The Delemma of Writing It
     I didn't see one, so call this piece the ongoing writer's frustration journal.  I am happy I found this site.  It allows me to just write without other things going on...finally.  I've thought about a blog, but I want to do a couple things with it.  I want
the writing I go public with to make the same sense it makes in my head.  I have characters for a fictional way to write it.
I also have writing spread out between my software, trying to find the right one.  My husband is right, though; until it helps pay for the cost of living, writing remains a hobby. 
My project isn't for any particular audience, because we all get to be involved.  We put up too many barriers.  I even wish to type in a font that appears the same way as I was taught to hand write the letters.  (century gothic or comic sans is what I use in private)  Why do we add that confusion for people learning English either in grade school or from a different language?

    I'm working one of the writing prompts.  Wouldn't you know it all fit, but there's so much more to it.  I'm sure there's a scientist out there somewhere who has managed to clock how many thoughts per minute can manage to squeeze through a person's brain without stopping to breathe, breathe now.  Whew! 

     Everything connects, even if you can't see it connect.  Sometimes you don't notice, unless it smells funny. 
What if it has no smell, then what?  You can't always see it, hear it, and you don't always feel it, until it's too late.  It really has nothing to do with religion, but religion is part of the dilemma so it has to be mentioned. 

     Oh, I've been working on some major, most likely controversial, in the middle of all the uncertainty, often confusing questions and answers, material.  There, like how my mind works all the time? 

     Focus, focus, focus...that's what they keep telling me.  Hopefully, this room won't start looking like my notebook box.
How to tell it?  Why do I think I could write it?  My creativity doesn't feel that creative, so you get to see my frustration, instead.


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