Minority Report 1.5
Dr. King's dream isn’t real? Since when? More has happened to better race relations in the last forty years than Dr. King could have ever dreamed of. Black president. Black attorney general. Another black attorney general. But some of us want more. I didn't know Dr. King's dream included open borders and the explosion of non-whites in white-majority nations. I thought Dr. King’s dream was about whites and blacks holding hands, getting along, loving each other, i.e., racial harmony. Stopping immigration is not racism. It’s preservation. Blacks wish for more non-white immigration because the more non-white immigration this country holds, the less whiteness you see. Supporting non-white immigration in a white-majority nation built by white people and left for white people is telling everyone everywhere you are racist and indifferent towards white people. Question: Would I look racist if I demanded more white immigration in a black-majority nation? Answer: Probably. Attempting to make black people the minority in their own country is racism. That’s the way I see it anyway. When I worked as a waiter in the restaurants, my stomach would always roll into a knot when seeing black people in my section. Not only are they the worst tippers, they make you run for the five percent. Black guests, rude, loud, and rambunctious, exhibit the worst behavior in the restaurants. A black woman will order an expensive fishbowl drink, take one sip, then send the drink back with a look of disgust on her face. A black party of ten will ring up a two hundred dollar food ticket, eat half of it, then demand the ticket receive the axe. White church-goers and teenagers were sometimes bad, but they were saints compared to the black folk. If black Americans are notorious for acting horrible when consuming expensive food and drinks, how do you think they act everywhere else? I worked at the Applebee’s in black-majority East Memphis for a little while and the first night on the job I wanted to quit. The black guests were screaming and jumping out of the seats. My trainee, a black male, screamed at the foolish blacks, “You people know how to act better than this!” After that night, I decided to work the day shift. It was a little bit better, not nearly as rowdy, but the tips still stunk. Sometime after, I informed a white cook I had plans to transfer to the Applebee’s in Cordova, an area of town still dominated by whites, and I was revolted when the white cook went into defensive mode. “You’re not gonna make any more money in Cordova,” he claimed. That statement was false. I made twice as much in Cordova as I did in East Memphis. Not only that, but the restaurant wasn’t a madhouse every night. Not all of the black guests were bad, but so many of them were that it ruined the entire experience of waiting tables. Americans of all colors should respect their servers more. A server is not a slave. I made $2.13 waiting tables. I depended on good tips to make a living. When a guest doesn’t tip, I still have to shell out three percent of the tab to the restaurant. If Americans don’t want to tip, they should grab a few cheeseburgers at McDonalds. If Americans don’t want to tip, they should stay home. Make a bologna sandwich. If an American doesn’t want to be stiffed or treated like garbage in the workforce, they shouldn’t do it to other people. Treat people the way you want to be treated. And that’s the bottom line ‘cause Stone Cold said so. Black Americans hate the sight of the Confederate flag, a symbol of hate they say, but some of them will not stop showing white Americans their underwear overflowing from baggy jeans, even after white Americans politely ask black males to pull up their pants. My suggestion for white Americans is that if black males do not cover their undies, steal a Confederate flag from a Ku Kluxer while the latter is chasing Pac-Man around the block and then wave the flag in the black male’s defiant face until the pants climb waist-high. I’m joking, but a man’s underwear is the last thing most decent people want to see outside of the bedroom. Black American males should respect this fact. Most Americans have a major problem with the confederate flag, but they don’t see anything wrong with black Americans calling themselves African-Americans, a term used to honor black Africa. HERITAGE, NOT HATE the Confederate flag supporters claim, but I’d sound ignorant if I said the flag did not remind Americans of slavery and other forms of racism. But how is the flag any different than black Africa, a place of disease, death, corruption, racism, and ineptitude? Never do black Americans speak of immigrating to black Africa. They’re smart. They know it’s a place of extreme misery. Black Africans are abused daily. Many of them do not possess what Americans call “civil rights.” Women are raped on a constant basis. Slavery is enforced like it didn’t go out of style a hundred and fifty years ago. Children are beaten and burdened with AK47s. Hateful, violent dictators and warlords are notorious for treating black people like trash resting under a golf course. But black Americans still honor a place that is saturated with hate and violence, and even slavery. And that’s because they’re racist like everyone else. Despite the Confederate flag’s dark history, I don’t see it as a symbol of hate and racism in today’s America, not when most of the flag supporters are against slavery and the black-people-back-to-Africa program. But I’m not anyone to demand the flag should stay or go. If black Americans condemn the hate and violence in Africa, and pull their pants up waist-level, maybe America can do away with the Confederate flag, something most of us hardly see in person. The pictured black man is undoubtedly like most other black Americans. He’d confess to the world how he loved black people. And if that’s true for the rest of black America, it should start acting like it. Actions speak louder than words. Say something about black-on-black violence. Become more vocal. Put your foot down. Quit using your ancestors as leverage to get more money and power out of a race of people you despise. And here's a tip black America: QUIT HURTING AND KILLING BLACK PEOPLE! The first rule of Night Club is…You do not talk bad about black people. The second rule of Night Club is… You do not talk bad about black people. Not even if your critique is true and helpful, you shut your mouth about the Kings and Queens of the universe. You can criticize white people all day, just don’t do it to black people. Anything negative said about blacks is racism, even if what you said wasn’t racist. Mike Huckabee, once governor of Arkansas, said that singer Beyoncé was not wholesome, unholy, and that her husband was a pimp because he sexually exploited her body. Dianna Anderson, a writer at Salon.com called Mike “racist,” but as it turned out it was Dirty Dianna who was the racist. She called him “a white man” when there was no reason to bring up race because Mike wasn’t attacking Beyoncé’s skin color. After I read the article, I began singing, “I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike.” The writer of Salon injected race because the white man insulted black people, like it was the end of the world as we know it. Criticizing black people is a mortal sin here. Say nothing bad about them. Suck up to them instead. Kiss their feet. “All hail the black American!” Get on your knees white man and worship your master! “Black girls rock!” Michelle Obama declared at the Black Girls Rock ceremony in Newark, New Jersey. It’s funny, hilarious almost, but I don’t ever remember reading about a White Girls Rock ceremony with a former white First Lady as one of the speakers. It makes sense, because white people are second-class citizens in their own civilization. The declaration “White girls rock” is racist. But the one boosting black America’s low self-esteem isn’t. Americans will tell you that we are all equal, but if that was true, whites would have a Girls Rock ceremony, too. We allow black Americans to have their mountain of black privilege because it is in our best interest to make them feel as confident and comfortable as possible. Black Americans don’t feel equal. And I believe there is a part of us that understands that perfectly well. Low self-esteems are dangerous. And if unchecked, they can decimate an entire group of people like the white race. There is no Whiteamericaweb.com. And if anything like it is discovered on the internet, the majority of Americans consider it racist. I know the minds of Americans. One childish name that frog-hops around in the typical American’s mind is “racist.” It’s used to silence the opposition. “Racist! You’re nothing but a racist!” If you’re a wise guy, the perfect response is, “I know you are, but what am I?” And if you want to shine them on, it's "Hasta la vista, baby.” Good news! If you have type II diabetes, you can participate in a study that can earn you over five grand for time and travel. The only problem is…IT’S BLACKS-ONLY! I saw the advertisement while riding a San Diego bus. Never have I seen a WHITES-ONLY advertisement, except for those that existed fifty years ago. Jeremy told me that white job applicants in South Africa go to the bottom of the pile, meaning South African whites are the last group of people the work force is looking for. The human race is setting up a future where the white man lives the life of the new Jew. In the United States of America, you hear all too often of white privilege...like it actually exists. I have never, in my thirty-three years, seen white privilege. Three-fourths of the jobs I interviewed for I didn’t receive. The only time people treated me better was when I looked like a child. My baby face was gold. I was working at Chili’s Bar & Grill one time and I tripped and fell in front of two white chicks. “Aww,” they said, like I was twelve and not nineteen. This was how many people regarded me. When I lost my baby face, people weren’t nearly as nice and forgiving. White privilege my butt! Whites still have a lot of power and wealth because they earned it. Besides, that’s how the game works. Whites are allowed to keep their wealth and power, but in return they are demonized, hated, used as a scapegoat, and eventually they lose everything. If whites didn’t have wealth and power, then the game would be up. Whites wouldn’t take garbage from blacks. Whites will do anything to keep the great lifestyle. There is no white privilege, and if there is, it’s nothing like black privilege. Not only that, but whites built this country. White people built it and they left it for their descendants. If any group of people deserves privilege it’s white people (I do agree with the state of equality among non-blacks). America believes blacks should be treated special. Dr. King said, “A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro." This is the quote we live by. What is stupid about this quote is that the society that had enslaved black people was not the same society that existed in the 1960’s. This is Dr. King calling whites of his time “slave masters” and “Ku Kluxers.” One reason we treat blacks better than any of group is because we are trying to make up for slavery. It’s reparations. I don’t agree with reparations at all. Why would the whites of today, who had nothing to do with slavery, have to give money to a group of people who were never slaves? Most of white America’s ancestors never owned slaves. Most white people who lived during the time of slavery did not own human beings. Many white Americans living today have ancestors who did not arrive in America until after slavery was outlawed. Black Americans claim that slavery and Jim Crow laws are why blacks are not as successful as whites today. This is not true. Blacks who do not live in white-majority nations are not as successful as the blacks who live in nations like America. So a black person at a disadvantage in a white majority-nation is the same as a black living in a black-majority nation. Asking for reparations is greed. If reparations were approved, blacks would take them. If we gave black America a hundred billion in reparations, it would consume every last crumb. If ten years later white America said that the hundred billion wasn’t enough, and that it would pay black America another fifty billion, black America would accept the reparations. Black America does not know how to say no. That’s why it sins more than the white one. The fact of the matter is that black Americans have already received reparations. It’s called the right to live in the greatest nation in the world. It’s called welfare. It’s called the right to make twelve dollars an hour. It’s called the right to cost this country billions of dollars in damage when rioting. Reparations for black people are Denzel Washington, Kobe Bryant, and Oprah Winfrey. Most famous black people have been born in white-majority nations. Usually when I hear about a famous person in Africa it’s an evil dictator, someone who treats black people worse than anyone. Who’s going to give black Africans of today reparations? Their ancestors have suffered greatly. They’ve experienced genocides and civil wars. They’ve been raped and butchered. So how come when whites treat blacks bad, they have to pay for it? That’s called racism. Blacks treat blacks bad, nothing is expected. But when whites treat blacks bad, it’s time to pay up. Imagine for a second a black male punching another black male in the face. Nothing happens. The assaulted black male picks up his teeth and then goes about his business. But then a white male walks up to the assaulted black male and kicks him in the groin. Instead of taking the punishment like he did with the black male, the assaulted black male demands something for the abuse he just received. In this world, blacks don’t have to pay up when they abuse blacks, but whites do. How fair is that? AFRICAN-AMERICAN HEROES: Except Obama, every black person pictured is someone who rose up against the white man and won. But I am wondering if celebrated black heroes who fought oppressive black people actually exist. Black Africa is Orion’s Belt of oppression. There is more oppression in one black African nation today than in the whole of 1955 America. So the world should know of at least one black African hero, but for the life of me, I can’t name one. Black Americans call themselves “African-Americans,” so they should have some pride for black Africa, but if that’s true, they should mention the black heroes who fought oppressive black people. I’ve never heard of a black Nelson Mandela who fought oppressive black people. If he exists, where is he? Nelson fought and killed black enemies, but he is only celebrated for defeating oppressive white people. That doesn’t make any sense to me. White history is full of white people fighting oppressive white people. It was mostly white people taking out evil white Nazis and Cobra Commander. Black people have won over oppressive black people, so we should know about them. They should have fame like Nelson Mandela. Blacks really do have whites wrapped around their little fingers. I can’t believe we allow one word to control an entire race of people. What happened to the old white American, you know, the one with a heart full of passion and a solid spine? White Americans have become doe-eyed lambs ready for the slaughter pen. They’re weak. They’re too civilized, like Rocky in Rocky III. Mickey, Rocky’s elderly trainer, said, “The worst thing that happened to you, that can happen to any fighter: you got civilized.” The black fighter wants to beat up on the white fighter, but the latter is too afraid, too civilized to fight back and protect what rightly belongs to him and her. Let’s just say this: It’s better to be racist and xenophobic, rather than the destroyer of a race of people and their civilization. I’m not asking anyone to practice bad racism. I’m not. But the time for white Westerners to stand up for themselves is now. Spike Lee said, “I Guess We're Not Free at Last.'' He was speaking about the snubbing of Selma at The Oscars. White people didn’t call it the next Gone with the Wind so Spike is angry as usual. I didn't know winning an Oscar had anything to do with freedom. Spike is wealthier and more powerful than most people, but he is not free because a film he didn't make did not receive an Oscar. This is a man who has the heart of a murderer, but this doesn’t bother most Americans because Spike is the black man, and when you’re the black man in America, it doesn’t matter if you’re screaming for whitey’s head, you are still gold. No, you're not free Spike. You're not free yet because you can't murder non-blacks like you would if you had ultimate power. 12 Years a Slave, a film about slavery, won three academy awards, including best picture. Spike believes the world should revolve around black people. Like I said before, it is never enough for black Americans. Their greed is momentous. It’s something we should observe in a laboratory. It’s for the record books. People should not be this greedy. The more whites give, the more blacks want. Someone just give Spike Lee the world. He’d don a bib, eat the planet whole without pause, and then he’d ask for a second monster helping. Rush Limbaugh, talk show host, said that James Bond needed to remain white. Rush said, "James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is. But now they are suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton, rather than a white from Scotland. But that's not who James Bond is." I agree. Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, saw Bond as a white man, not a black man, not an Asian man. White. Man. It was his creation. Why can't we respect Ian Fleming's wish? Why can't black people come up with their own stuff? They're equal, right? They need to come up with their own stuff then. It’s not hard. Come up with your own stuff. Quit being lazy. Black people can do it. They just want to take the easy route. Whites are handing over everything on a silver platter, now black Americans want their creations. Black people don't care much for white people. But they want everything they have. Idris Elba is the typical black Westerner: he doesn't respect the white man. It wasn't enough that whites made him the "whitest of all gods," now he wants the role of James Bond. What we need to do is help black Westerners create their own characters, instead of taking characters intended for white people. In ten years, Superman would be black. Iron Man would be black. Hulk Hogan would be black. Blacks wouldn't want whites taking their characters. Think about how other people feel. I could help them create their own stuff, but they’ll probably hate me more than they already do. Not to pat myself on the back, but I have a pretty big imagination. I am working on a black secret agent now. And I could give it to black Americans when I am finished with it. I don’t hate black people, but I am so sick and tired of them taking far more than they give. Black people need to like us and respect us before we sign over the deed to the entire house. And yes, I am offensive, but I speak the truth. A lot of what I say you were already thinking. Liars are offensive. Gluttons are offensive. And I'm offended by people who can't respect others. We could think of Ian Fleming before we cast another James Bond. The police never stop and frisk old white guys like you because old white guys like yourself aren’t constituting such a vast number of men wearing orange jump suits. You’re not killing black men in record numbers across the country. You’re not selling drugs when you should be flipping hamburgers or running a Fortune 500 company. You’re not a danger to society. Your presence doesn’t drive up the cost of department-store goods. You’re not a debilitating strain on civilization’s back. You don’t contaminate the cities with crime. Old white guys like you are too busy defending America’s hoodlums with ridiculous, self-serving signs aimed to make yourself feel better about being an old white guy. I sound mean, but I need to unload the contents of my stomach. If black men would stop committing so many crimes, if they stayed in school and loved people more, they wouldn’t produce such an enormous burden for this country. Lady Liberty wouldn’t have a herniated disk. Covering up what black men do every day like the old white guy in the picture does nothing good for black men. If stopping and frisking is wrong, so is protecting the black man at every turn. I read online that white Americans are not overloaded with black friends, meaning white people are just as racist as ever. But like Neil McCauley said in Michael Mann’s Heat, there’s a flipside to that coin. And that side is the darkness dwelling inside black Americans. Most of the friendships between black and white people are not unconditional. A toxic repellent could easily build up and spray in all directions if the white friends actually stood up for their country and people. Imagine a white man saying to his black male friend, “I love black people, I do, but I don’t want them breeding with white people anymore. I want my race to exist as long as possible.” More than likely, the black man would view his white buddy as a Neo-Nazi, terminate the friendship, and never look back. Imagine a white woman saying to her black friend, “Nonwhites are just as good as white people, but I’d like it very much if they stopped emigrating to white-majority nations. My race of people is the main reason why the West exists, so it should forever remain the majority.” The friendship would train-wreck and not even Unbreakable David Dunn would survive. Black Americans like white Americans just the way they are. Most black people who do befriend white people stick around for the companionship, just as long as their “friends” continue to drop to their deaths. And let’s not forget white Americans aren’t any different. They allow the evilness and even propagate it. Colin Powell: “There needs to be an understanding…this country is undergoing a historic demographic change…and in another generation, the minorities will be the majority…and that’s what makes us (Americans) so wonderful.” Translation: “White Americans as a minority is frigging awesome! Can’t wait!” Mr. Powell’s parents were born in Jamaica, a nation that is predominately black. If Jamaica was taking on nonblack immigration like the Three Stooges take on the slaps and gouged eyeballs, Mr. Powell would not think it was so wonderful. He would be depressed and angry, just like me. Mr. Powell would never say, “Well you know, I just found out Jamaica is importing white Europeans, Asians, and Arabs at an unprecedented rate. Black people in my parent’s home country are about to become the minority. But that’s what makes Jamaica so wonderful!” Black Americans like Mr. Powell do not want black people the minority in black-majority countries, but they have concocted the notion that white people should commit suicide for the greater good. “Die off white people,” many Americans are saying. “Become the minority so everyone else can feel good about themselves and inherit a country their kind is not responsible for creating.” Black America is thirteen percent of the population, but white Americans allow that minority to push it around like a squeegee on a liquid-streaked floor. White America must see black America as the dark-skinned Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, threatening the country with violence that is rioting and even enacting it, and that offers one explanation why the former takes so much garbage from the latter and even compensates black Americans for the evils of the past to keep it quiet. Rioting definitely gets old, really old. But we also know America solves all of its problems with money. Imagine a schoolyard bully who beats you up every day after school. Instead of taking the violence or fighting back, you instead buy off the bully with precious lunch money. “I’ll give you two dollars every day for the rest of the school year,” you tell the bully one day after lunch break. “But you have to stop beating me up.” “Are there more black people than white people in the country?” I was four years old when I asked my father that exact question, and I just hoped he would not unload the bad news. Black America’s content of character frightened me. I sensed something terrible lurking inside them, something that threatened the existence of people who bore a physical resemblance to my family. And if I was scared of black Americans at the age of four, it’s not possible the rest of white America is any different. We just keep quiet and pretend like the situation is normal. Whites definitely fear blacks. That’s why we have white flight, legal segregation that allows white Americans to move away from the fearsome minority. Whites just take their abuse because they’ve been weakened by an advanced civilization. Too-civilized whites will do anything to protect present-day America, but not the America that exists a hundred years from now. That is someone else’s problem. In the fourth grade, I was unlucky enough to meet a black second-grader who decided I was next in the line for an Apollo-Creed beat down. The schoolchild was small, but he was wild and crazy like someone raised on one of Jupiter’s moons. And while he was the minority, fighting mostly white children, the bullied never came together and fought their oppressor. After each child picked up his teeth and marbles, he scurried home like a wounded squirrel. In the America, the black minority is the bully, but the white majority just allows that bully to run amok around the neighborhood. White people need courage again. They need to stand tall and together and force black people to act like the minority once more. It’s gotten way too big for its britches. Before Nelson Mandela died, white South Afrikaners feared genocide from black people. And if they fear genocide from yet another black bully, they definitely know their place in South Africa. The last time I checked, black Americans were the minority in the US of A. So they should act like it. GREED – DEADLY SIN: Martin Luther King III, the eldest son of the civil rights leader, said, “We [black people] have made some progress, but we still have a long way to go.” Whenever a black American utters the words “long way to go,” that person is talking about MORE, MORE…MORE! More wealth, more power. Black America is power hungry. And it will not stop rising up for MORE. MLK III is attempting to sell his father’s bible and Noble Peace Prize, so he is the last person on the planet who should talk about doing without. LONG WAY TO GO equals DESTRUCTION OF THE WHITE RACE. If minorities keep beating the white piñata, that piñata will have nothing left to give. I agree with MLK III. I really do. Black people have a long way to go. Yeah, they have a long way to go lowering their levels of crime, racism and hate. Black people have a long way to go changing their content of character for the best. Black people have a long way to go making the United States of America a better place to live for everyone, and not just for black people. Lethal Weapon 2 is my least favorite in the series. I loathe that movie, I loathe it good. I’ll tell you why. The second Lethal Weapon is about Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), two LAPD detectives who search and destroy South African smugglers who hide behind diplomatic immunity. In LW 2, the white smugglers are referred to as “Nazis” (I suppose the word was used to criticize the South African government during the time of Apartheid). Riggs even called the smugglers “the master race,” which now sounds silly, thanks to Mel Gibson’s drunken rant at a Jewish police officer. The smugglers were racist and murderous, but those two traits do not make you a Nazi. Enforcing segregation doesn’t make you a Nazi, either. In order to be fully qualified as a Nazi, you have to be genocidal towards anyone who isn’t Aryan, Jews especially. There was evidence the smugglers hated black people, but they never said “Kill darky.” Also, South Africa was not Nazi Germany. During the time of Apartheid, more blacks died by other blacks than blacks by whites. The movie, like present-day South Africa, reeks of genocidal dreaming. White South Afrikaners were shot dead the entire 118 minutes, but if you reversed the colors of skin, say two detectives killing nothing but black gangbangers the entire movie, LW 2 would’ve never been thrown together. Near the end of the movie, weaponless Arjen Rudd (main bad guy) tells Murtaugh, “Diplomatic immunity.” Rudd, no longer a danger to anyone’s health, had nowhere to go. But Murtaugh still shot him in the head anyway, and even quipped, “It’s just been revoked.” Everyone loves that line. They really, really love it. But that scene made Murtaugh a murderer. If I am a cop, and I approach a murderous black gangbanger who drops his gun and surrenders, I do not kill the gangbanger. He’s arrested, then goes to jail. Murtaugh was judge, jury and executioner. Hollywood is saying, “RACISM IS BAD! KILL THE WHITE RACISTS! MURDER THEM!” And Danny Glover couldn’t be any happier. Never could I make a movie demonizing young violent black men and killing them by the dozens. IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Oh, but it’s okay to kill white people. They’re the only evil people in the world. RIIIIGGHHT. If you ever want to know why white South Afrikaners had apartheid, watch Lethal Weapon 2. See the kill-whitey-supporting black man in action. What do we have here? I see “two” genocidal human beings. The black man is Will Smith, comedian and Hollywood actor. The black woman is Sister Souljah, author and hip hop artist. In 2013, Mr. Smith promoted Sister Souljah’s new book, A Deeper Love Inside. Souljah is best known for hateful, genocidal comments she uttered in a Washington Post interview. Regarding the Rodney King riots, Souljah said, “If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?” Translation: “Kill Whitey!” She also stated, “If there are any good white people, I haven’t met them.” There is definitely a deeper love inside Souljah. Some Americans have repudiated Souljah for her hate and genocidal thinking, so why would Will Smith think it wise to promote Souljah’s book? If Souljah had apologized for her comments, which she didn’t, I’d see no problem with Mr. Smith forming a bond with Souljah. If on TV, I asked white people to kill black people because I’d never met a good black person, and Steven Spielberg promoted my book, we’d all believe Mr. Spielberg held similar views. It was Will Smith who said, "Even Hitler didn't wake up going, 'Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.'” Mr. Smith said that his words were taken out of context, but Souljah said the same thing. Will Smith, like Oprah Winfrey, are loved by white America more than any other black celebrities, but one uttered a destructive statement towards white people, and another supported a woman who asked for the deaths of white Americans. A white person saying nigger makes the news, but if they’re not Dylann Roof, “Kill Darky” never escapes the mouths of white Americans. My kind does not support a violent genocide for dark-skinned people. News writers call Sister Souljah “controversial,” when “genocidal” is more like it. Controversial words causes a dispute. “Kill whitey” is not controversial, it’s apocalyptic. Controversial is another word used to baby black people in the United States of America. It’s a lot like the N-word. If I asked for white supremacists to kill black people, no one would call it controversial. And after my request was denied, I’d never write a book. I’d never go on TV. Everyone, black Americans especially, would hate me and see me as a disgusting pig. Sister Souljah’s genocidal statements were called a “Sister Souljah Moment.” Cute, really cute. Kill Whitey is now just a moment. Saying “Kill Darky” should be a moment, too. And after I say kill darky, I’ll smile really big and tell everyone I’m just having a moment. Slavery was just a thing. Lynching was just a way of life. The first black president has made a deal with genocidal Iran, and that makes me think of Will Smith with Sister Souljah. Black Americans like Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey are the reasons why I began completing projects like Minority Report. I feared a future race war and stupid me, I thought maybe I could prevent the one that happened when white people were the minority. Dylann Roof was genocidal, but most mass shootings perpetuated by white men target white people, or anyone who gets in the way. I believe there is a deep-seated hatred for white people locked-up inside black America. And if it isn’t eliminated, white Americans of the future are going to pay a heavy price. I can't live the life I want. I don’t have many friends, but I don’t get physical with strangers on the streets. I don't own a car, but lately I haven't carjacked anyone. I can't get a woman, but I do not rape beautiful women. Not living the life you want shouldn't make anyone become an outlaw, especially if you're killing people like Nelson Mandela did. Just because white South Afrikaners kept the black ones in their place, that didn't give blacks the right to murder innocent people. So I’m supposed to become an outlaw if I can’t live the life I want? What kind of nonsense is that? Black people cannot and will not build a civilization comparable to whites or Asians. This means they do not give to the humanity what white people give. But black South Afrikaners began shooting and blowing up people to get a civilization they would’ve never built without the white race. If white people had never discovered South Africa, black South Afrikaners would have had far less, and they could’ve blamed no one but black people. If I lived on alien world with advanced beings who did not share every part of their civilization with me, I would not wage war against them. I wouldn’t start planting bombs and burning aliens alive like a violent lunatic. I’d either deal with it, or I’d find a peaceful way of changing my situation. YOU NEVER HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL NELSON MANDELA! As long as I had food, water, and shelter, I wouldn’t demand any more. You have less than the next man, that’s your fault. Live with it. Try to obtain a better life, but if it isn’t there for the taking, never kill for it. Nelson Mandela was in the wrong. His spirit was the reason why South Africa had Apartheid to begin with. I read on the internet some seventy thousand white people have been killed in South Africa (not sure if that number is true; the number three thousand was also found). I also learned the number of raped whites was ballooning. So, when white people have apartheid, separation of the races, black people retaliate with rape and genocide. But wait a second. Wait just a second. I thought Nelson Mandela was the Messiah? Wasn’t he equal to Jesus Christ? According to multiple sources on the internet, Nelson Mandela sang Kill the Boer (Kill Whitey). Nelson Mandela wouldn’t have stayed in prison for twenty-seven years to end racism towards white people. You see, a Messiah, a true Messiah, doesn’t just fight for people of his own skin color, he fights for everyone. Today, I discovered a black South Sudan child who had been shot in the shoulder by another black male. It angered me. I wanted to rabbit punch the child’s attacker. I’m probably no one but a mouth, but I would like to help everyone, not just white people. Kill the Boer. Kill the Farmer. The pictured black South Afrikaners are worse than meat-eating animals. Animals do not kill other creatures because they hate those animals; they kill because they’re hungry. Animals don’t kill because they are racist, ignorant, and evil; they kill to survive. The defense called Apartheid was created to separate the civilized whites from the uncivilized blacks. Notice how the blacks in the picture aren't masquerading in light like black Americans do today. And that's because the blacks in South Africa are the majority, while blacks in America are still the minority. Black Americans can’t place white Americans are Genocide Watch yet. Miscegenation is the nonviolent genocide, allowed by most people. Black Americans aren’t singing a Kill Whitey song because if they took it that far, white Americans would eventually distance themselves from black Americans and the honeypot would eventually crack and spill the rich goodness down the gutter. Black Americans are playing a game. They're seeing how far they can push the white majority. They’re waiting for whites to become the minority. They’re allowing miscegenation and nonwhite immigration to run its course. Black Americans are still acting, lying, making the world believe they're still the victims. Time-travel fifty years and you wouldn't even recognize black America. It’s getting worse all the time. Something has to be done. Minority Report Emmett Till, born in Chicago, Illinois on July 25, 1941, was a fourteen-year-old black American murdered in Money, Mississippi after trying to seduce a white woman. He and a few friends stopped at Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market where they met the owner’s wife, Carolyn Bryant. The accounts of what happened in the store differ, but what I do know is that Emmett wasn’t murdered because he had more melanin in his skin than his white murderers. Emmett’s cousin, who was with Emmett at the time, said Emmett had paid for his groceries then left. This is a lie. Like I said, Emmett wasn’t killed because he was black. That doesn’t make any sense. Emmett was from up North, where racism wasn’t as stagnant as the racism down South, so he didn’t realize that a black male didn’t screw around with a white man’s wife, not if he wanted peace. Carolyn said Emmett had made sexual advances. He actually grabbed her hand and waist and asked the twenty-one year old for a date. It’s very likely he wolf-whistled at her. He had come on strong to a woman he didn’t even know. Earlier, Emmett had bragged to his friends that he had a white girlfriend up North. Roy Bryant, Carolyn’s husband, learned of the news and he went bananas. When Roy and his younger brother John confronted Emmett with the threat of violence, the black boy was defiant, angry, belligerent, throwing it up in Roy and John’s face that he’d been with white women before. J. W. Milam, in a 1956 Look magazine, wrote: WELL, WHAT ELSE COULD WE DO…WHEN A NIGGER GETS CLOSE TO MENTIONING SEX WITH A WHITE WOMAN, HE’S TIRED O’ LIVIN’…I STOOD THERE IN THAT SHED AND LISTENED TO THAT NIIGER THROW THAT POISON AT ME, AND I JUST MADE UP MY MIND. ‘CHICAGO BOY,’ I SAID, I’M TIRED OF ‘EM SENDING YOUR KIND DOWN HERE TO STIR UP TROUBLE. GODDAM YOU, I’M GOING TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF YOU… If only Emmett had told Roy that he was sorry, and that he didn’t mean to disrespect him, Emmett may be alive today. Emmett didn’t deserve to die because he didn’t physically harm anyone, not like some black youths who put their hands on people, but Emmett should’ve respected the white man. I’ve heard of a black man killed by another black man because the first black man disrespected the second black man. It’s happened. Black America does not respect white people. It didn’t respect them in the Civil Rights movement, and it doesn’t respect them now. Blacks call black males “niggas” and they label women “h—s and b—ches.” They have a disrespectful music genre called gangsta rap that is basically a slipknot of poison for the human mind. Lil Wayne, a black gangsta rapper, disrespected Emmett Till with the lyrics: “Pop a lot of pain pills. Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels. Beat that pu—y up like Emmett Till.” Most times I respect people unless they disrespect me first. Whites should respect blacks, and blacks should respect whites. Also, I don’t substitute the N-word for nigger, and it’s not because I want to disrespect black Americans, but I am not a child. Blacks need to grow up some. Raise their low self-esteems and the word nigger won’t bother them as much. Imagine for a moment a white man named Frank who is killed after leaving a black-owned-and-operated grocery after he called the owner and every last black patron in sight knife-fighting ninjas. For whatever reason, the blacks were rude to him, so Frank, a white supremacist, dreaming of leading an army of Neo-Nazis into a war against black America, fought the rudeness with his switchblade of a mouth. The black male who put a cap in his white rear end goes to trial, which is televised and watched by the entire nation, but the accused murderer is acquitted of all charges. Black America would not care about Frank, not at all. They would have the side of the accused, because he looked like them and because Frank was clearly a racist. To me, Emmett Till was a racist because he lacked respect for white people. If you don’t respect the white race, if you show them hostility even after you have disrespected them, how in the world can you like them? Emmett knew he did wrong. He knew that he shouldn’t have messed with the white man’s wife, but he did not care. Not even the threat of death could close his mouth. He enjoyed the power he had by throwing up the memories of Northern white women. He used this power against his enemy, even before the enemy became his greatest. Emmett must’ve suspected Carolyn was someone’s wife or girlfriend. I would’ve suspected. Fo’ sho’. If I was in China, and the Chinese had laws against white men flirting with Chinese women, I wouldn’t act that way. I would respect them because I believe in respecting people. On the day he died, Emmett was a hot-blooded racist. And that’s what got him killed. If Emmett cared about white people and their wishes, he would’ve apologized and admitted his guilt. “I’m sorry Mr. Bryant,” Emmett could’ve said. “I shouldn’t have touched your wife. I was way out of line. Please don’t kill me.” If Emmett had asked for forgiveness, his life may have been spared. Instead he verbally attacked the man he’d already offended. Emmett wasn’t just murdered because he had brown skin. The physical dissimilarities set off the two white men, but that is not why he died. If I had touched Roy Bryant’s wife and then set my mouth on him like a rabid dog, I probably would’ve ended up in the ground, too. Plenty of white men have died after touching women belonging to other white men. A murderer is usually colorblind. A white racist who rapes or kills the wife of a KKK member in a racist, all-white town will not get away with it because he is white. If sufficient evidence was found, the town would nail the white racist to the wall. If you fear harm to you or someone you know, respect other people. Don’t touch another man’s wife or girlfriend. Leave them alone. Find your own woman. I’m not saying murder is the right option for people who are offended, but we should respect people. America will not let Emmett Till go. He wasn’t killed for nothing. He didn’t die for his tennis shoes. Emmett Till, trapped by two angry, offended white men, did not beg for his life or apologize. Expressing hate and vengeance at two crazed people was like committing suicide. He had a chance to save himself, and he did not take it. There was no need to sacrifice himself. For what? So all black men could have the chance to flirt with white women and get away with it? Why is Emmett still remembered? If I walked into the ghetto, and I called the nearest black man a nigger, and he shot me dead for my hate and vengeance, would America feel sorry for me? Would Americans see my face on the internet sixty years later? No! America wouldn’t give a crap about my death. I would die, drop six feet into the ground, and no one would remember my name. I don’t have dark skin, and my race is seen as superior. So who cares if I live or die? Expecting perfection out of white people is not right. Actually, it’s racist. And if whites can’t practice racism, neither should blacks. No one brings up the murders black people committed fifty years ago. Not every black-on-black murder in the 1950’s was solved. Not every black male who killed his own kind saw the inside of a jail cell. If we mention Till and other black victims like him, we must also mention similar murders committed by black people. We should leave Till alone. We can honor him by not profiting off the tragedy. We could let him rest in peace. If the death of Till was the norm in 1955, meaning hundreds of fourteen-year-old black males were lynched that year, evoking the murders of that time would be appropriate. 1955 America wasn’t an Eli Roth movie. It wasn’t wet and gassy with violence. On March 3rd, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, a black construction worker named Rodney King was chauffeured to the hospital after four officers belonging to the L.A.P.D. first tasered him and then beat him with batons. Rodney, drunk as a skunk, was speeding through L.A. and refused to pull over. When the officers attempted to arrest Rodney, he resisted the take down, so the take down turned rock hard. He fought them like a lot of angry, violent black men fight the cops here in America. After Rodney was hospitalized, a video tape of the incident surfaced. The creator of the tape, George Holliday, was standing on his balcony with his recorder while Rodney and the LAPD made American history. The four white officers were brought to trial but acquitted by a non-black jury. Black Angelenos, learning of the acquittal, decided America needed a spanking, so fifty-three people lost their lives, two thousand people suffered injuries, and the city smoke-billowed a billion dollars in property damage. Black Angelenos would blame racism and hate for the acquittal of the four L.A.P.D officers. “My country is AmeriKKKa,” they said. I don’t believe racism had much to do with the jury’s decision. Black crime was probably the reason. Do black Americans ever think that maybe white Americans are sick and tired of their crime? Does that thought ever pass through their brains? They rape, kill, and rob like they live in downtown Mogadishu, but we’re just supposed to look the other way. Rodney King was speeding and he resisted arrest. Maybe the jury didn’t hate brown skin. Maybe what they hated was brown-skinned people committing such a vast numbers crimes in AmeriKKKa. Mr. King’s character is really old and tiring. He was a criminal. “It was hate,” blacks said. And Mr. King didn’t hate? He didn’t hate the cops? What about the rioters? Didn’t they hate? Were they full of love when attacking strangers on the streets? Every act of violence caused by blacks in the Rodney King riots was a hate crime. You don’t kill, rob, and attack people you don’t know if someone like you is dealt injustice. If that was the case, every time a young white guy became fed up with bullying at school, he’d have the right to shoot up the school yard. If blacks have the right to kill, injure, and burn a large swath of the city to the ground when they see injustice, then I have the right to attack my manager and burn the place of business to the ground when I’m fired for no reason. Black Angelenos wanted to talk about the racism and injustice of the acquittal, but what about the injustice of racial qoutas? For every one black man beaten by the cops, a thousand more black men are given jobs and scholarships because they have darker skin than the next applicant. Black Americans love racism and injustice when it works for them. But when it works against them, a city better watch out or Godzilla will pay it a visit. The blacks in Los Angeles acted like Rodney King was beaten every day of the week. White people are beaten up by the cops. Not nearly as much as black men, because white people aren’t attacking the police like the former. All that chaos, and the rest of black America only focused on the victimized black man. They didn’t care about the fifty-three people lost in the destruction. Black people started the riots over a black man who was not even killed. They didn’t protest. They didn’t demand a retrial. They just went crazy-killer all over the city. When OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, blacks celebrated like they sat front row at the Showtime at the Apollo. A mountain of evidence pointed to OJ, but blacks didn’t care; it meant nothing to them. They overlooked the mountain. But when four white police officers are acquitted after beating up the black man, blacks create a mountain of havoc. Black America would say, “It’s because we were oppressed in the past, that’s why we celebrated OJ’s verdict.” Imagine you’re white and back in high school. You’re a senior and in your class is a black kid named Tyrone, a mean-spirited nightmarish monster. He is awful to you for four years. He hits you. He steals your lunch money. He makes fun of you in front of the entire class. But two months before you graduate, Tyrone comes up to you and tells you he’s sorry for everything he’s done in the past. He makes it up to you. He buys you meals. He defends you when someone is bullying you. He invites you over to his house to watch Saved by the Bell. He is good to you for two months. But on the last day of school, you hear that Tyrone has been savagely murdered by one of your classmates. The reason is unclear why Tyrone was killed, but the murderer has his trial. There is enough evidence to convict the murderer, but a technicality allows him to walk. Tyrone is dead, and the murderer is free. Would you celebrate? Would you pump your fists in the air and thank Jesus for the victory? If Tyrone was white, and the victim was black, black America would celebrate. The acquittal would make it extremely happy. I can’t find anything on the internet about blacks forgiving whites for past injustice. Today’s white America hasn’t done anything to black America except make it wealthy and powerful. Every once in a while a unarmed black male is killed by a cop, but anytime I read about the killing, I learn the black male put his hands on the cop. If you don’t want to be beaten up or killed by the cops, do exactly as they say. Again, white Americans are probably fed up with their crap; they just don’t say anything because they don’t want to damage race relations. Young black males scatter, smother, and cover the cities with crime, but they want to cry about “racial profiling.” All the people they hurt, the muggings, the rapes, the murders, but we are to feel sorry for blacks when whites see them as a grave danger to society? I’d love to make the cities safer, but you can’t have that when blacks refuse to turn their backs on crime. They seem to embrace it. Send some of them to prison and they just laugh about it. Sometimes the cops, fed up with criminals like Rodney King, lose their cool and put a criminal in the hospital. It doesn’t make it right. Excessive force should never be tolerated. But what black America did in L.A. in 1992 was not right, either. Blacks just went out and started stealing and killing people. They were terrorizing Korean shop owners and burning their shops down. What the hell did the Koreans do to the black community? We should be honoring the innocent people lost in the riots instead of Rodney King. What whites did to blacks in the past doesn’t give blacks of today the right to punish whites. If one foggy day I’m attacked by five black men in a three hour period, do I have the right to attack the next black man I see? Black Americans have it their heads that they can just riot whenever it suits them. AmeriKKKa needs to change that. THIS IS FOR RODNEY KING – WE LOVE YOU MY BROTHER: The rioters show their love by attacking and murdering innocent people and destroying property belonging to strangers. That isn’t love. It’s hate, violence, and insanity. It’s like a black man killing my wife, and I avenge her death by hurting black Americans who are only conversing on a street corner. Rioters are shouting, “Vengeance is glorious,” but that vengeance is usually directed at the wrong people. Burning down the police station or court house to punish a group of government wrongdoers is one thing. Burning down the shop belonging to an at-peace Korean is another. Violence such as war against an evil, genocidal nation can solve problems, especially if it saves another country (Israel for instance), but hurting people who work for a living and have nothing to do with the uprising is total craziness, and it needs to stop. In the picture are Trayvon Martin, his older brother Jahvaris Fulton, and his mother Sybrina Fulton. They look so beautiful, like angels. Their faces are radiant, glowing like the sun. There is nothing wrong with them physically. Their skin color is not any better or worse than mine. But I wouldn’t care if the black man looked like the creature from the black lagoon, as long as he acted right. He needs to stop bullying people. Quit attacking others. Forgive. Lessen the rage in his heart. He believes he can place his hands on white men and nothing will happen to him. And when he is hurt or killed, black Americans want to accuse the white man of racism. What else are white men supposed to do? They aren’t black America’s punching bag. Keep your hands off people and you won’t die, not by “John Wayne” neighborhood watchmen, and not by the police. I didn’t create this picture. Someone who thought Trayvon Martin had multiple black-hating killers did. When I found the picture on the internet, I saw it as incredibly ignorant. “Only one man killed Trayvon,” I said to myself. Then it happened. I ran the picture through a DNA sequencer and I discovered the greatest secret of all time: My own stupid ignorance. Trayvon did have two killers. Their names were Zimmerman and Trayvon. One carried a gun, the other carried hate, vengeance, racism, and a pair of fists tightened for combat. I ask people to forgive me for my ignorance. I will never be ignorant again. This cartoon is absurd. Zimmerman didn’t wake up one morning and tell himself, “I’m gonna kill me a black teenager today. Yes sir.” Zimmerman said Trayvon "looked" black. He didn't know he was black until Trayvon approached Zimmerman. And let's not forget Trayvon calling Zimmerman a creepy cracker. Imagine an alternate universe where Trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black. Which person would black America root for if America made that shooting national news? “I know, I know,” I shout at the back of the classroom with my hand raised. “Me, me, me!” Without a doubt black Americans would have the side of the black Zimmerman. The white Trayvon, a young guy who called black Zimmerman a “creepy nigger” would be seen as the blue-eyed incarnation of evil by most black folk. They wouldn’t care anything about the white Trayvon. They wouldn’t march for him. They wouldn’t visit his funeral. They would believe he got what he deserved. And that’s how Ann Coulter felt when Hispanic Zimmerman was acquitted. Justice served. But remember white Americans, don’t judge by color of skin. Let black Americans do it. They are more special than everyone else. I see blood on Zimmerman’s face and the back of his head. How did it get there? Black Americans have refused to see the evidence that George Zimmerman was attacked. They don’t care that Trayvon called Zimmerman a creepy cracker. Like I said, if Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon had been a white kid who called Zimmerman a creepy nigger, black America would’ve taken the side of black Zimmerman. Black Americans wouldn’t care about Michael White. Black America still wanted Zimmerman behind bars with the black Bubba. I don’t want these blind people arresting me. I don’t want them as the judge or jury deciding my fate. They can’t see the blood on Zimmerman’s head and face? Can you not see the blood or am I going crazy here? In January of 2010, I had my head beat in by a white man who drove a green pick-up truck. My head hurt, but I wasn’t bleeding like Zimmerman. It’s probably because I was sporting a bush of hair, or maybe it was because my attacker didn’t use the pavement to beat my head in like Trayvon did with Zimmerman. His mother, Sybrina Fulton, believes Zimmerman is guilty. She’d probably have a different opinion if Zimmerman was black. In a letter addressed to Michael Brown’s parents, Fulton wrote: I HAVE ALWAYS SAID THAT TRAYVON WAS NOT PERFECT. BUT NO ONE WILL EVER CONVINCE ME THAT MY SON DESEREVED TO BE STALKED AND MURDERED. NO CAN CONVINCE YOU THAT MICHAEL DESERVERED TO BE EXECUTED. Murdered? Is that what the jury said? Notice how she used the word “executed” in describing Michael Brown’s death. At the time of her writing, no one knew, or had definite proof, that Brown had been executed. In her eyes, Darren Wilson was already guilty and Brown was the innocent black man just minding his business after committing strong-arm robbery. She judges by skin color. While I do believe in the preservation of races, I would never allow skin color to decide if a human being was guilty of crime. Imagine the injustice you would find in America if blacks were the majority. Blacks began rioting in Ferguson before they had all the details of the crime. Michael could have placed his hands on Darren first. They didn’t care. They don’t care about the evidence. They don’t care about the truth. But they don’t want white people overlooking the evidence when it concerns them. Blacks want whites to play by rules they aren’t willing to play by. If the blacks in Ferguson had found an unarmed Darren, they surely would’ve lynched him lickety-split. After Trayvon died, there were blacks who asked for the killing of Zimmerman before he was even brought to trial. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson said, “It's a disgrace George Zimmerman hasn't been dragged out of his house and tied to a car and taken away. That's the only kind of retribution that people like that understand. It's a disgrace that man hasn't been shot yet. Forget about him being arrested—the fact that he hasn't been shot yet is a disgrace. That's how I feel personally about it." He’s talking about anarchy. No trial, just shoot him. Spike Lee, director of, get this, Do the Right Thing, tweeted Zimmerman’s incorrect address twice in hopes of getting Zimmerman lynched. Quite naturally America doesn’t seem to mind this level of violence from black Americans. The majority of white Americans ignore it. If it were white celebrities asking for the death of black Zimmerman, America, especially black America, would have a huge problem with the white celebrities. They’d carry the brand GENOCIDAL KLANSMEN. Their careers would be over. We have a big problem on our hands. White America seems to believe it can just overlook the problem, overlook a mountain of evidence that says it doesn’t have a bright future. I’m talking about the evidence white America sees every day. Imagine what this country would look like in a hundred years. You wouldn’t even recognize it. The whole system is not guilty, not when it comes to black people it isn’t. Young men like Trayvon Martin are the ones who are guilty. Trayvon died because he placed his hands on another human being. Anytime I hear of a black man dying by the police it's usually because the black man was either threatening the police with a weapon, resisting arrest, or just playing Killer Instinct with armed officers of the law. If you want to live, don’t fight with the cops. Don’t resist a take down. Play dead. Drop and give me fifty. Kill your sons? Uh…okay. Reality check: White men aren’t genocidal towards black people. The black man is killing more black men than anyone else in the country, but the PLEASE DON'T KILL MY SONS sign is created only when non-blacks are doing the killing. Forget about black gangs killing scores of black men every other day. Let's put all of our focus on the Hispanic who hated having a bashed-in head like Humpty Dumpty. DON’T WORRY ABOUT MORE RIOTS, WORRY ABOUT MORE ZIMMERMANS: Right, like rioting doesn’t murder people. The woman on the right is the black-America bully I mentioned previously. BA is definitely calling the shots here. Black America believes it can riot any time it gets angry, like we all have the right to throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go our way. Something has to be done. Martin Luther King said, “Rioting is the language of the unheard.” Dr. King preached love, peace, and nonviolence, so I find it odd he supported hate, vengeance, and violence that is rioting. There is looting. Molotov cocktails are thrown through the air like catapulted fireballs. Flaming, smashed vehicles are overturned. People are bruised. People are cut. People are dead. Rioting is not the language of the unheard. It’s the language of the uncivilized. Not all black Americans riot, so not all black Americans exhibit uncivilized behavior. But defending rioters is like me taking the side of a man who burns empty-of-humans department stores to the ground because he believes materialism makes humanity indifferent and soulless. Black America uses riots to take control of the country. If white people fear the carnage, if they believe the greatest civilization in the world can be paralyzed by rioting, they will walk on eggshells around black Americans. PLEASE DON’T RIOT, white Americans are almost saying. WE’LL DO ANYTHING, LIKE APPRECIATE YOUR AWESOME RITOING SKILLS. If America wishes to stop the rioting, it must take down the rioters harder than they’ve ever been taken down. We should use rubber bullets and tear gas first. If those two options do not work, the police or military can shoot out the legs belonging to the rioters. One bullet to each leg will stop them cold. You can’t break a store-shop window if your kneecaps have just been blown out. No one in this country will ever riot again if they fear whizzing bullets to the legs. What I just suggested may sound like uncivilized thinking, but so is allowing a race of people to blow up cities like Hollywood director Michael Bay. If America decides to shoot out the legs of rioters, it only has to do it a couple times. If an angry, vengeful American understands he or she will get shot during a riot, that person will never leave the house. I gar-on-tee it! In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, John Connor asked the good terminator not to kill anyone, so the next person the terminator encountered was not shot in the head or chest, but in the legs. All the fight left the falling man. He could only scream and wish for medical attention. American rioters won’t be any different. No more negotiations. No more looking the other way when they are pushing around the country. That’s how we take the country back. Walking with Michael Brown on the day he died was Dorian Johnson. He was an eyewitness to the killing of Brown, but the account he gave to police was not true at all. According to Dorian, he and Michael did nothing to provoke Darren. They were walking in the street, blocking traffic, when a cop cruiser-patrolling demanded they get over on the sidewalk, but then the unexpected happened: The cop transformed into a flesh-over-metal-endoskeleton terminator. He reversed his cruiser, almost running over two pedestrians. Then he hit Michael and Dorian with his door. Why the cop was so angry I have no idea! For no apparent reason he grabbed Michael and pulled the bigger man towards him. Dorian said that Big Mike did nothing at all and was just trying to get away when the terminator began firing his gun at Michael, who eventually threw his hands up and confessed, “I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting.” Darren Wilson, a cyborg with red, malevolent eyes trained forward, then executed Michael Brown in broad daylight with an eyewitness not too far away. Smell the nonsense? Dorian Johnson, an untrustworthy criminal, made up the entire story in an attempt to destroy an innocent man. If Wilson was a cold-blooded, murdering racist, we would’ve read old emails he wrote revealing his bloodlust and hatred of black Americans. Someone, a friend, a co-worker, or a neighbor, would have told the public about how they overhead Wilson speaking racism, hate, and violence with the words black and American in the dialogue. As far as I know, Wilson has no history with a hate group. I seriously doubt Wilson just snapped and decided to kill a black man minding his own business and pleading for his life. So if I can tear Dorian Johnson’s story apart, why can’t Obama and the rest of black America do the same thing? Obama could’ve defended George Zimmerman. Instead, he made him a scapegoat by defending Trayvon. A good person, a man who is truly against bad racism, would’ve taken the side of the innocent. Michael Brown was part of a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store that was later looted and destroyed. The tape of Michael Brown shoplifting and placing his hands on the store clerk was released by chief of police Tom Jackson. Al Sharpton, known as a civil rights activist, wondered why the tape was released in the first place. It’s a good question. No, not really. The tape showed that Michael Brown was pushy-pushy inside the convenience store. He placed his hands on another human being. And if he was violent with the clerk, there was a good chance he put his hands on Darren Wilson too, and that’s why Brown died. Imagine the release of a video showing me, a white man, stealing beer from a convenient store and then pushing around a black store clerk just before I disappeared out the door. Then, thirty minutes later, I am shot and killed by a black police officer who alleged I attacked him first. Would I have anyone’s sympathy? THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP: This statement was written by a black American (I’d stake my life on it). It’s a message of hate, vengeance, and violence, but this is a great example why black men are targeted by the police more than white men, or so it seems. There are no good dead cops, just like there are no good dead shoplifters. Without cops, civilization collapses like a poor woman who just won fifteen million at blackjack. Without cops, dregs of society like the one who wrote the message is destroying life unabated. Michael Brown was killed by a cop. And he isn’t the only one. But never forget all the black men and black women who are saved by cops every year in this country. The number of saved would probably surprise us all. The nightmare seen in the picture is perhaps the biggest reason why white Americans protect black folk so fiercely. Whites do not want Ferguson, Missouri coming to their cities. They want security. They want calmness to enjoy the riches of a one-world nation. The goal is to enjoy paradise now. White people, most of them at least, do not believe in an afterlife. Leaving blacks defenseless is taking a lit match and gasoline to heaven on Earth. ALL LIVES MATTER: When Americans aren’t singing “Humanity is one,” they’re promoting segregation by separating one race of people from another. If I held up a sign that read THE WHITE RACE MATTERS, SO QUIT USING MISCEGENTATION AND NONWHITE IMMIGRATION TO ELIMINATE IT, everyone would assume I ran with the Ku Klux Klan. BLACK LIVES REALLY DO MATTER: White lives are bending over backwards to appease a group of people who use the white race as a staircase. Black people have been rising up since 1955. BLACK LIVES MUST NOT MATTER: Between the time Trayvon Martin was killed and George Zimmerman’s acquittal, 11, 106 black Americans were killed by other black Americans. Black America said, “Black lives matter only when they are stolen by blue-eyed, white devils.” I just can’t understand why white Americans allow this insanity to continue. Nip it in the bud white America! BLACK LIVES MATTER: You see signs like this one only when blacks are killed by non-blacks. Black lives don't seem to matter when blacks are the ones pulling the triggers. Black Americans don’t care about black-on-black violence because that sort of violence is not profitable. White-on-black violence is gold. A black victim is important only when he or she is killed by a non-black. When Essence writes BLACK LIVES MATTER, it’s really saying BLACK LIVES MATTER ONLY WHEN THEY ARE TAKEN BY WHITE PEOPLE. It’s also saying, BLACKS ARE STILL THE VICTIMS. GIVE US MORE. MORE WHITE MAN, MORE! GIVE US MORE UNTIL WE EXPLODE LIKE A STAR HIT BY A STAR WARS SUN CRUSHER! This picture posed a good question: Will when will it end? When will young black men stop killing young black men? Jesse Jackson said, "Our disparities are great. Targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business." LIE. LIE. LIE. Ninety-three percent of black people are killed by other black people. Jesse Jackson also said he cradled Dr. King's head after the civil rights leader was shot by James Earl Ray in Memphis, Tennessee. Most white Americans are not looking to hurt black people, not physically or even verbally. They’re not like me. Instead of attacking them with brutal language, white Americans want to ignore black America's problems. When black America spills apple juice on the carpet, white mommy and daddy look the other way. When you say anything about black America, white Americans plug their ears and begin humming a soft little tune. Black people have never had it this good. Question: Why isn’t the NRA calling on young black men to arm themselves in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy? Answer: Black men have to fear other black men much more than they do white men and white Hispanics. Trayvon was guilty of racism and attempted murder. Blacks have enough guns without the NRA supplying more. Maybe it's because young black men are violent enough without the support of the NRA. Almost every time I read Yahoo news, I see an article with the words “white man” and “black man” in the title. Usually it’s a white man killing a black man. But why use the adjectives “black” and “white,” when using those words does not make the nation post-racial? It keeps the animosity and racism alive. Black people kill black people, and white people kill white people, but when a white man kills a black man, the news stations act like the crime is far more special than any other killing, when it isn’t. Michael Slager, a South Carolina police officer, has been charged with shooting a black man in the back as the latter fled on foot. There was a scuffle and the police officer opened fire. There was no reason to bring up race in the news article, because the shooting was, to my best knowledge, not race-related. The white cop wasn’t shouting “Die nigger, die!” as he pumped rounds into the black man’s back. The white cop didn’t have a Swastika tattooed on his face. There is no evidence the black man died because he had darker skin than the cop’s. If the white man was racist, then maybe the aggressive black man was also racist, and that’s why he fought with the officer. I don’t know. I do know unarmed white citizens have been dying by white police officers since the creation of the police force. BLACK MAN DIED BY WHITE MAN. BLACK VICTIM. WHITE VICTIMIZER. When will it end? When will this country move past race? When writing about a police officer killing an unarmed citizen, citing race should not be tolerated unless racism was clearly an issue. A white police officer isn’t going to risk destroying his career and his life by killing an individual over darker skin. White people of today are not like that. They are not hunting down the black man like wild boars. Black men die by the police, and black men die by other black men. It happens. DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE: Everyone who looks at this 1963 picture sees police brutality, but I see something different. Look closely. See the black hand clamped on the police officer’s wrist? Why is it there? Never put your hands on a police officer. Even if the officer is racist, even if the officer has a hand on your sweater, you should keep your hands to yourself. A police officer once grabbed me so hard by the back of my pants, he ripped my boxers in half. But despite the oppressive, unfair behavior, I did not get violent with the police officer. “Look at the dog!” Everyone would say. “It’s attacking the black youth.” That dog is not going to kill him, especially if the youth drops his hold on the officer. That dog is attacking the black youth because the latter is faced defiantly towards law enforcement and latched on to an officer’s wrist like he wants a ride to the grocery store. Seen in the picture is a crowd of black Americans, most of which have turned their backs on the police. They’re dispersing. But one black youth decided he’d go into battle, like it was war he was declaring. If I was the youth, and I saw the police approaching me in the street, I’d back up. I’d join the rest of the crowd. I’d go make a ham sandwich. I WOULD NEVER PUT MY HANDS ON A POLICE OFFICER. Placing your hands on a police officer is only asking for more trouble. THE WAY I SEE IT: The police officer told the youth to get lost, go home, but the youth refused. And when the officer placed his hand on the youth’s sweater to show everyone who was in charge, the youth grabbed the officer’s wrist. And that’s when the dog attacked the youth. In early 2012, a police dog attacked me after two officers of the law found me trespassing in my late father’s house. The dog sunk its teeth into my kneecap. It hurt, and I panicked, but I did not fight the dog or the police. I could’ve swung a fist or two. I could’ve bolted for the front door. “Lemme alone!” I could’ve screamed at the officers. “I have a right to be here!” Instead, handcuffed me went quietly to the police cruiser. If a police dog attacks you, or if a cop gathers a fist of your clothing, do nothing. Remain still. Fighting with the police only worsens the situation. Instead of getting physical with the police, tell the officers, “Wait! I surrender! Don’t hurt me.” And if you feel the officers are racist and unfair, file a complaint with the police department ASAP. If you ever wonder why black men are shot by the police, take another gander at the black hand tightened around the white wrist. Racism and a lack of opportunity are to blame when the black man plays Rampage World Tour on American cities. Slavery and Jim Crow laws are the reason why hard-working people lose homes and businesses during a riot. And one dead black man gives an army of black men the right to attack a country that has done more for blacks than any other. This is what Obama wants you to believe. “Racism is still alive!” black Americans like Obama are saying. “So riot when you don’t get your way.” People are not perfect; I’ve said that already. No matter where the black man lives, he will not live in a perfect world. Humanity has always been oppressive. No matter where the black man lives, he will face oppression. People practice discrimination constantly. No matter where the black man lives, he will face discrimination. We all know what I know; it’s why black Americans aren’t immigrating to Haiti. Jeremy can’t find a job. There isn’t much opportunity for him in San Diego. And he has been treated unfairly by many people. But he’s isn’t destroying another man’s property. Most people in San Diego, California ignore me. When I speak to them, whether on the streets or the internet, the majority do not respond. Occasionally I have to put up with my fellowman’s dirty looks and hostile attitudes and even violence, like when the black woman tried to stab me with a screwdriver. I can’t get a girlfriend because even the unattractive, overweight women will not give me the time of day. The lack of attention and hostility enrages me on a constant basis. So, according to Obama, I should be able to express my rage in a violent manner like young black males in Ferguson and Baltimore. I’ll be right back. I’m taking a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a utility knife and slingshot. The life I want is not within my reach. So I should take to the streets with my weapons and create a path of destruction nine miles long. I’ll slash random people’s tires and shoot out their windows. Obama gave me permission. He said it was okay to destroy another person’s property when treated unfairly by fellow citizens. Humanity is oppressive; deal with it. You cannot stop ALL oppression. You can fight it but you can’t end it completely. We cannot build a perfect world just yet. It won’t exist for maybe hundreds, if not thousands of years. People do not always get their way. Obama has, once again, blamed white people for everything. “Black people riot because of racism and indifference.” Thank you Obama. I know exactly what to do now. I’ll slash tires and blow-out windows because of indifference and hatred towards mankind. I’ll show everyone. Mwahahaha! Minority Report (part 11) The actions from the white Europeans resulted in the demise of most Native Americans, but using the word slaughtered here makes people think Europeans hit Native Americans with gun, sword, and Good Times DYN-O-MITE! Most Native Americans died by disease transported to North America from Europe. Europeans killed, but not like those dang Nazis, who did everything in their power to exterminate a large group of people. Oh, and the Native Americans did plenty of “slaughtering,” too. They weren’t innocent pacifists like some people would make us believe. A user on Facebook wrote: WE INVADED THEIR COUNTRY AND MASSACRED THEM. IT IS GENOCIDE. And this is what I wrote: DISEASE WIPED OUT NINETY PERCENT OF NATIVE AMERICANS. I’M NOT SURE “MASSACRE” IS THE APPROPRIATE WORD HERE. AND “WE” HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEMISE OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS. WE WERE NOT ALIVE BACK THEN. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILTY FOR WHAT MY ANCESTORS DID HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO. ALSO, YOU PITY THE NATIVE AMERICANS, BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET GOD WIPING OUT THE DINOSAURS 65 MILLION YEARS AGO. GOD, LIKE HUMANITY, IS OFTEN TIMES A DESTRUCTIVE B—CH. AND WE DIDN’T INVADE THEIR COUNTRY. THE NATIVE AMERICANS NEVER FOUNDED A COUNTRY IN NORTH AMERICA. The same people who are angry at white people for past atrocities do not care if white people lose their countries everywhere. They don’t care if nonwhites breed white people out of existence. Many want it to happen. Once upon a time, white people sent out a destructive blast-wave for the purpose of creaming dark-skinned peoples; now whites have redirected that blast wave onto themselves. What happened to the Native Americans is incredibly sad and I consider it one of the greatest human tragedies in human history. And white people did keep advancing across North America in order to fulfill Manifest Destiny, which lead to the destruction of the Native Americans. But those who weaponize past atrocities to strip bare the white people of today are just like their ancestors. Man refuses to leave man alone. If man isn’t destroying indigenous people, he is destroying himself. The evilness inside man is like a twelve-limbed monster from Hell: it has to escape him somehow. Lastly, white people, like the rest of humanity, are also good. White people do not want war, raping of women, racism, or bloodshed in the streets. Everyone in today’s America has the chance for a great life, and that’s the way white people want it. Not sure white Americans will exist in two hundred years. They will not stop breeding with nonwhites. And they will not keep illegal immigrants out of their nations. This is what happens when you tear down the wall of defense called GOOD RACISM AND XENOPHOBIA. You commit suicide. White people have been told that racism of any kind is a mortal sin. It was drilled into their heads after the doctor spanked their behinds. DO NOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST MINORITES, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY OR DO. TAKE THEIR ABUSE. LOOK THE OTHER WAY WHEN THEY MAKE A MESS. SACRIFICE YOURSELF AND YOUR NATIONS. White people will do anything to avoid the label “racist” or “xenophobe.” It’s like a woman experiencing rape. The man is on top of her, ripping at her clothes and promising to cut her throat after he’s done. The woman doesn’t scratch his eyes out and save her life because her parents taught her that violence was never the answer. So she dies. White people have hard time thinking for themselves nowadays. They have the internet and there is a library located down the street, but many of them have no idea what is going on in the world. Something horrible has been lodged in the heads of today’s white people. Imagine a bullet or a nail, or even a tumor. Normal white people do not brownnose minorities. Normal white people have courage and pride. Normal white people are completely against becoming the minority. Normal white people protect the future of their people, country, and history. Normal white people do not hate and demonize themselves. White people need to pull it together. Hating, demonizing, and killing dark-skinned people is completely wrong, and that is not what I am asking for, but white people need to act like they have some sense. Quit worshipping money and material things. Quit importing nonwhites to work the jobs you no longer want. Quit imploding like a dying star. Maybe I missed something on the way to adulthood, but why are white people so burdened with guilt? Yes, I know, they have more wealth than nonwhites, but they earned it. Whites would still have their wealth if black people had never existed, but I can’t say the same for black people. Just because white people have something doesn’t mean they have to feel bad about it. Giving is great, but it should never be a burden. It should never cause people to act foolish. White people have more, but that’s them. Most white adults have more than me but I am not complaining all the time. White people should forget about feeling guilty. They earned their wealth. Like I said, if Africa was empty of people when humanity left the continent, America would still exist and white people would still have the wealth they have today. White people owe minorities nothing. White people should give to minorities, but that sort of receiving is a privilege, not a right. White guilt is an albatross. It’s something that is weighs down my kind. Sure, people with white skin treated black people terrible, but they’re not the only ones. Black African history is mostly a volcanic eruption of violence. White people should not feel bad about what their ancestors did a long time ago. That wasn’t them. They are not responsible for what their ancestors did. It’s like me learning my great-grandfather was an ax murderer on the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. I read about all the people he butchered with a Samurai sword and crimson fury and I just can’t go on anymore. The pain is just too much. I hold my head in grief and when no one is looking I scream at the sky, “WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME! WHY AM I SUCH A BAD PERSON!?” Black people are having a hard time building a healthy civilization because they won’t stop raping, murdering, and pillaging in their own nations, but white people feel bad because people who looked like them had the power to commit evil acts other people would have committed had they had the power. Did black people suddenly create a pure, holy history where blacks held hands, hugged and loved each other, and sung songs about the glorious beauty of man and woman? Black African to his fellow man: “I love you stranger. Let’s build a rich, colorful history where everyone works together to progress man. Today, roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Tomorrow, colonizing the stars.” Am I watching an episode of MAD TV or is MAD TV watching me? “Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me.” Black people are so pleased with white guilt. They want white people doing their bidding. White guilt is control. It’s what empowers one race, and paralyzes another. THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE IS NOT HATE, IT’S INDIFFERENCE: A human being can actually feel both hate AND indifference towards someone or a group of people. Some white Europeans hated the Native Americans for the brutality the latter committed towards the former, but when the Europeans learned the Native Americans were dying off by disease, the former only shrugged its shoulders, like the latter was nothing at all. Europeans hated the Native Americans, but it also felt indifference to their plight. Many of us hate the white race and all of humanity, but the same people would also tell you they don’t care if the white race is no more. Not caring is indifference, but that indifference is birthed by hatred for the human race. Of course that’s my personal belief, and no one has to agree with me. I argue that most Westerners are either hateful and/or indifferent to the white race. But if people read my report, they’d call me paranoid or delusional. I don’t see how that is possible. Almost every internet user I accuse of hate and/or indifference agrees with me. A YouTube user named Mike had this to say about the demise of the white race: IT IS TRUE THAT I AM MORE OR LESS INDIFFERENT TO THE PRESERVATION OF ANY PARTICULAR “RACE” OF HUMANS. IN 100, 200, 300 YEARS ETC THERE WILL BE PROPORTIONALLY FEWER PEOPLE WITH STEREOTYPICAL “WHITE,” “JAPANESE,” ETC. FEATURES—BUT I CAN’T WHY I SHOULD PARTICULARLY CARE ABOUT THAT. Why would you not care about the preservation of a race of people? Most Americans are just like Mike, and that’s why the white race is set to become a small minority in the Western world. A catfish is a person who is hides behind a fake profile on social websites like Facebook or MySpace. I’ve been a catfish in the past, but most of the fake profiles I created did not exist to commit evil deeds, like a man with an underage child. I’d create a fake profile to see what a woman wanted in a man. I’d think to myself, ARE WOMEN OBSESSED WITH PHYSICAL APPEARANCES? IS THAT WHY I AM NOT ATTRACTING WOMEN? AM I UGLY? To answer my questions, I’d create a fake profile that showed off the face of a handsome man like a new sports car. Then I’d sit back and wait for the women to respond. It was research I was doing. My intentions were purely innocent. I just wanted to know why I was still single. In May of 2014, I decided to send the mother of an ex-girlfriend pieces of a project I was attempting to complete. I thought if I sent proof God existed, she’d get me in touch with the ex-girlfriend. But I also understood the mother wanted nothing to do with me, so I hid behind a false identity. A hour after I sent the mother a few emails on Plenty of Fish (dating website), another woman, who I call POF64, responded to an image I posted of Martin Luther King, Jr. POF64: SO WHERE DID YOU RECEIVE YOUR MED DEGREE? ME: I STOLE MINE. BUT DR. KING DID SOMETHING SIMILAR. EVEN THOUGH HE PLAGIARIZED PARTS OF HIS DISSERTATION, HE WAS STILL GIVEN HIS DEGREE BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN AND BECAUSE HE WAS FOND OF SINGING, “WOE IS US, WE’RE JUST A BUNCH OF POOR OLE NEGROES.” POF64: I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH REDNECK, NARROW-MINDED, REPUBLICAN RACISTS LIKE YOU. DON’T EVER WRITE ME AGAIN I was definitely wrong when criticizing MLK, but I never revealed myself as a redneck, narrow-minded, or republican. And she called me a racist, but I was the one who called America out on racism that worked for the black man. She hit me with “four” insults. This is the perfect example of how white people protect minorities. I’ve always wondered, WHY DO WHITE AMERICANS PROTECT MINORITIES SO FIERCELY? Then the answer arrived like the police at a known crack house. White Americans feel bad about themselves. They hate their history because they hate all of human history. Whites equip minorities like battle rifles to fight and destroy the monster called hate that dwells in the pits of their stomachs. Protecting minorities makes white people feel good about being white. I once spoke to a white woman who told me she hated the Ku Klux Klan because it screamed about white power. Not for past violence towards minorities. Not for intolerance. White power manifested the hatred in that white woman’s heart. White people like her suffer from a mental illness. To me, white power is simply white people in a position of power. And this makes sense in a civilization built by white people. Black people want to rule their nations. They don’t want white people controlling them. But that’s normal. White people are abnormal. Normal white people do what they can to remain the majority and to stay in power. Abnormal white people self-destruct. I know; I tried to commit suicide twice. White Americans who hate white power see themselves as superior. They feel bad. They have more than everyone else. A state of equality is the main objective here. In order to create equality, white people must break themselves down until they stand on the same platform as everyone else. The white race is a lot like the best-looking and wealthiest jock in school destroying himself in the front of his class. “Fellow students,” the jock says. “Today I confess my guilt at having more than my peers. Everyone views me as beautiful, rich, and talented, and enough is enough. I am so tired of being superior!” Before the class can react, the jock cuts up his credit cards with a pair of scissors and then sets fire to a huge pile of cash. Then he takes a razor blade to his face. “I hate myself!” the jock screams. “I hate who I am. Please people, just let me ruin myself.” Wouldn’t you think the jock had mental problems? The white race, like the jock, is wasting away in front of humanity like something brained with an ACME anvil. But the difference is that the dark future the white race is creating for itself is fine with most white people because that future is a long ways away. If you’re white and thirty-five, you won’t live that long as a hated, demonized minority. So why would you care? Wrong. It isn't hard to see racism when you're white. I've seen racism for most of my life. It's hard to see black racism when you're living in a gated community or twenty miles from the nearest black man. It's hard to see black racism when all you can see is the money sign. The UnfairCampaign was racist when it said it's hard for white people to see racism. Saying one race is blind and another is not is racism. Saying one race is racist and another is not is racism. WHITE PRIVILEGE IS LIKE FLYING FIRST CLASS: Makes sense; the white race built the airplane. But I am also against the white privilege that allows white people to succeed faster than minorities. I believe in fairness. Black people have privilege in their own nations, even when white people are present. White privilege used to exist in this country...like fifty years ago. I’ve seen and heard far more black privilege in America than white privilege, but this nation was built for the white race to rule and dominate until rapture. Go figure. Jeremy once said to me, "So white people go to college, get a degree, find a good job, they stay out of prison, but black Americans call this privilege? What do blacks want us to do, self-destruct?" I said to him, "Yeah Jeremy, that’s the idea." And white people aren’t any different. Santee, a small city in San Diego County, and because it is white majority, I carries the nickname “Klantee.” If white Americans build their own enclave like black Americans or Hispanics or Asians, they are members of the Ku Klux Klan. But no white person is a Ku Kluxer unless they are screaming white power or attending Klan rallies. Klantee is just more hate and intolerance for the white race. There was a study that proved more homogeneous cities were friendlier than diverse cities. If the city was white-majority, the whites were happier than the whites living in a city like San Diego. And this is true for any group of people. Since when was it a crime for white people to want to live around people who think, talk, and look like they do? The real crime is forcing nonwhites on unwilling white people, who should have their own world in the United States of America. If white people want an Ivory magazine, they should have it. If white people want to live around white people only, no one should demonize them for it. White-on-black racism is so small in the United States of America that it’s not even worth mentioning. Americans have to understand something: We cannot rid ourselves of all racism, just like we can’t remove all the hate, greed, and selfishness from the hearts of humanity. Eliminating every nodule of racism is impossible. While I have practiced bad racism in the past, I’m against the racism selected and practiced only to hurt a race of people not my own. In the eyes of white people, I’m the big, bad racist in Kohl’s clothing, but anything negative said about black people is considered racist. Black Americans are responsible for all of their problems: racist. Black America is just as racist as anyone else: racist. And sometimes it doesn’t matter how a black American treats a white person, the white person is usually in the wrong. In the early nineties at Crump Elementary, I was sitting in the cafeteria, eating my lunch and minding my own business, when a black boy started talking garbage to me. At that time, I wasn’t a garbage disposal, so I opened my silo of a mouth and let the nuke fly. The bomb was the much abhorred “nigger.” After a scattershot detonation, the jaws connected to the white children dropped onto the table with loud clunks. I knew then, as a child, that white people were not my ancestors. I was young then, but smart enough to understand how much my race had changed. I knew, sitting in that cafeteria, seeing the shocked expressions on the faces of my white classmates, I knew I had no one’s protection. Even though the black boy was nasty and vindictive, I was still in the wrong because I weaponized a word the black race vehemently opposed. The white children didn’t take my side, but that’s the way it is here. The black boy was wrong, and so was I, but the white children only became offended when I struck down the child with the darker skin. White Americans cannot think for themselves anymore. They’re puppets, controlled by the Liberal think tank that’s steamrolling over the Western world. They’ve been brainwashed like the Nazis. White people don’t protect their own kind anymore. Now they feed them to the wolves. For me, the word nigger was a sword, a weapon to strike down my enemy. But it’s a weapon rarely used by other whites. Number of times I heard white Americans use the word nigger in school or work: Once. Saying nigger is wrong, but so is betraying your own kind because you no longer like the human race. For eight months in 2004, I worked for a pharmaceutical distributor that shipped generic medicine across the US of A. It was owned by a white man named Kenny. The warehouse operated on nepotism, new-hires were friends or family to someone in the company, but I assume this was a measure implemented to keep the workforce all-white. For most of the eight months there, the pharmacy had “zero” non-white workers. This is the only time I ever witnessed racism in the workforce. Never I have seen whites bully blacks. If anyone got bullied, it was me. The whites were always cool with their black co-workers. They’d smoke weed together. They’d go clubbing or to the bars. Some even slept together. Anyone who says that white-on-black racism is still a major problem in this country is lying or just ignorant. Kenny is undoubtedly named after me, or I am named after him. I am a racist, and I am selling medication to Americans. And if blacks do not change, I, like the pharmaceutical distributor, am a segregationist. Tim Wise, a Jewish, anti-white activist, is another white person who hates himself. He preaches anti-racism at colleges and in books like White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son. Hating racism is one thing, hating a race of people and trying to eliminate them is another. I attack black people, I do, but I’m not making them a smaller minority. And I don’t want them physically hurt, nor do I want to steal their wealth and power. That’s not what I am about. I want to stop decimation of the white race. It’s likely Wise is bitter about the holocaust. He writes his books only the likes of Michael Eric Dyson could appreciate and he speaks his lies in volumes. “Jesus was not born in a manger in central Pennsylvania,” Tim Wise said. “He was a man of color. And the fact that we have represented him for centuries literally as a white man speaks to the entire history of white supremacy.” There is NO evidence Jesus was a man of color. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. White people nailing pictures of white Jesus to their walls is perfectly normal. They want to follow someone who looks like they do. It makes sense to me. Now saying “Jesus was definitely a white man” is saying something else, because evidence of white Jesus does not exist, either. If Mr. Wise can provide evidence of colored Jesus Christ, a photograph for instance, I will believe in the colored Jesus. Mr. Wise must really hate himself with a “colored” passion. Members of the Ku Klux Klan are often called “faces of hate,” but never pro-black, anti-white liberals like the woman in the picture. Renita Marie is a pastor, but her anti-white rubbish is the worst I’ve ever read. I say white people are evil. I also say they’re good. I do hold hate for white people, but only because they flushing themselves down the toilet. But Renita Maria’s hate for her own kind is like a big bowl of overflowing disease. And the fact America puts up with anti-white hate speech is proof we aren’t that much different than Renita. BEING WHITE IS NOT ALL IT IS CRACKED UP TO BE, Renita Maria wrote for the Huffington Post. AT LEAST NOT FOR THOSE WHO ARE REALLY AWARE. THERE’S NO ESCAPING THE UGLY HISTORY OF THOSE WHO LOOK LIKE ME, THOSE WHO HAVE HISTORICALLY TERRORIZED AND DEHUMANIZED SOME PART OF EVERY CULTURE INCLUDING OUR OWN. IN THE PAST I CARRIED MUCH SHAME AND EMBARRASSMENT ABOUT BEING WHITE. Not all of white history is ugly. Most of it did not involve dark-skinned peoples, some of which cut off the heads of other dark-skinned peoples and used those heads as soccer balls. White people did what they did because they had sufficient power. Renita hates white people, but each race of people is guilty of the same crimes. Everything you find in white history you find around the world. And lacking pride for one’s race can lead to the destruction of a race, like it is with white people. Renita wrote: WHEN MICHAEL BROWN WAS MURDERED, I FOUND MYSELF SOBBING WHILE UNCONSCIOUSLY RUBBING MY SKIN UNTIL IT STARTED TO HURT. WAS I TRYING TO RUB AWAY MY WHITENESS? Michael Brown wasn’t murdered. He was shot because he punched a police officer in the face and tried to steal his gun. I’m imagining Renita rubbing at her skin, and I can’t help but think of Saturday Night Live. Her words are total jokes. Does she cry every time a black man is killed by another black person? If not, then why cry when a black man is killed by a white man? If Renita cried every time a black man was killed in this country, whether by whites or blacks, she’d never stop crying. And whiteness has nothing to do with killing black people. I WAS WHIPPED UNTIL I BLED FOR DECLARING JESUS WAS BLACK. AFTER ALL, HE HID IN EGYPT. I’m not criticizing Renita when I say she needs serious help. Some white people of yesterday are Exploders. White people of today are Imploders. Exploders are white people who go supernova on nonwhite people. They blast their hate, genocidal actiions, ugliness, greed, and selfishness on the colored helpless. An Imploder is like Renita Marie, a white person who self-destructs and takes white people with them to an early grave. Imploders are just as dangerous and evil as exploders. If Renita Marie could rule the world for 500 years, white people would not exist at the end of her reign. Renita is exactly like the people she hates. What’s wrong with this picture? Renita Maria claimed she broke down crying after Michael Brown died, so I am unsure why she supports gangbanging, a lifestyle that kills far more young black men than white police officers. Renita Maria is basically saying, “I have a problem with white-on-black violence, but black-on-black violence is bad to the bone.” News writers rarely speak negatively about black Americans. The commentary is usually glowing, positive. There is actually more racism and hatred directed at white Americans in the news than at the latter. If there is a negative news article about black Americans, it’s usually on Fox News, and the news article is stating one or multiple facts. Below is a small list of news articles that are pro-black and anti-white. I call each news article Hate Rape. HATE RAPE #1: Huffington Post: OBAMA HAS OUTCLASSED THE GRAND OLD WHITE ESTABLISHMENT. The word “grand” used to mock the old white establishment is not incredibly bright, considering the old white establishment is what made America so great. And neither is commending a man who has beaten the greatness. The American people will never have satisfaction until the white race is totally demolished like a child’s sandcastle hit by a tsunami. Yes black man, outclass the white man. Beat him so hard, he is begging for the contents of a filthy gutter. Beating the white man is doing a better job than he could ever do. Huffington Post is hate, nonsense, anti-Semitism (sometimes), and racism towards white people, and if I had the power, I’d direct a laser-guided missile at the website and watch it explode like a watermelon hit by a sledgehammer-wielding Gallagher. If you’re ever clueless to the meaning of evil, read a news article by the Huffington Post. We never see a news article with WHITE MAN OUTCLASSES THE BLACK MAN as the heading. It would never happen. HATE RAPE #2: A group of Duke University students have called ALL white people Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who murdered nine black church-goers. The Duke students believe today’s white people are gobbling up too much of the pie. I believe the argument from the Duke students is racist and hateful. Nothing like it exists for black Americans. As far as I know, white people never refer to the collective whole of black Americans as a murderer. Just because you possess more than the next man does not mean you are a murderer. If most white Americans had the hearts of murderers, civilization would fall to the ground and shatter like glass. I’m a white American, but I don’t want black people gunned down in cold blood. Also, disliking black people does not make you Dylann Roof. A man who emulates Roof shares his ideology and physically kills a large group of black Americans. ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE DYLANN ROOF doesn’t even make sense. It’s what a crazy person would claim. If all white people were Dylann Roof, America would experience the Second Coming of Hitler and the Jackbooted Nazis. Black Americans are living high off the hog. There is nothing they can’t possess. Message to Duke University students: SAY NO TO DRUGS. UGLINESS OF MY TIME: Pictured is Nina Tayloe asking Brown Berry, 75, to forgive her for offenses she didn’t commit. Berry was a sanitation worker during the Civil Rights Movement, a movement Tayloe had nothing to do with . “Forgive me.” Mrs. Tayloe said to the black stranger. “Forgive me on behalf of my family for the ugliness of that time, but praise God, we have a beautiful Lord who brings about hope and restoration.” She asked for forgiveness, but she never offended Mr. Berry. It’s like me asking a Native American for forgiveness. “Forgive me Native American, forgive me for what white-skinned people did to your kind.” I never wronged the Native Americans, so forgiveness from the latter is not required. Mrs. Tayloe spoke of ugliness during the Civil Rights Movement, but that ugliness still remains. It’s called ignoring your fellowman on the streets. It’s called yelling faggot at white pedestrians. The ugliness is an anti-white woman embarrassing her race of people by groveling at the feet of a stranger. EXPLORING THE ROOTS OF DISCRIMINATION: The Newsweek writer must mean exploring the roots of whitey’s evil past. Maybe I’m wrong about this, but I see HATE WHITE BABIES promoted in this picture. If the future genocide of white Americans begins tomorrow, those killing whites will remember the white baby with RACIST stamped on his forehead. “There is a great chance all white babies are racist!” Newsweek is shouting at a billion decibels, loud enough to shatter glass on The Louvre in Paris, France. “Racism is hate, so hate and distrust all racist white babies!” Smash-up job America. Great way to perpetuate hatred for white adults and their children. The white baby is racist? How? It’s a baby. It doesn’t know racism yet. A baby doesn’t even know what day it is. And if the white baby is racist, what harm could it do? Throw its rattler at the nearest Asian? Hiccup in the Arab’s face? If white America is doing a great job at not practicing racism today, I don’t see how it really matters if the white baby is racist. Questioning if children are racist in a discreet manner is one thing, but showing a white baby with RACIST stamped on his head is evil. Newsweek should leave babies alone. If you’re a black American on the internet, and you speak about how cruel whites are everywhere, you will garner more sympathy than the materialistic woman born without a Prada bag. Years ago, I was viewing a YouTube video about the 1920’s when I read a comment from a black woman who made a disparaging comment about white people of that time. She said that the 1920’s was a time when whites believed they were better than everyone else. The comment was unnecessary and unprovoked. No one on the internet said anything nasty to her, not until I rose up with a full heart that is. After I attacked the black troublemaker, a white knight galloped to her rescue. He was Canadian, not living in the country, and he told me that he didn’t like white people, either. Back then I was surprised that a white man didn’t like white people, but not anymore. We hate everyone now. If you hate white history, you hate all of human history. The Chinese, Arabs, and the people of India all have violent, oppressive histories. If blacks had had the power to conquer the world five hundred years ago, the white people of today would not exist. Everyone in today’s Europe would have Barack Obama’s hair and skin color. If that’s hard to believe, check out present-day South Africa, a nation on Genocide Watch. In ten years, the white South Afrikaners won’t be watching anything except their own demise. If the genocide started tomorrow, most people wouldn’t say anything. They’d have the attitude of the love-filled, humanity-adoring Canadian: WELL GOOD RIDDANCE WHITE PEOPLE, some would write on YouTube. I DON’T LIKE YOU ANYWAY. I really like the "Give Racism the Finger" slogan used here. It’s priceless. Let's get rid of racism by substituting it with vulgarity. The posted picture is a display of ugliness, and ugliness can create as many problems as racism. I know what’s at stake. I have an apartment. I have money to buy anything within reason. Compared to the lives of most my ancestors, I’m living in paradise. But that paradise won’t last forever. Humanity, or God of this World, said, “No racism.” So what am I doing? I’m practicing racism. Those who eat the forbidden fruit are booted out of paradise. “Everything will turn out right in the end,” I tell myself, and half of the time I believe it, but I also sense the future is a really dark place. The threat of suffering a personal Hell will not deter my voice and actions. White Americans are afraid. They fear losing everything: Jobs, cars, houses, the good life. And this fear prevents them from fighting for what is right. For three months in 2011, I saw myself obliterated by government agents, but for three months I still spoke my mind to the Memphis FBI. There were times when I expected to rot on the streets, beat up by American citizens, kicked out of grocery stores, forced to die, possibly starve to death, and still I tried to do the right thing. People will say, “Well, you thought you were going to Heaven one day. Most Americans don’t think the same thing.” That’s true, but I didn’t care about the afterlife, and nothing has changed. I, like most Americans, want my heaven now. I dream of video game parties, writing and directing Hollywood movies, and marrying a good woman. I was willing to suffer for months, a year maybe, to do the right thing, and to spend time with people, who make Heaven possible. Knowing what may lie ahead of me, I still truck forward and try to do the right thing. Maybe it’s just me, but this picture doesn’t provide any evidence to the contrary the white race isn’t superior. I see a caricature of a racist redneck holding a shotgun and wearing a white power t-shirt and a neo-Nazi hat. One man does not represent the white race. Most white people are not neo-Nazis. And just because the neo-Nazi believes white people should rule countries they created doesn’t mean he’s inferior. Moreover, holding a shotgun does not necessary make you inferior or equal to anyone else. We’re not supposed to judge a book based on its cover. A racist redneck could have the brain of Sir Isaac Newton. He could know how to create a warp-drive engine made out of stale onion rings and toothpaste. The artist of the picture wanted to show us the caricature was dumb, like Lloyd Christmas dumb, but the artist only proved that about the picture’s message. The next time the artist draws a picture aimed at insulting the white race or rednecks, show the words EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY next to the planetoid of white progress made within the last five thousand years. Just a suggestion. NO DUH: A creature holding a smaller brain than another creature isn't necessarily dumber than the second creature. A sperm whale has the largest brain of any animal, five times as large as man’s, but the sperm whale isn’t a smart aleck like man, who prefers to smart off at the wrong place, wrong time, and wrong man holding a fully-loaded Uzi 9mm. A child genius has a smaller brain than the one encased in my skull, but the child genius is smarter than I am. Nazi Germany had brilliant minds, some of which created the first stealth aircraft, and all those minds were extremely racist. Everyone is a racist to some extent. I am a racist. I guess my brain is really small, too. The creator of the picture may have intended the picture as a joke, but there are some people out there who think that racists are dumber than the so-called non-racists, but it’s not the truth. Non-racists don’t exist, and if they did exist, not all of them would have bigger IQ’s than racist-minded individuals. Civilization is what makes humanity great. We should build on it, improve what we already have, not try to ruin it like the Europeans when they import people who refuse to assimilate and who carry with them an implosion-causing mayflower of disaster called Islam. Muslims go in Europe like dirt goes in an open eyeball. Muslims in Europe is a horrible idea. Mixing Muslims with atheists and Christians is like mixing antifreeze with a bowl of ketchup when you’re hungry. The Europeans have thrown in the towel. They have decided to retire and let the Muslims take over while they play with their yachts and rugby balls. Just let it all go to hell Europe. Let Islam cart off with your civilization. I understand you want to have a great time and all. The Europeans used to invade, plunder, and conquer other nations because they were greedy. Now they’re letting themselves be invaded, plundered, and conquered because they want it all right now. The Europeans are trading their civilization for a lifetime of happiness. They have one child per family. The population is shrinking so nonwhite Muslims are allowed to live in European countries to replace the hole made by the decrease in ethic European numbers. Europeans don’t believe in God or an afterlife. So they are doing everything they can to have the good life now. Imagine if their ancestors could see what they are doing. The Muslims break into the nation and then they have five or six kids. Europe is finished. The Europeans would wonder what the hell happened when they are suffering through sharia law. Stoning, amputations, the Quran forced down your throat as a snack after breakfast, the ethic Europeans don’t have a bright future. Oh, but don’t say anything about that, because if you do, you are racist and xenophobic. Acting mean to outsiders is wrong. We should all love other people. But you don’t need these people living within your borders to love them. I care about the Japanese about as much as I can for another group outside my own race, but I don’t want the Japanese invading the West. If white people do not wake, the Western world in a hundred years will look nothing like it does today. Europe: in the stomach of ravenous, snaggletoothed Islam. America: something resembling a pile of warm-green socialistic goop sliding off someone’s dinner table. The latter situation is a big deal, but not as big as losing Europe. I’d rather forfeit three USAs over the whole of Western Europe. America doesn’t have the history. I just can’t believe how the Europeans are acting these days. It’s like they’re insane or something. Imagine I approach you with news that thousands of blacks are invading Italy every year. I tell you that the blacks, once settled in Italy, outbreed the majority. I tell you that if the blacks are not stopped, Italy is doomed forever. I make it very clear that I am against blacks immigrating into Italy. What would you think of me? If you are like most white Americans, you wouldn’t care about the future of Italy. You would believe I was a racist, running with the KKK even. You wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore. Almost all blacks would see me as an enemy. Now imagine you’re walking down the street in America and a black man approaches you with the information that thousands of whites are immigrating into Kenya every year and outbreeding the black majority. He tells you it’s a problem because the whites will eventually change Kenya forever. If you were the typical white person, you would be more empathetic with the black man. You wouldn’t see him as a racist. You would agree with him. If black Americans learned whites were immigrating into Kenya, black Americans would be PISSED! Most of us don’t care if blacks take over Italy. Just no one better do it to Kenya or any other black-majority nation because if they do, there’s going to be war. If whites were invading Kenya and outbreeding the blacks, I would protect Kenya. I would be completely against the swarm of white invaders using Kenya as a nesting ground. Black America doesn’t care if Italy is taken from the Italians. They wouldn’t stop to fight it. When speaking about greater meaning and greater fullness to our lives, Mr. Dawkins should go and speak to the Europeans, who are going to lose their prized nations one day because they don't believe in an afterlife. If they were like me, believers in God and Heaven, then they wouldn't have every non-white in the world breaking into their nations and outbreeding the majority. A greater fullness to one's life is caring about something other than oneself, such as nation, people, and God. The point I am trying to make is that we don’t have a higher meaning anymore. We live for pleasure, and the pleasure-seeking is killing us. We’re eating ourselves to death like the Spaghetti-Slurper in David Fincher’s Seven. Protect people and nation. Dream of the stars and those who lived before you. Write, draw, and play the piano. Forget so much about living the good life now. If it’s there, take it. If not, don’t fret. As long as you have food, water, and shelter, the rest is a privilege. And if Mr. Dawkins is right about having only one life, we can still protect a civilization that took thousands of years to build…right? The Europeans of today seem like pure angels of light: good, honest, generous people. An observer watching from afar may come to the conclusion that those running the show in Western Europe are the most superior Europeans who have existed. The observer could report to others, “It’s amazing. The Europeans of today are pacifists. They aren’t mean to outsiders. They welcome dark-skinned people into their nations and then nurture them like children. They fight racism. These are good, loving individuals.” The watcher would be wrong in his observation. Europeans deceive the world. They trick us. They make us believe they are good, liking everyone, when really the majority of Europeans care about nothing except living the high life. You can’t like white people and still allow them to lose jewels like Sweden and Denmark. And if you’re white, and you don’t like white people, you don’t like anyone. So if this you, do the world a favor and be quiet about racism and xenophobia. Time-travel a hundred years and the Western Europe of today would look nothing like it does now. Time-travel a hundred years to Japan, and it would look more advanced, but Japan would still be 98 percent Japanese. The Japanese have a defense-system called RACISM AND XENOPHOBIA. We don’t have to beat up and harass non-whites. We don’t even have to kick them out of Europe. But as long as France exists, racism and xenophobia will keep the white French the majority. Stopping nonwhite immigration is xenophobia, but it saves Europe, and that makes xenophobia good as well as bad. If white Europeans want to emulate darker-skinned peoples, emulate the Japanese. They’re not nuking anyone. They’re not starting wars. The Japanese want the good life too, but they won’t self-destruct to get it. The Japanese are more like angels of light. The light you see in Europe is really darkness. White people seem more tolerant these days, more accepting of other people (Muslims for instance), and the highly civilized people are tolerant, but a great deal of that tolerance is really apathy, or indifference. White people are no longer concerned with the future of the white race, or their nations. If tomorrow, the white man attempted to save his people and countries, he’d shave off most of his tolerance onto the marble floor. He’d look more like the Emperor of Japan or a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Nonwhite immigration and miscegenation would stop abruptly. Tolerance is great for everyone, but we shouldn’t overdo it. The beautiful emotion called love makes the world a better place, but too much love can create a chest-cavity full of swollen hurt. A child who swamped all of his classmates with love every day would eventually annoy the class, then incur the wrath of the biggest, baddest bully sitting in the back row. One day the student is crying about how he loved the whole world with all of his heart, the next he is crying through a pair of black eyes. If you loved people, you may feel inclined to hug strangers, but hugging the wrong stranger could land you in the hospital. I recommend tolerance. Unfairness is unfairness for anyone. But a thick layer of Japanese-inspired intolerance is a great defense for your nation, beliefs, and people.

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