Ideas for Articles That Lead to Publication
Do you want to get published in newspapers or magazines? Start with local publications, such as weekly newspapers or small, specialty magazines, if you've never gotten articles published.

Articles are not difficult to get published. They give you a lot of exposure as a writer, and they are a good writing credential to have. Many people who write articles eventually end up getting a book published.

Whether you are a business person or one who writes for leisure,  you can find many topics to write about.

If you are a business person, you can most easily write an informational article on how to do something. For example, if you are an attorney, you can write an article on how to draw up a Will. Or, if you are a mechanic, you can write an article on how travelers can check out their cars before taking a long road trip.

If you write strictly for leisure, article ideas abound. Feature articles on interesting people you know are among the most popular articles that get published.

Do you know someone with an interesting hobby or business? I recently wrote an article about a local artist who creates sculptures out of found items like wire and metal. I saw his work at a local art center and contacted him for an interview.

Do you know a senior citizen who has found an interesting second career? Write about her.

You can also write seasonal articles about a holiday. How does a certain ethnic group celebrate it?

Or, write an article about an interesting place to visit not far from where you live. A museum?

Think of all the places you've been to lately, all the people you've met, or ask your friends or family for recommendations on who or what to write about.

Articles for publication should contain interesting direct quotes, examples, or anecdotes. These are essential elements for publication. They make an article appealing to readers.

Check out my book, "Beginners' Guide to Writing & Selling Quality Features" at your local library. It will give you dozens of article ideas, and help you write the article and get it published.

And, if you need more help, you can usually take an inexpensive, non-credit writing class through the adult education division of your local college.
There are extension divisions through high school districts, adult ed classes through two-year community colleges, and even adult ed divisions at four-year colleges and universities.

Another great option is to join a local writer's organization, and get into one of their critique groups for non-fiction writing. You'll get help from your peers. You'll find much support from others who are beginners and experienced writers.

Opportunities abound for novice writers. You just have to take the initiative to do something.

Get started!

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This article is about writing simple articles for newspapers and magazines. This type of publishing credit is very valuable as it will establish you as a published writer and can lead to other things, such as getting books published.
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