door. It was easy to open and I got into a very beautiful garden.

The garden was very big, I couldn’t see an end. I saw large blooming trees and a seemingly endless meadow full of flowers; one flower more beautiful than the others; birds were singing; the sun was shining and warming me. I took off my coat. I enjoyed what I saw and what I heard. I felt that everything was alright.

“You’re welcome;” I heard a female voice speaking, “I’ve expected you.”
I turned around and saw a Lady. She was very beautiful and she had these bright eyes, eyes full of life and full of love.
“Me?” I answered surprised.
“You followed your dream, didn’t you?” she replied.
“What a beautiful garden.” were the only words I could find.
“You did a step into your dream.” she explained and continued, “You can stay as long as you like. But before you leave the garden again please pick one of these flowers and take it with you.”
“Isn’t the flower dieing when it is picked?” I asked her sorrowful.
She smiled and answered, “The flower is living as long as your dream is living.”

Although there were flowers everywhere it was an easy choice for me which of all these flowers I’d like to take with me. I stepped into the meadow and picked one flower. I felt that this one belonged to me. I held it near my chest and smelled its sweetness.
“So take care of your dream flower,” she said and repeated, “Live your dream and the flower lives too.”

I opened my eyes and I felt warm. I had a smile on my face. I looked around and saw my coat beside me. The rain had stopped, the birds were singing again. My right hand lay on my heart and my fingers were still holding the imagined flower.

I stood up, still smiling. The dark side of the wall wasn’t as dark as before. This imagined flower seemed to lighten the darkness. I continued my way easily and full of hope.

Copyright © Ingrid Prohaska

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 2/25/2010 5:54:08 AM
Wonderful story Ella. You show that it is always good to dream, and they do lighten up the darkness in our lives. Well done!

Short Story
writing DancingElla
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