This House is Mine

Bekka and her boyfriend Alex are beyond happy. They have finally found the house of their dreams. It was built at the turn of the last century, and is larger than it looks from the outside. It has a long driveway, with a variety of plant and tree life along the way, so it’s secluded from the noise and bustle of the main road.  


It had been left to rack and ruin over the last few decades, but as they got it at a bargain price, they were happy to put the money into doing it up. Plus, on the upside, they get to turn it into house they want, with all the mod cons.


Shortly after buying the house were told that the house is supposedly haunted, but they don’t worry about it. They don’t believe in the supernatural, always asserting that there is a scientific reason behind everything.


The couple completely gut and re-design the house. Contractors and workers quickly begin telling them about weird thumping, clanging and tools going missing before being found in another part of the house. They didn’t give it much credence. They reckoned the contractors knew about the alleged haunting, and were trying to spook them.


The first few weeks in their finished house are blissful. They enjoyed finding places for their little trinkets and pictures, and purchasing new items.


One night Alex is out visiting friends, leaving Bekka alone in the house. She doesn’t mind as she has things to do, and he has a tendency to get in her way. She is a big fan of stencilling, and had lovingly picked out some butterfly and flower stencils to enhance the woodwork and paintwork.


Bekka is having trouble getting a butterfly stencil to come out the way she wants it. She has just opened a new can of paint, and changed to a brand new sponge, but nothing was helping. She works diligently on it when she feels something breeze past her. It feels like a rush of wind, but when she turns around to investigate, there is nothing there. She checks all the windows, but they are all closed tightly.


She shakes her head, laughing to herself. She obviously needs a good night’s rest.


When she goes back to the living room she discovers the paint tin she had been working from has disappeared. She looks all over the room for it, but it seems to have vanished into thin air. She is obviously in dire need of an early night. Maybe some hot chocolate will help wipe her out. Alex will be home soon enough.


Before heading upstairs she goes into the living room to make sure everything is switched off and secure.


She is mid check when she gets the uncomfortable sense she isn’t alone. She swings around to find something fuzzy standing in front of her. It’s like something out of an old science fiction movie. She squints her eyes in an attempt to see it better. It initially looks like a cloud of smoke, but when it begins to clear it reveals a large luminous image. It seems to be the shape of a man.




When the image comes more into view, she finds that it’s a young man. He looks to be in his mid thirties, and is quite attractive, with dark blond hair and brown eyes. He is wearing quite old fashioned clothing. She guesses it’s from the 1920s or 30s.


Without warning, he comes racing at her, like a bullet from a gun. She collapses onto the floor and watches in horror as he hovers above her, like a cloud over a mountain. He has the most intense look of anger on his face that turns his handsome face into that of a monster.


He passes over her. Bekka rolls over onto her stomach and looks behind her, to find that he has gone.


She spends the rest of the evening propping up the living room wall, too shocked to move. She can’t believe what she has seen. She tries to tell herself that she’s exhausted and seeing things, but she knows the truth: she saw a ghost.


When Alex comes home she’s in such a daze she doesn’t acknowledge his presence until he’s sitting in front of her, shaking her.


“Bekka! Bekka! Are you all right! Answer me!”


“Did you see him?” are the only words she can utter.




“The man!”


“What man? Did you ring the police?”


“No. Alex this is going to sound insane, but I think he was a ghost.”


Alex smiles at her.


“Honey I think the paint fumes have become too much for you.”


Bekka climbs to her feet and lays her hands on her boyfriend’s chest.


“I know how it sounds, but I’m not delusional, and I didn’t dream it.”


“Well what did he do? Did he hurt you?”


“No, he just kind of, hovered!”


“So what do you want to do?”


“I need to know who he was.”


She heads up to their bedroom, grabs her laptop and Google’s her street address. A host of links pop up in front of her.


What she finds horrifies her. One article recounts the story in detail. She never suspected anything quite this horrific.


‘Gilbert Morrison and his wife Geraldine lived in the house with their two small children, Noah and Grace. Although people in town liked the family, Gilbert often came across as gruff, seeming to be of the impression that the townsfolk were beneath him. In spite of this attitude it was a massive shock when it came to light that Gilbert had slaughtered his entire family. He was quickly arrested and thrown into prison.


The morning after the murders there was chattering in town about what could possibly have led him to commit such heinous crimes.


Another article, dated one year after the murders, delves into the trial. He has admitted his guilt, but claims that his wife provoked him. No one believed him however. He was convicted and given the death sentence.


After going through another couple of articles she discovers a picture of Gilbert Morrison. That is the ghostly apparition she encountered.


She calls for Alex. He is just as freaked out by what she shows him.


“Alex what do we do?”


“We need to get him out of the house Bekka. Exorcise him or something. The man was psychotic! Anyone who slaughters his entire family is not well in the head, to say the very least.”




Suddenly, the books, photo frames and trinkets sitting on the bookcase behind them begin to plunge from their shelves, one by one, flinging themselves across the room. A couple of ornaments come close to hitting Bekka, but Alex manages to yank her out of the way in the nick of time.


“That’s it. We need to get something sorted, otherwise this place will be the death of us, literally.”


They ring a friend of theirs who is heavily into everything supernatural. He tells them to stay in the house if they can. This will tell the ghost they are determined to stand their ground. He says he will come around in the morning and work out a solution for them.


Apprehensively, they agree to stay. Bekka heads downstairs to make some coffee. They don’t think they will be able to relax enough to sleep, but some strong coffee will help make a long night more bearable.


While she is gone, Alex sits at the end of the bed with his eyes glued to the computer screen. He is interrupted when he senses someone behind him.


“You took your time Bekka,” he laughs, turning around in the assumption that his girlfriend has returned with the coffee. He leaps off the bed when he realises he’s looking into the face of Gilbert Morrison. He’s standing at the side of the bed, just looking at him.


“Do you know who I am?” he asks, as though it should be obvious.


“Yeah, you’re Gilbert Morrison. Why are you in my house?”


Gilbert smiles.


“Straight to the point. I like that. My wife liked to beat around the bush!”


“Is that why you killed her?”


The smile drops from Gilbert’s face.


“Coffee woman cometh!”


Bekka walks through the bedroom door as Gilbert turns to her, a look of evil encompassing his face. She drops the tray of coffee mugs and muffins on the ground before Alex grabs her hand, rushing her out the door and down the stairs. He dashes toward the front door, but Bekka pulls her hand out of his grasp.


“Alex we have to fight this. I love this house, and I’m not prepared to lose it!”


“Yeah, I understand that, I love it to, but I don’t think he’s going to take ‘go away’ as an answer.”


“You’re right, so we have to think of something else.”


Bekka heads into the living room. Something tells her Gilbert will make his next appearance there. Although she’s acting gung ho, it’s all bravado. Her heart is bouncing through her ribs.


“Come on then Gilbert, where are you? I hardly think you’re the shy type!”


She only has a few moments to wait before a huge blast of wind whips its way through the room, almost like a mini hurricane. Bekka takes a deep breath. He’s back!


“Stop being such a drama queen. Show yourself!”


He appears in front of her, a very angry look on his face. She guesses he’s not used to being treated so sternly, but she has reached the end of her tether.


Gilbert stands still, but somehow all hell manages to break loose in the room. Ornaments fly off the shelves; photo frames fall forward, smashing onto the ground. Bekka and Alex dive for cover, but Bekka is smacked on the head by a candlestick as it flies across the room.


“Honey are you all right?”


It takes Bekka a couple of seconds to respond to him.


“Yeah, I’m fine, just a wee bit dazed!”


He pulls her toward him into a hug. Behind him, she catches sight of Gilbert staring at them. She stands to confront him.


“I know you’re haunting this house because you want it for yourself, but that isn’t going to happen. We’re here to stay!”


Suddenly there is a white light in the middle of the room. It disappears to reveal a beautiful young woman. She smiles as she looks at the young couple, but her face hardens as she gazes at Gilbert.


“Gil leave these people alone. You already destroyed our family with your jealousy, don’t condemn another to misery!”


“This house is mine Geraldine! No one is going to take it from me!”


There is another flash of white light beside Geraldine, this time two small children appear. They run to Gilbert and throw their arms around his waist.


Bekka and Alex watch in horror as Gilbert scrams in agony as flames envelop him before they drag him into hell. The young woman smiles before she herself vanishes before their eyes.


Bekka and Alex spend the rest of their days in the house, eventually leaving it to their children and grandchildren. There is no more interference from Gilbert, although occasionally they see Geraldine and the children, keeping an eye on things.





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Short Story
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The writings of Me. Hope you enjoy!
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