Natures 10 Natural Food Cure Tips for Healthy Living
Some times ago I have a lot of stress. I didn’t know, how to handle the situation. I have a problems with my businesses related to Ohio State. And now I tell you how I fix that problems with my stress. 

  1. Relieve the Stress of the Day.

Crush, chop and dice a few cloves of garlic into your next meal.  Not only will the garlic add flavor but, research has found that enzymes in garlic helps your body release serotonin which reduces anxiety by relaxing you.  That’s why the French are so laid back and the Italians live, “La Dolce Vita!” Don’t like garlic! Relax in a hot bubble bath with essential oils, soothing music and candlelight.

  1. Overwhelmed by Multitasking?

Take three deep breaths, pop a stick of sugar free gum in your mouth and chew.  The positive flavors that burst forth with chewing are associated with shared mealtime interactions and will help reduce muscular tension, aid in concentration fight tooth decay, dry mouth and gives you great fresh breath.

  1. Feeling Depressed?

Studies suggest that foods rich in omega-3s can help calm depression, not only that, they are really good for you.  Add some Omega-3 rich foods to your diet: salmon, herring, Alaskan halibut light tuna or mackerel. Don’t like fish?  Acacia berries contain essential fatty acids, omega-3′s found mostly in cold-water fish.

  1. Need More Energy?

Snack on foods high in vitamin B1 and B2, thiamin and riboflavin.  Try sunflower seed, flax seeds, pine nuts, pistachios and almonds snacks.  Add beans to your diet, navy, kidney black, lima and pinto beans. Don’t nod off at work and play, get that five-hour energy naturally.

  1. Put that Sports Drink Down and Replenish Your Body Naturally!

British boffin’s discovered that a low-fat chocolate milk contains more electrolytes’ and a higher balance of fat, protein and carbs than many sports/recovery drinks!  Tastes much better and doesn’t stress your kidneys! Give it a try.

  1. Maximize your Brainpower with Brain Health Foods!

The top five brain health foods are purported to be wild salmon, cocao (chocolate) beans, green tea, acacia, blueberries and coffee beans according to BrainReady.  These foods have powerful antioxidants and eating them can’t hurt, so add them to your diet.

  1. Tame a Cough and a Cold

Grandma knew long before the scientists that a cup of warm honey, fresh blackcurrant juice and squeeze of lemon takes the cough and cold away!  Sometimes she would add rose-hips and cherries. This timeless concoction is rich in vitamin C, add honey and you have now created a powerful natural cough suppressant that is re-hydrating and tastes fantastic!

  1. Maintain Healthy Bone

Maintain healthy bones at any age by a daily dose of calcium rich yogurt, a hand full of magnesium rich pumpkin seeds, walnuts or Brazil nuts, and a health portion of vitamin K packed leafy greens, from kale, collards, spinach, to turnip greens.   Don’t forget to enjoy a fifteen minute brisk walk in the sun to strengthen your bones and bolster your vitamin D.

  1. Can’t Sleep at Night?

Remember when you were a child and mom and dad would put you to bed with a cup of warm low fat milk an oat and nut cookie sprinkled with almonds?  You would sleep like a baby! Try this time-tested recipe full of vitamins B1, B2 and B12 to help you nod of like a child.

  1. Benefit from a High-Fiber Diet.

The Mayo Clinic suggests a high fiber diet helps normalize bowel movements lowers blood cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar levels and aids in weight loss and maintaining weight.  From beans to sweet peas and piñon nuts there is a high fiber food for you packed with nutrient rich payloads that bring additional benefits.

Never underestimate the benefits of natures astounding vitamins, minerals and nutrient rich foods and their impact on a life of healthy living.  Each of us is unique and consequently our health needs depend on our lifestyle, age and a multitude of complex factors.

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