If you’re a nice, sensitive amateur writer, I cannot recommend the writing website called Absolutewrite.com. I have never in my whole life encountered such nasty, venomous, hateful people. Say the wrong thing, forget you have freedom of speech in the US of A, and a lynch mob squirms thickly out of the cracks and crevices of the website and attacks you without mercy. Make a mistake and one of the bully moderators makes a patty melt out of your lips and nose hairs. Fight back and you get BANNED. I made the mistake of giving away the ending to Stephen King’s The Stand, and it started a massive tug-of-war with my brother and me on one side, and twenty absolutewrite members on the other. Even the lady who ran the website joined in on the fun. It was ridiculous and completely unnecessary. All they had to do was delete my account. Instead, they firebombed it like pyromaniacal terrorists. They used the fray as a means to release their animosity for mankind. If the AW user wishes for other users to tear his or her work apart in the Share Your Work writing lab, the user is required to comment on fifty threads. I didn’t see the new threads as interesting, so I posted on old, dead threads that I liked and a moderator sent me a mean reply. When I read his message, I wondered if he and I were old enemies in high school. “What did I do?!” I wanted to scream in my empty apartment. “I didn’t mean to be bad! Please don’t give me a whuppin no more!” I wasn’t cussing out other members or hacking the website so I could run it my way. I was just stating my opinion on threads I found interesting. The moderator accused me of posting in old threads so I could have other users comment on my own stuff. Well, he was half right, because I enjoyed posting in the old threads and I did want my work critiqued, but what I did was not that big of a deal. If the AW does not want me “necro’ing” old threads, then why don’t they just delete them? Why are they still hanging around like an old jumpsuit in the back of Frogger’s closet? It’s just a reason for the already pissed-off moderators to vent their wrath on the little guys. Delete the old threads and quit making a big deal when they are resurrected like Spock in Star Trek III. One person called my replies on the website “trivial one-liners.” Nice, extremely nice. Could I have a cup of tea with that lemon juice? Often times when the AW users are nice, the niceness is laced with sarcasm and strychnine. All I can say is that if you visit the site, wear windshield wipers and a pair of galoshes, because the website can get really wet and nasty.

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