Letter To 死神 (2011)

Hey, when you said you wanted to be "just friends," I accepted it without a question, without a argument...I know we're both busy, not sure if that talk's ever going to happen now...But you should know, I want you to know...that I've already started stepping back, I've already started letting go...I'm forcing myself to fall out of love with you; out of respect for you, and your wishes. 

And trust me, I know how I'd react, if I was in your position...I'd want to ignore me too...But you also have to understand that that took a lot of courage for me to do that, even if it was only by text...I was really really nervous. -It also took a lot for me to accept being shut down like that...for me to say: "that's okay, friendship is just fine." 

...Having said all that, please, please hear me...

-I'm all set with being ignored. Right now I really don't need that, my world is dark enough as it is; without me having to think that I'm gonna loose you as a friend, just because I said I liked you. Is it to much to ask for a reply here and there? Even it's just something stupid and random that I send? And...I...guess, if it's gonna be too much work to be my friend, then just say so...just be honest with me, I can take the truth with more grace than I can handle feeling betrayed and lied to...

...I'm sorry...

And it's funny hunny, you won't even read this, you won't bother to translate this, 'cause it would take too much time, it would be too tedious...my words of love and pain, my words of determination and resolution; they're just going to fall on deaf ears, and blind eyes.

Oh well, it doesn't matter anyways...just go on as you are, forget I exist if you have to, forget I said I loved you; forget I said anything at all. 




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writing CaeridLock
Emo, angsty gothic love stories, mostly some kind of poetry. A passion I didn't know I had until I was about 21. Something that I have been doing mostly consistently ever since. My pen name is Belasrose, my online name is Caerid Lock.
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