Heartbreak (Get Me Out Of Here) (2010)

I've gotta get out of here,

'Cause this house is not a home.

I've gotta get out of here,

'Cause I can't stop crying...

Each day I wake up

And I know,

I know...

My heart is slowly breaking apart,

A little piece falls away each day,

What happens when there's nothing left to break?

I'm trapped here, 

And I know,

I know...

It's killing me a little more each day...

But that's okay,

Just smile and push the pain away,

Just tell yourself "this doesn't hurt."

Eventually you'll believe it too...

I've gotta get out of here,

'Cause this house is not a home

It's not a home,

And I know,

I know...

It's the only place I've got...

And Iknow, 

I know...


I've gotta get out of here,

'Cause I want a life that's mine.

And yet, I'm trapped here,

I can't get out...

I'm happy and sad at the same time,

My head feels like it's gonna explode,

'Cause there's too much in it right now...

I want to be happy, 

I do...

It's just going to be one hell of a fight,

Don't know how much longer I can wait

...Just want to be alone right now...

Maybe I need A friend more than ever now...

And I know,

I know,

I've gotta get out of here,

'Cause this place is both home, and prision...

It's true when they say you have to fight for your happiness,

No one else will fight my battles for me...

I wouldn't want them to anyway,

I want my life to belong to me again.

I know...

I know...

There's responsibility too,

But still...

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writing CaeridLock
Emo, angsty gothic love stories, mostly some kind of poetry. A passion I didn't know I had until I was about 21. Something that I have been doing mostly consistently ever since. My pen name is Belasrose, my online name is Caerid Lock.
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