about sounding authentic
about me and my am
about simple and simpler
about why others care if i can

all around i'm believing 
same well before now
belief structure appealing 
expectations and how 

anger looks to be veinly 
surprised right way to go
driving complete insanely
just like all that i know

same old way about life
i chose to okay
chose to be mad
to touch it each day

to me it's a jaunt 
run with my negative half
about whats up with rookie
about grow up and laugh

about taxing what's missed
about purpose i see
about all of her twists
about life without me 

i should be wow 
new is like never before 
purpose is worthless 
if i've opened old doors

about borders unwound
about eating the core
about belating not found 
about rowing ashore

about me while i soar
about me on my own
about feeling the sore  
about a scab all alone

or how about soaring
how about that's what i want
how about why don't i know
how about why can't i bond

so bond with my light
while i'm free and alive
who cares if im right
as long as my soul is revived

it's all about me
so what else can i do
i'm left with myself
feeling like an old shoe

i feel like it fits
will not throw a fuss
toes fill up the pits
and fill in the trust

all to familiar
so where have i been
hid what i'm about
and hid it within

deep in my chest
i must fly and be free
tell me just where is best
to find the real me

h.s. SEE noevil

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writing CKeoki

You don't know
until you know.

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