Does Autism Affect All Of Us?
There's been quite a bit of attention paid lately to Autistic children in the mainstream media news reports. From Adam Race being legally banned from church, a California man kicked out of a health club, a North Carolina boy taken off of a plane, a South Carolina girl ejected from a restaurant for crying to Michael Savage heartlessly declaring, "it's a brat that hasn't been told to cut the act out," we see Autism everywhere we look. I have an Autistic friend, he's 12 years old. The Center for Disease Control estimates 560,000 children under 21 suffer from some type of Autistic behavior; that's 1 in 150 of the group of children over the age of 8 in this country. The figure may even be higher when those under 8 are included.

With the dramatic increase in a wide variety of diseases during the past 50 years and with cancer leading the pack I believe there's more here than meets the eye and it isn't necessary to apply science to my own personal conclusions although science agrees with some of them.

Perhaps we should all be looking at environmental factors which would include the use of plastics, chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, fluoride in both water and toothpaste (a known poison and known to decrease aggression; used by the Nazi's), genetically modified foods, mercury, lead, depleted uranium and all of the carcinogens and chemicals we add to the environment in great quantities that are known to affect the human genome. There are many not listed here. It would literally take many pages.

Even though in some cases little actual scientific evidence exists for a particular substance the overall effect on humanity can be clearly seen when we look carefully at all aspects of unwarranted and unexpected change within the environment from the death of bees at an alarming rate, the increase in cancer across humanity especially in so called 'industrialized nations,' and the rate at which we are seeing the incidence of Autism. Of course there is much more.

Global corporations who maintain control over the media and government and government itself hold the keys to scientific scrutiny and will keep those keys locked away as long as the potential for liability exists while praising the positive effects of the newest product. We all brush our teeth with fluoride. It is proven scientifically to destroy enamel and that is a fact.

Until we look carefully at ourselves and decide that dramatic change in our current behavior is necessary to our own survival I am fearful that the human race will do no more than continue to poison itself with the effects we are too well aware of while sitting idly by hoping others will change it for us. We are the others, each one of us.

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