Loving You (2010)

I think it's true,

I'll never love anyone

like I loved you.

Your eyes,

Your mouth,

I love your hair,

I almost wish

That I had told you that I loved you

When I had the chance...

Maybe we could've been together,

Maybe I was wrong,

Maybe I shouldn't think that way, 

Maybe I should.

All I know is that,

I've never loved anyone

Like I love you.


I should stop and say,

I miss you so much

Every day I think of you,

Every day my heart breaks a little more.

I miss you,

I love you, 

I'm sorry we can't talk more often.

I wish I could see you tomorrow,

I wish I could see you tonight.

Because oh god I miss your humor,

I miss how you made me feel...

Since I fell in love with you,

I've fallen in love twice,

It's not the same feeling...

I find myself comparing them to you,

Like you were some klind of idol,

And that's not fair,

Not to me,

Not to them,

And not to you...

Will you haunt me forever like this?

If so, would I mind?

Because in my heart

i know that no matter what I say,

No matter what I do,

I'll never love anyone

Like I loved you...

Like I love you?

I'm not so sure anymore.

I wish...

I don't want to say it, because it may not be true.

I don't want to not say it because it may be true...

You gave me so much,

And I'm eternally greatful to you,

In so many ways I think you saved my life,

And now I'm on the verge of becoming someone else, 

I don't know if I can accept that, 

I don't know if I can afford not to,

Because you see, when you aren't here,

I find myself wanting to be a part of someone else's world,

He's not the same as you, and yet I find myself loving him anyway...

And my heart keeps on twisting it's not like you owe me anything,

And i't not like I was ever led to believe we could ever be more than friends...

...Yet still I find myself loving you...

Loving you more than I should admit,

Loving you more and more with each day,

I'm a lost cause when it comes to you,

It's true that I

Never loved anyone 

Like I loved you,

Like I love you now.

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writing CaeridLock
Emo, angsty gothic love stories, mostly some kind of poetry. A passion I didn't know I had until I was about 21. Something that I have been doing mostly consistently ever since. My pen name is Belasrose, my online name is Caerid Lock.
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