Unexpected Inheritance Chapter 2
        Regina Parker was tired. She had come from New York City to Denver by rail, accompanying the three small O’Malley orphans to their new home. After ten days and long nights of rail travel followed by a night in a ramshackle boardinghouse then several hours on a stagecoach, she was just about at the end of her endurance. The poor children were as well. She cuddled little Brogan closer, sending a smile to five year old Fiona. Cormac, the oldest surviving O’Malley boy at ten, sat with his head down and shoulders hunched, silent as always. 
        Regina sighed. She had seen Mr. Jacob Whitcomb come through the door and immediately cast a dismissive look their way. She hoped his wife would take in the children and love them as their own. Lord knows they needed some love and stability. Their parents and two siblings had been taken from them, and here they were left alone in a strange country. Regina blinked back tears at the thought of leaving the children she had grown to love with a stranger. 
        Fiona snuggled into her side and she shifted the toddler on her lap to put an arm around the girl. She reached down to place a kiss on her head, laying her cheek against her soft hair. Brogan patted her cheek with a sticky hand. Regina smiled at him and caught the hand before he could do any damage to her bun. 
        She picked Brogan up and stood, looking over her small charges one last time, smoothing Cormac’s unruly curls, straightening Fiona’s frayed collar. 
        “Miss Regina?” Fiona’s blue eyes looked troubled as they gazed up at her. <br> “Yes, love?” Regina asked with a smile. 
        Fiona bit her lip and sent an apprehensive look at the closed door. “Is that man goin’ to be our new Da?”         
         Before Regina could respond, the lawyer opened the door and smiled, waving them in. Regina took a deep breath, shifted Brogan to her other hip, and took Fiona’s hand. Cormac quietly stood up, following her as she led the way into the room. 
         “Mr. Whitcomb,” Mr. Dixon said with a grand smile, seemingly oblivious to the bewildered expression on the man’s face, “let me introduce you to Regina Parker, of the Hope and Faith Women and Children’s Home, and the surviving O’Malley children, or,” he winked, “should I say, ‘Here are your new children?’” 
        Regina watched as comprehension slowly dawned on Jacob Whitcomb’s face. It was quickly followed by anger as the man thundered, “WHAT?!”

Candra   Candra wrote
on 6/3/2009 8:25:14 AM
Thanks, Ve.....read the first chapter, it sets up Jacob's character. He's not all bad. =)

Ve   Ve wrote
on 6/3/2009 7:55:07 AM
Since I haven't read the other chapters I am some what blind to characters situations and motivations but first off i will say that I don't like Jacob Whitcomb but there may be more to him than i percieve from one chapter. I personally would be glad to have new children but then i am a mum myself. Good use of regional language. Would like to read more even though it is not my usual choice of genre

Novel / Novella
writing Candra
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