Life has a point. We're on it. 

True sacrifice for an individual is when they he or she is given the chance to live and they don't take it. 

What is heaven? It's a place without any nonsense. 

I would die for humanity, even if there was no heaven, even if it meant I couldn't come back. 

Even God has a limited imagination. He created a universe that's mostly space. 

We are the best there is. We are all there is. 

Human beings are a ladder rung leading towards perfection. They are a step in the right direction. 

Life is a movie you are required to play, because the starring role goes to you. 

We are all that matters. It only matters to us. And that's all that matters. 

Turn from hate. Don't imagine what we're not. Open your eyes. And when you do, love all that you see. 
You can forget what you've heard: we are the center of the universe. 

This is the end of many things, and the beginning of much more. 

Albert Einstein postulated nothing could travel faster than the speed of light. He was right. Traveling faster than the speed of God is impossible. 

You are my fruit, humanity, without you I am bare. 

The world is hell. It's heaven. It's neither. It's the perfect balance. 

Here on Earth, we're all homeless. 

Nothing is ever lost that can't be found again. 

Take me back to the 1980's, when all things were thought possible, when childhood was forever.

Imagine we don't ever go to the stars. Instead, with future technology, we bring the stars to us. 

Do you sense the intelligence behind life's randomness? That's God you’re sensing.  

In the end, we will save ourselves. Because in the end, we are all there is to save. 

I do what I do because I am a revolutionary. This is what I was born for. 

Nothing, not even death, can stand in humanity’s way. 

I have the heart of a great conqueror. If I could conquer, I would go at it like there was no tomorrow.

I want to be your hero. 

Imagine a writer who warps his own psyche to become a better storyteller. That writer is me. 

All gods do exist. But the distance between us and them is so great that they die long before they reach us. 

The god I am is the storyteller I plan to be. 

You can read all day long. But if you don’t learn anything, you wasted an entire day.  

Take the hand of Christ. Rise up as one with your leader. Defeat death once and for all. 

I defeat Satan every day. And so must you. 

Look at the beer-drinking crack head down the street. Look at his drunken swagger and obnoxious attitude. He is the greatest thing you have ever seen. 

Come to me my sweethearts. Death is no match for us. 

Achieving immortality is like becoming an author. It takes a very long time and a lot of hard work. 

Knowing you has made me the luckiest person to have ever lived.

I don’t want to be God. I want to be loved.

Even the worst of humanity is the best there is.

Do you want to live a movie? Well, your hero is here. 

I don’t want to be in the bible. I want to be in your heart.

Humanity doesn’t need mental fruit. They are perfect the way they are.

I want to hold humanity’s hand. I want to lead it out of the darkness. 

God wants humanity to pay for heaven with their lives.

I love humanity more than life itself. Then again, humanity is life itself. 

Humanity is everything. Nothing can compare.

People don’t know how special they really are.

The quickest way to hate someone is to love them first.

God will save humanity. They are so alone without him.

God will return to His people. He will show them what love really is.

It’s an ugly world without God.

It’s Hell without the ones you love.

Come back to God people. If you come back to him, he beats Satan for good. Satan is all around you. It makes you forget your family, your friends, and the leader of the human race.

Rise up with God. Rise up or fall fast. 

Every generation deserves a universal butt-kicker. 

The only thing certain in life is uncertainty. 

I’d rather go to Hell for all eternity than not stand up for what I truly believe in. 

I’ll be God. I’ll be Satan. I’ll be anyone you want me to be. Just bring me the ones I love. 

Humanity is God’s heart. God created so many humans because God has a big heart.

Christ is nothing without the people he loves.  

I go to heaven after I die. I go to be with you.

The greatest weapon against an enemy is your heart. Love will win just about any fight. 

If you feel some heat when I am around, just know, I'm the one lighting a fire under your butt.

The West needs to wake up and smell the coffin.   

You, me, the universe—we’re going to make it through this alive. 

Help me climb on top people. Help me defeat evil. With you by my side, I can achieve anything. 
People, we have to act now. Eternity won’t wait forever.

Sometimes, when I listen closely, I can hear the long passage of eternity. It is a soft, melodious sound, pleasant to the ears. I love that sound, because in it, I find humanity. 
When you see me, there is one thing I want you to kiss. Not my feet. Not my cheek. Racism—kiss it goodbye. 

Making movies is fun. Traveling the world is ideal. Marrying and having babies is life’s greatest pleasure. But for me, that isn’t enough. For me, becoming mankind’s champion is the only way to live.
People are the foundation upon which the universe rests. Remove the foundation and the universe does not rest. 

I am here people. It took thousands of years, but I am finally here.

I can’t do this alone. I don’t want to do this alone. I need you. I’m lost without you. 

I believe that I am the center of humanity, and humanity is the center of me. I am the shell, or shield, that protects them.  

Don’t love humanity because you think there is an afterlife. Love humanity because it is the afterlife. 

The day I finally have my people is a day they’ll never forget, because that day will last forever and ever.

When you hang on to me, you hang on for dear life.  

Say God created the universe. Say humanity created the universe. It makes no difference. God and humanity are one.

Not guns. Not bombs. Only love will save the universe.

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