Darling Dear (Dedications #1) (Original Version) (2012)
Darling dear,
Don't do this anymore,
Can't you see,
Don't you see,
How quickly you're slipping away?
We're sitting here,
A quiet coven,
But your friends nonetheless;
-Murmuring softly into the dark:
"Where'd you go?"
"Where'd our friend go?"
"Were is she?"
"What happened to her?"
Darling dear,
We're losing you,
You're dying,
And it's because you're killing yourself softly;
It's just like sex and candy...
-What you're doing is the same deadly combination.
Darling dear,
What are you doing to yourself?
How far are you going?
What are you becoming?
-Out of control,
You spin ever downwards...
Where you'll land no one could ever know...
Just remember,
-The bigger they are,
The harder they fall...
And that goes for egos too.
Darling dear,
Don't do this anymore,
Don’t let this town claim another,
Branding you for life:
"One of us...one of us..."
Dear God,
Don't make me watch again and again,
As one by one,
My friends;
They all fall down.
-Ring around the rosy...
I'm the only one left standing,
Because they all fell down long ago.
Darling dear,
I love you even so,
In my own crazy way,
Even though sometimes you bug the shit out of me;
I still don't want to see you hurt,
I still wouldn't wish ill on you,
You are a human being and my friend,
...After all.
Darling dear,
Don't do this,
You're going to end up hurting yourself,
You're going to end up hating yourself,
We want to stop you,
We want to help you...
But don't you know,
-As soon as we say something,
You'll alienate yourself,
Have nothing to do with us...
Because you think you're right.
Darling dear,
Don't do this,
You're slipping away,
Do you even know yourself anymore?
We love you,
-We're all giving you a mental hug,
But you can't feel it,
And you can't see us all standing there...
Would you forgive us?
Darling dear,
If we all told you to stop,
Take some time,
Think it through,
Breathe a little;
And just like the song, 
-Go back to yourself...
-Would you?

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writing CaeridLock
Emo, angsty gothic love stories, mostly some kind of poetry. A passion I didn't know I had until I was about 21. Something that I have been doing mostly consistently ever since. My pen name is Belasrose, my online name is Caerid Lock.
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