He Returns

The embalming process was a long and slow one. Everything has to be done according to tradition.


From the moment it was announced that their Pharaoh had been killed in action, the wheels were set in motion. There was a beginner who was learning this vital trade from his father, who he would one day take over from. But for now, he was watching as his father oversaw the entire procedure.


He tried to put his feelings for the Pharaoh to one side as he watched it all happen in front of him. He had only met the Pharaoh a few times during his short life, but he had immediately taken to him. He seemed like such a nice, respectful man. And he adored his wife. He was quite envious of the close relationship the couple had. He hoped he would one day find a relationship like that for himself.


The young man watched in awe as his father instructed his workers on how to delicately remove the body from the scene of his premature death to the ibu tent, where he was to be prepared for his funeral and transition to the afterlife.


He watched in wide eyes wonder as the body was carefully washed. He almost lost his lunch as they removed many of the pharaoh’s internal organs and placed them into canopic jars. He wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to this part of the process. He understood the thinking behind it, but knowing the theory behind it was very different from seeing the practical.


The time soon came for the pharaoh to be laid to rest in his tomb. Everyone present in the tomb was very saddened and mournful, but also composed. They knew that he was destined for an amazing time in the afterlife and therefore he was moving on to better things. He looked over at the Pharaoh’s wife. She was trying to be strong, but it was obvious she was heartbroken. He doubted she would ever get over the loss of her beloved husband.


He couldn’t help but wonder what was awaiting them in the afterlife.


There he was, and he was magnificent!


They’ve found Amenisis, a Pharaoh from Egypt’s ancient past. Not much is known about him. The only mention of him is on a couple of tomb walls, but Xander has made it his mission to find out all he can.


Xander and his girlfriend, Sara-Jane have been excavating in Egypt for months before their dream was realised. He was the Egyptologist, she was the girl with the burning, insatiable curiosity in everything Ancient Egyptian.


Xander and Sara-Jane met in college. He was studying anthropology and ancient history, and she was studying English. One of his friends and one of hers thought they would be perfect together and set them up. Everyone was overjoyed when they hit it off immediately.


Sara-Jane had always been interested in history, and ancient Egypt in particular. She always figured this was part of her attraction to Xander.


As they became more and more serious she started going on his excavations in Egypt. She went to give him a hand with the digging, but she relished every moment of it. She didn’t know why, but she felt completely at home in Egypt.


The search in the Egyptian valley was exhausting, but the couple were enjoying themselves. They felt like Howard Carter during his quest for Tutankhamun. The only element spoiling the experience was the presence of Xander’s rival, Eric. Eric was furious that Xander had been named lead investigator, as this was usually his title.


On one particular hot and muggy day Eric decided to take a very valuable and irreplaceable shabti statuette without telling anyone. Everyone knew he had taken it and put it somewhere, but he wouldn’t confess nor return it. As the head of the excavation Xander had to step away from the removal of a fragile Anubis shaped chair to sort it out.


“Eric this is beyond ridiculous. I’m sorry you feel that I have usurped you, but that is the way it is. If you want to stay with this excavation then you will have to behave yourself and stop annoying people. If not, then I’m afraid you will be on the next plane back to London. The decision is yours.”


Eric can feel his blood boil throughout his body. He knows he can’t stay with Xander in charge. His loathing of him will not cease.


“I’ll be leaving soon, don’t worry. But I will make you one promise Xander. This is not over. Not by a long shot!”


Eric glares at his enemy as Xander leaves to return to Anubis. He can feel Eric’s eyes burning into his back. He has suspected he would not have Eric’s respect before they set off on this trip, and although he had to admit he was glad Eric was leaving, he was saddened they couldn’t work together. He had always admired Eric and his work, and had hoped they would have some great adventures together. Alas, that was not to be.




Amenisis’ corpse had been well prepared for burial and as a result he was beautifully preserved. His people had obviously thought a lot of him. His body was draped with breathtaking jewellery, from the chains around his neck and wrists to the exquisite rings on his fingers.


While inside Amenisis’ tomb, Sara-Jane gets a strange sense of déjà vu. She puts it down to excitement, or the fact that this is the first tomb she has been inside. She has dreamed of this day for so long, and now the moment has arrived, her body is practically quivering with joy.


With each item they uncover they become more and more elated. The quality and amount of artifacts rivalled that of Tutankhamun. Xander and Sara-Jane are beyond delighted, and they can’t wait to bring their discoveries back to England to do a complete examination.


Over the next few days and weeks Sara-Jane and Eric work methodically to uncover the mummy before very slowly and steadily bringing him to the surface for the first time in thousands of years.


Subsequently Amenisis was ready to be transported to his temporary home in London. He was to be thoroughly examined there while the Egyptian and English authorities debated his final resting place.


When back on English soil Xander is invited to a grand party at the museum, where he is greeted with cheers and applause from his work colleagues.


“Congratulations on your success! We knew you could do it!”


Externally Xander is overwhelmed by the recognition, but Sara-Jane knows he loves it.


Eric stays away from the celebrations. He’s revolted by the entire sequence of events. This should be his party, his celebration, but Xander has stolen it away from him. He will never forgive him.


“Thank you everyone. I’m just happy to bring home such a bounty.”


As the guests raise their glasses, Xander turns to his girlfriend.


“Did I just say ‘such a bounty?’”


Sara-Jane has to let out a giggle.


“Yes, I’m afraid you did.”


“Oh Lord. The Egyptian sun must have melted by brain matter.”


As the party continues with everyone otherwise occupied, Eric sneaks in and has a look in the manager’s office. Colin has a variety of books in his office, but there is one in particular he is looking for. He quickly finds it. He flips to the page he wants and photocopies the sections he needs. He grins insanely to himself as the light from the photocopier highlights the red anger in his eyes.


Xander and Sara-Jane spend the next few days catching up on some much needed rest, somewhat reluctantly on Xander’s part as he’s eager to start his inspection of Amenisis’ corpse, but he knows he will accomplish more with a clear mind.


After a good night’s rest Sara-Jane and Xander make themselves some breakfast and talk about the excavation.


“So did you enjoy your first excavation? You seemed to have an amazing time?” asks Xander, munching on a bowl of fruit.


“It was fantastic Xander. It was so much fun. Well, aside from the whole Eric business.”


Xander stops chewing and begins playing with his food.


“I know. I was so disappointed with him and his attitude. I knew he wasn’t ecstatic about me becoming lead investigator, but I didn’t think he would act like that!”


Sara-Jane smiles at her boyfriend before coming up behind her to wrap her arms around his shoulders. She kisses him quickly on the cheek.


“Jealousy is a terrible thing honey. There’s nothing you could have done about it. He has to deal with it himself. You aren’t responsible for him, or what he does.”


“I know sweetie, but it’s not easy. I looked up to him when I first came to the museum. I was fresh from university, and he seemed so sophisticated and knowledgeable. I wanted to learn from him, and he did teach me.”


“He taught you well. You are the best archaeologist I know. I loved watching you in Egypt. I was so impressed. I told everyone I could that you are my boyfriend.”


Xander had to laugh, and was so thankful that Sara-Jane was in his life. Although he was doing so well in his career he was still happy and honoured to have Sara-Jane in his life, supporting him every step of the way. He also enjoyed the fact that he got to share his love of everything ancient with her. He knew so many fellow archaeologists who couldn’t maintain a relationship because they were always away on excavations.


Later that morning Xander begins the investigation in earnest. Amenisis has been placed on a table in the examination room, awaiting Xander and his attentions.


The first thing he looks at is the canopic jars, which contain Amenisis’ internal organs. The jars are stored in a large, intricately engraved wooden box with hieroglyphs surrounding the exterior. He makes a mental note to decipher them later.


Xander gazes over at the corpse. He can’t help but wonder what type of man Amenisis had been during his lifetime. Was he the strong, silent type, or argumentative and difficult to get along with? From the few official records he had found on the man, he was highly respected by the people, and had a lot of loyal support from his subjects. They regularly held wild street parties in his honour.


While studying the jars, something catches his eye. He could have sworn he saw something move on the examination table. He shakes his head, and smiles at himself. He’s obviously still feeling the side effects of the excavation and the wild heat of the Egyptian desert. He goes back to what he was doing.


He’s captivated with everything he finds, looking at every item in minuscule detail. His attention is stolen when the fingers on the corpse suddenly start to wiggle. Slowly at first, then they begin to quicken, almost as though they were playing an invisible piano.


Xander’s feet are frozen to the spot in horror. The only part of his body capable of movement is his eyes. He watches in awe at the twiddling fingers before his attention is stolen by the newly twitching toes. Then the entire right hand starts to move, stretching out in front of Amenisis. He’s flabbergasted as Amenisis’ eyes fly open. He pops up into a seating position before turning his head to look at Xander.


He stands down from the table, carefully getting his bearings as he climbs onto his feet for the first time in thousands of years. He slowly moves to Xander, like a child learning to walk.


“Thank you,” says Amenisis.


His accent is a strange thing to hear. No one has heard a Pharaoh speak in a very long time, so this is quite a revelation, which initially takes Xander’s attention . Once an Egyptologist, always an Egyptologist!


“What for?” he asks, after a few moments.


“Freeing me!”


Amenisis moves past Xander, methodically walking toward the door. He glances over to his right as he reaches for the door handle. His eyes settle on a picture of Xander and Sara-Jane hanging on the wall. He looks back at Xander with a devious, menacing look on his face before heading out the door. A shiver runs along Xander’s spine. This can’t be good.


Its several minutes before Xander’s body stops feeling like it’s encased in cement. A shudder instantly runs along his spine. The way he looked at the picture of him and Sara-Jane filled him with dread.


He immediately leaves the museum and returns home to find his girlfriend sitting in the living room, reading a newspaper.


“Hey hun, you’re in the newspaper again. There’s a little picture of you this time, isn’t that cool?”


Xander’s face is flushed bright red as he crashed down in front of her. He’s sweating so much he gives the impression he’s just emerged from the shower. Sara-Jane looks up at him for the first time.


“Honey, what’s the matter?”


“He’s alive!” he replies breathlessly.


“Who’s alive? Xander what are you talking about?”


“Amenisis! Sara-Jane he woke up in front of my eyes. He left the museum before I could stop him.”


Sara-Jane doesn’t know how to respond. If her boyfriend is telling the truth then there is a very dead Egyptian roaming around London. But if he’s lying, then her boyfriend is in need of some serious therapy. She’s not sure which option she prefers.


She reaches for the locket around her neck. Inside there’s a picture of her Father, one of the last taken of him before his death when she was a teenager. She likes to stroke the picture when she’s feeling nervous or anxious, and this is certainly one of those times.


She answers her mouth to ask a question, but she’s interrupted by a massive shattering noise outside the living room door. The couple rush into the hallway to find a near naked man standing in front of them. The glass door behind him has disintegrated into a million shards.


Sara-Jane leans in to her boyfriend, who has positioned himself in front of her, in his eternally protective boyfriend mode.


“Amenisis I presume?”




Xander is completely stunned to see that the Pharaoh has completely regenerated.


Amenisis glares at the two of them, although his eyes linger on Sara-Jane. He smiles at her as he puts his hand out for her to take. She feels a pull, something within her urging her to take his hand.


“Come with me Sara-Jane. I came back for you.”


Xander has no time for this.


“Keep on dreaming mate!” he says, grabbing her and yanking her into the kitchen.


Just as they’re fleeing through the back door Amenisis springs up behind them, grabbing Sara-Jane’s arm. A little yelp emerges from her as his fingernails dig into her flesh.


Sara-Jane snaps her hand from his grip, ripping her shirt in the process. The couple scurry from their home like spooked rabbits, heading straight to the museum. They need some back up.


Xander is relieved to find his boss, Colin in his office, trying to clear his eternal pit of paperwork. As soon as Colin sees Xander the vein in his neck starts throbbing.


“Xander where the hell have you been? You’re supposed to be examining Amenisis!”


Colin was the type of person who, if you promise to do something, he fully expects it to be done.


“Look Colin, I’m sorry, but something has happened.”


Xander hesitates. He can’t get his own head around what has happened, how can he explain it to his boss. Sara-Jane nudges him in the stomach with her elbow, signalling for him to get on with it.


Xander takes a deep breath before beginning.


“Amenisis is alive! He left the museum and found his way to our house. He tried to grab Sara-Jane. He says he’s back for her!”


Xander looks over at his girlfriend, noticing for the first time that her shirt sleeve has been ripped. He can see a glimmer of blood shining through the material.


“Did he hurt you?”


He reaches for her arm and pushes the material along her skin so he can have a proper look at the injury. It’s more of a scratch than anything else, like the cut he has received numerous times when doing DIY and a nail scratches his skin.


Sara-Jane knows all too well what a worrier Xander is about her well being.


“Don’t worry about me honey, I’m fine.”


Xander smiles at his girlfriend.


“Hey, I’m your boyfriend. I was born to worry about you!”


“Ya big sook!” she grins in response.


Although she denies it, she loves that Xander is so protective.


Colin steps out from behind his desk to stand in front of the couple. He has never been a fan of all this emotional stuff, and these two are notorious for public displays of affection.


“Xander I’m sorry. I’ve obviously been putting you under too much pressure. Either that or you’ve watched The Mummy one too many times. I know you have a thing for Rachel Weisz, but this is just weird,” he comments.


He’s convinced that his star pupil is having some sort of nervous breakdown. He puts his hand on Xander’s shoulder, trying to offer support for his apparently mental problem.


“Colin I realise how crazy this sounds, but I’m not making it up, and I didn’t dream it. I don’t know how it happened, but Amenisis is alive, and we have to find him and send him back to where he belongs.”


Colin glances over at Sara-Jane, praying she can inject some sanity into the proceedings.


“He’s telling the truth Colin.”


Colin looks at the two of them, not sure what to think.


“All right, you have to tell me everything that happened, from beginning to end.”


As Xander recounts the details Sara-Jane takes a look at Colin’s wide collection of books. They cover every type of archaeology there is, although his speciality and true passion is Ancient Egypt.


She picks out one book, the title of which has piqued her curiosity: Ancient Egyptian Spells’. As she flips through the pages she notices a passage that has been highlighted:


‘Although many scholars and historians do not accept it, there has long been talk of ancient Egyptians coming back to life when summoned by people in the present day to do their bidding. The suggested way of doing this is to recite a particular passage from the dead person’s tomb.’


If someone had knowledge of this piece of information they could do untold, dangerous things.


“Hey guys, what do you make of this?”


She takes the book over to the two men. Xander reads it in a state of great agitation, whereas Colin seems upset with Sara-Jane for snooping through his things, practically snapping the book from her hands.


“So does this mean I brought him back?” asks Xander.


“Possibly,” replies Colin, still very annoyed.


“But then if that’s true why can’t I control him? He completely ignores me!”


“Honey we don’t know anything for sure yet.”


Suddenly an idea hits Sara-Jane. There is only one person she can think of who would sink to this dangerous and reckless level. Xander is quickly on the same wavelength.


“Eric!” they say in unison.


But Colin can’t see their reasoning.


“Why would he do something this stupid?”


Xander and Sara-Jane never told him about Eric’s conduct during the excavation. Although they have no love for Eric they have to admit that he’s an excellent Egyptologist, and they don’t want to destroy his career.


Colin listens intently as Sara-Jane tells him everything he did. Not willing to wait any longer Colin comes up with their next move.


“There’s only one way to sort this out, once and for all.”


He grabs his jacket and escorts the couple out of the museum and into his jeep.


“So where are we going?”


Sara-Jane wants to confirm in her own mind what is about to happen.


“We’re going to Eric’s house.”


Within no time at all they pull up outside Eric’s house. Xander has never been to the house before, so he’s immediately struck by the pure opulence of it. Archaeology has obviously provided him with some treasures over the course of his career. It certainly helps explain why he was feeling so bitter towards Xander.


Colin rings the doorbell, impatiently tapping his foot on the step as he waits for Eric to come to the door.


After a few minutes Eric has still not made an appearance. Colin rests his finger on the bell so that it chimes non stop. He can’t stand it anymore.


“I’m going to check if the back door is open.”


He dashes out of sight before the couple can respond.


“What in the world is going on Xander?”


“I wish I knew sweetie.”


They look at one another nervously.


After what seems like an eternity the front door opens, with Colin at the handle. The colour has completely gone from his face – a look of intense distress encompassing it.


“Colin, what’s the matter? Where’s Eric?”


“He’s. . . . um. . . .” he begins, unable to find the words he’s searching for. Xander pushes past him, with Sara-Jane following closely behind him.


On first sight, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong – nothing has been knocked over or disturbed in the living room or hallway. Then he ventures into the kitchen.


There he finds the most disturbing sight of his life – Eric is lying dead on the floor. But it’s more than that; he looks like he’s been dead for centuries, not hours. His body has completely decomposed.


Xander hears his girlfriend’s footsteps coming up behind him. He swings around and puts his hands on her shoulders.


“Sara-Jane don’t go in there!”


She pushes his hand away and dashes forward. He makes another attempt to grab her, but he’s not in time. He doesn’t know why he’s surprised – he’s always known how curious and involved she is in everything, especially his work.


Sara-Jane has never seen a dead body before, so her first reaction is to scream and run from the room.


Xander dashes after her, finding her in the living room. He sits down beside her and puts his arms around her. His cuddles have always been a comfort to her in the past, but it’s not working its magic this time.


“Are you all right?”


“Really not! What could have done that to him?”


Xander hasn’t had much of a chance to think about that, but once Sara-Jane asks him the question he thinks he may know the answer.


Before he has the chance to answer, something draws Sara-Jane’s attention to the desk in front of the window. There she finds a painting featuring Amenisis and a young woman. The picture was taken from a marriage scene in Amenisis’ tomb, but she doesn’t recall seeing it during the excavation.


Her eyes almost pop out of their sockets when she realises she’s seen the woman’s face before – it’s her.


When Xander moves to her side, she hands the photograph to him. He shoots his eyes from Sara-Jane to the photograph and back again a half dozen times.


Colin enters the living room, the colour slowly returning to his face. Sara-Jane takes the picture from Xander’s hand and puts it into her jeans back pocket. She doesn’t know the importance of the photograph yet, but she wants to find out before making its existence common knowledge.


“I’ve called the police. They’re on their way. How are you two doing?”


“As well as can be expected, as the saying goes.”


“Yeah, I know the feeling.”


He takes a seat on the leather chair opposite them, grimacing as the leather squeaks under him. Everyone is silent for several minutes, wrapped up in their own thoughts.


Colin puts an end to the silence by summing up what all three were thinking.


“This is Amenisis’ work, isn’t it?”


Xander nods.


“Yeah, but I can’t figure out why. What did he have to gain from Eric’s death?”


“Guys this debate is all well and good, but how do we stop him?”


Sara-Jane is freaking out, and she wants this is end, sooner rather than later. She has a really bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.


“Then maybe we should head over to your place? Amenisis knows the two of you will return to the house eventually, and he’ll be looking for you both. Sara-Jane in particular.”


Xander loathes this entire line of thinking. And he can’t understand why Colin would be willing to put Sara-Jane in danger.


Without warning, a man marches down the hallway. He stops at the living room door and looks inside. He is quickly joined by a brigade of people in police uniforms who he dispatches to various locations around the house.


He enters the living room and introduces himself as Detective Morgan, announcing that he is in charge of the investigation.


After probing the three of them for a while he tells them they can leave before heading into the kitchen. Sara-Jane, Xander and Colin are more than ready to leave him and his team to it.


“He didn’t believe a word we said, did he?”


“No Sara-Jane, he really didn’t. But to be honest, I don’t think I’d buy it if I were in his shoes.”


Xander smiles at his boss. He couldn’t have put it better himself.


“So what’s next?” asks Sara-Jane.


“I’ve been mulling that over, and I think he’s more likely to return to the museum rather than head to our place. At least he’ll be amongst his own possessions,” answers Xander.


“I disagree. I think your house is the best option,” replies Colin.


“Hun, what do you think?” asks Xander, looking over at Sara-Jane, hoping she agrees.


“I think Xander is right. Plus, we need to do some research. We have to figure out a way to send him back to where he belongs, and what better place to do it than the museum?”


Xander smiles his response to his girlfriend: his finest student!


They walk through the door to the museum to find that there is no one there, except the lone security guard. He smiles at them as they head to Colin’s office. Colin and Sara-Jane delve into his wide collection of books while Xander logs onto the internet.


Without warning, the wooden door of Colin’s office obliterates behind them. When the debris and mist clear Amenisis is standing there, glaring at them, his eyes piercing them like laser beams. Before anyone has the chance to react Amenisis sweeps across the room and grabs Sara-Jane, yanking her away from the room.


Xander is half way through the door when Colin stops him.


“What are you planning to do when you catch up with them?”


“Colin I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just want my girlfriend back!”


He bolts through the door and chases after the rogue twosome, but they’ve vanished. He’s just rushing past the examination rooms when he notices a light illuminating through the bottom of one of the doors. No one should be there at this time of day.


Colin quickly catches up with them. They poke their heads around the door, only to find the room empty. They are about to leave when Xander notices something gleaming on the floor. He reaches down to pick it up. It’s Sara-Jane’s locket. She would never leave it behind – she only took it off when she was in the bath. She always considered it her good luck charm.


He holds it in the palm of his hand. He notices the back of the pendant is still warm, as though it has been around her neck only moments ago.


Xander runs his eyes over the examination room, trying to figure out what could have happened. He notices a canopic jar that he doesn’t remember seeing earlier. He holds it in his fingers and reads the hieroglyphs around the side.


“They’ve gone back to Egypt. He must have read this inscription to send them across time. There’s another one to bring them back to the present.”


Colin knows what Xander is going to say, so he brings up the subject first.


“So are we going to follow them to Egypt or what?”


“Oh I think so!”


“All right then, let’s go. We just need to write down this message to get us back home safely.”


Xander takes out a notebook and pen and jots it down.


“Ready?” he asks when he’s finished.


Colin nods his head. They stand side by side as they recite the passage to take them across the plains of time.


After a transition, which makes them think they are standing in the middle of a hurricane, they find themselves standing in front of a magnificent palace. They are totally enthralled with the beauty and grandeur of it.


“Oh my God, we’re back!” says Colin, in absolute delight.


Under normal circumstances, if anything about this scenario could be considered normal, Xander would be in seventh heaven and would want to look at everything twice, but his only concern is for Sara-Jane.


Upon entering the palace Xander takes on the persona of a cop in a bad American cop show. At every corner he pauses before throwing his head forward to see what’s coming. Only when he’s sure the coast is clear does he move.


Before long Colin and Xander find themselves standing outside what appears to be a huge reception room, fully kitted out with two large gold encrusted thrones. They are about to enter when they notice two very large and scary looking guards standing on opposite ends of the room. Each looks like he could weigh four hundred pounds and could easily kill the two of them without breaking a sweat. Colin certainly isn’t keen to hang around here.


“Let’s keep looking!”


A few rooms away, they find a huge bedroom, fully equipped with everything a Pharaoh could want or need, including a magnificently crafted bed. There seems to be a body shaped form lying in the bed, underneath a spray of light blankets.


Xander creeps up to the bed. He peers over the covers. Relief falls off him as his eyes gaze on the sleeping Sara-Jane. He remembers the hours he would spend watching her sleep while they were in bed at home. He often wondered what she was dreaming about. He hopes she’s dreaming about him right now.


“It’s her!” he says quietly, looking back at Colin.


“Is she all right?”


Xander doesn’t answer, he’s too consumed with happiness at finding Sara-Jane healthy and well. He pulls back the covers and gently shakes her awake.


“Honey are you all right?”


He strokes her hair as she stirs from her slumber. She looks up at her boyfriend, taking a few moments to focus on him.


“Xander? What’s going on?”


She rubs her eyes in an attempt to remember, and to wake herself up.


“Sweetheart you were kidnapped by Amenisis. I’m here to take you home,” he says, helping her from the bed.


Suddenly, they can hear footsteps coming toward them. They know who it is without looking.


“Leave! Now!” shouts Amenisis.


He is immediately joined by the two guards from the reception room, looking as scary as ever.


“Oh, we’re leaving, believe me!”


Xander grips Sara-Jane’s hand tightly in his, not willing to let her go again.


Amenisis looks at Xander before returning to look into Sara-Jane’s eyes, love and devotion enveloping his face. Xander has seen this expression before – when he was standing in the hallway of their home before he first laid eyes on Sara-Jane.


“Mutyata, is this what you want?”


Sara-Jane flinches when Amenisis says this name, but she doesn’t answer him. Xander doesn’t know what disturbs him more – that she’s seriously thinking about this, or that she reacts to the Egyptian name.


“Yes it is, she’s going back with me,” answers Xander, pulling Sara-Jane into his body, determined that she isn’t going anywhere. She turns around to look deeply into his eyes.


“Xander, it’s all right, I want to be here. This is where I belong, I realise that now!”


“Sweetie, you can’t stay here. This guy is dangerous Sara-Jane, he murdered Eric, remember?”


Amenisis steps into the conversation.


“I have never taken a life!”


“Yeah, right!” replies Xander.


“I am being truthful with you Xander. Correct?” he says, looking behind Xander. He turns around to see who Amenisis is looking at. His heart practically stops beating when he realises its Colin. He fires back to Amenisis.


“You’re unbelievable! You brainwash my girlfriend into thinking you’re a decent person, and now you want to condemn an innocent man!”


Colin moves to stand beside the group.


“Actually, he’s telling the truth!”


“Huh?” asks Xander.


“Eric was always at the forefront of everything at the museum. He never conceded anything to anyone, and he made so many people miserable, me included. He never gave anyone credit for what they did. He never thanked me for putting him forward for excavations, just complained that he wasn’t in charge!”


“So you killed him?”


“I did, and I’d do it again. I knew I could get away with it after he told me he was going to bring back Amenisis. I realised I could put the blame on him. Even if you went to the police, I knew no one would believe you. That’s why I can tell you this now, in another time!”


The look of love has dropped from Amenisis’ face, to be replaced with anger.


“You will see justice for what you have done!” he says strongly.


He twitches his head at the massive guards, who grab Colin. He struggles and thrashed as they drag him from the room, screaming at the top of his voice.


“What are you going to do to him?”


“Don’t worry, he’ll get what he deserves. I’ll make sure of it,” says Amenisis, as Sara-Jane moves to Amenisis’ side.


Xander’s body goes numb. He doesn’t want to lose her. The only thought easing his mind is that she does seem to be happy.


“Are you sure about this Sara-Jane?”


She smiles at him.


“I’m positive. I don’t know how to explain it Xander, but I know I belong here. I guess I’ve always known that.”


She moves to stand in front of him, stroking his face lovingly. This usually calms him down when he’s stressed out, but all the caressing in the world isn’t going to make this any easier.


“She’ll be safe with me Xander, I promise.”


There is nothing else for Xander to say or do. He forces himself to walk past Amenisis and Sara-Jane. He can’t take his eyes off her, knowing this will be the last time he will ever see her.


“Look after her Amenisis. “


Before leaving the room he remembers he has something of hers. He takes her locket from his pocket and hands it to her.


“I think this belongs to her.”


Sara-Jane recognises it immediately, her hand shooting to her neck. She hasn’t realised it was missing. She smiles at him, a little tear falling down her cheek. She kisses him before he leaves the room.


When back in modern day London, Xander is devastated. He can’t believe he lost his girlfriend and his mentor in one day. It takes a while to go back into the swing of things, taking several weeks of work.


He’s offered Colin’s job at the museum, but he turns it down, allowing another Egyptologist named Peter to take the post.


After a few months Peter asks him to return to Egypt, and Amenisis’ tomb. He’s the only person Peter trusts to do a good job. Reluctantly he agrees.


While excavating inside the tomb he finds a smaller annex behind Amenisis’ burial chamber. He doesn’t remember seeing this before. Inside he finds another sarcophagus, containing a female mummy. The corpse has been greatly decorated with ornate jewellery. Around the neck is a golden locket. He recognises it instantly: it’s Sara-Jane’s.


As he looks at the paintings on the wall, it becomes apparent he has found the resting place of Sara-Jane. Or Mutyata as she was known in Egyptian times. She obviously went on to live a happy and fulfilling life with Amenisis. The annex is adorned with several paintings featuring her with Amenisis, showing them reigning together, enjoying one another’s company, and spending time with their plethora of children.


Xander was happy that Sara-Jane had made a great success of her life. Now he was ready to take on the world again. She always said life was what you make it, and he was determined to enjoy every moment of it.

















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Excellent! I really enjoyed this story! This is definitely my kind of story! Thanks for sharing.

Novel / Novella
writing Cali_Girl
The writings of Me. Hope you enjoy!
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