What is a modern vacuum cleaner?

Vacuuming makes it easier to put things in order in the house. Today, the shops present a lot of equipment with various features and functions (for example, asche staubsauger test), from simple dry dust collection to an automated process with washing floors and piercing the bathrooms. Let's consider the main ones.

Dry and wet cleaning

Each room needs both dry and wet cleaning. Dry we do more often, wet - less often. Depending on the situation and the assistant select based on their uborka requirements. For a frequent collection of crumbs and garbage a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning is not exactly useful. Here you need a small functional assistant, always ready for prompt action. Ideally, this is a classic vacuum cleaner with soft dust bags, roughly speaking, performing the functions of a broom. In order to clean the room more spaciously, with a lot of carpeting, where pets live, vacuum cleaners with a wet cleaning function are useful. They are more powerful, heavier and larger, but they can not only vacuum the carpets and curtains, but also clean it more and more qualitatively. Some aggregates also have a steaming function. For wet and dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough, because it draws in not only dust, but also water - the coatings should not remain completely wet. Both dry and wet vacuuming should keep the air in the room clean. For this, a hepa cleaning system is used. The more stages of cleaning, the better the microclimate in the room.

Dry cleaning

cyclone As mentioned above for normal cleaning, standard machines with bag or cyclone dust collectors, such as Philips FC 8389 and Samsung VCDC-20BH, are ideal. These are small but powerful models with a dust absorption capacity of 375 and 380 watts respectively, both have power adjustment located on the handle, both are equipped with a standard set of attachments: combined floor / carpet, crevice, a nozzle for upholstered furniture, a dust brush that is convenient to collect small debris from delicate surfaces. They differ in the types of dust collectors.

Wet cleaning

vacuum cleaner definitely bringing order to the house involves not only cleaning the surfaces of dust, but also washing floors, furniture, deeper and thorough cleaning of textile surfaces. Here, the wash function is useful. It should be noted that today it is rare to find models only with the function of wet cleaning, but those that combine the functions of dry and wet dirt removal. Their principle of operation is that water acts as a filter. Contaminated air passes through the aquafilter, where 90-95% of dirt remains, the remaining particles settle on the fine filters, which are necessarily included in the design of the vacuum cleaner. In such models, either dry cleaning is an additional function, and a wet primary one, or vice versa. In any case, they are ideally suited to produce high-quality wet vacuuming. Very well-known models in this segment are Thomas Twin T1 Aquafilter and Karcher SE 4002. The vacuum suction power is 300-350 W.

And in conclusion I want to note that when choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to take into account not only the strengths and weaknesses of certain models, but those needs and expectations that it must meet.

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