Island waves pumping hollow, 
off shore’s pitched appeal, 

and our “aloha" in life,

now’s threatened for real. 

Some Kingdoms climb,

while some others retract,

it’s this unpredictable time,

that has us watching our back. 

Always been self sufficient,

take good care of our own, 
stayed out of the way,
and we leave it alone.


We're people of peace,
that is we are who we are,
we’re not looking for beef,

But we’ll defend our back yard.

We heard things had worsened,
that’s according to neighbors,
renegade tribe’s for certain, 
doing nobody favors.

No sooner the message,
went from mouth to my ear, 

strange men on our beach,
have suddenly appeared.  

But that’s not really a biggie,
that’s just us at our best,

when giving the needy,

some time to de-stress.

After filling their bellies,
and the boat with supplies,
one of the guys began yelling,
sounds like he's warning our tribe?

You Island people heed warning, 
on our return we will pillage! 
your kindness we've taken, 
for a weakness of village! 


Soon we'll be back, 
take whatever is here,
make most of you slaves, 
feed the rest of you spear! 

And with that they're sailing, 
off on a stiff timely breeze, 
bid them fondly fairwells,
then roll up my sleeves.

Cuz we are ohana,
our family's no joke,
don’t leave a door open, 
or supply too much rope.


We’ve always pulled tight, 
we stick together as one, 
we’re united forever, 
Hawaiians don't run. 

We sent out some scouts, 
they’re hot in pursuit,
you won’t ever see us, 

but we will see you.  

We've planned this attack,
surprise without warning,
fast asleep in your shack,
get you while yawning.

First tie up loose ends,
with our love and a kiss,
go hug all your friends,
and say they’ll be missed.

It is time to go show'em,
how fierce warriors fight,
how new legend are growing,
and how we’ll make one tonight. 

Now we paddle with purpose, 
we move rhythmic in beat,
a soft chant has surfaced,  
it’s strong as concrete.

Each inhale increases,                                                                                                           each stroke to full stride,
while these well-oiled pieces,
sweat out drops of pure pride.    

It’s the oars shooting deeper, 
at each outrigger’s urge, 
a heart burning fever,  
as blood day surged.

We have finally landed, 
some one thousand canoe, 
and this volcanic eruption, 
has arrived just for you.

Warriors now swarming,
creep quickly from shore,
taken huts all by storming,
now we’re at your front door.

There’s no looking back,
it’s too late to bother,
your snoring attack,
dreams of your slaughter…

Trenchtownrock   Trenchtownrock wrote
on 12/10/2008 8:40:46 AM
wonderful write and it flows so well.

bedheadisme   bedheadisme wrote
on 12/4/2008 11:26:37 AM
I loved this. Very good rhythm. Keep writing, I look forward to more of your writing.

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 10/15/2008 6:19:18 PM
A great read! I love the rhythm and rhyme to this. And the last line.. perfect!

writing CKeoki

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a - hooie - ho little bruddah from a-nuddah, good fun in the sun is gauranteed vitamin D, unles you wear sunblock...Ikaika! in Hawaiian Ikaika means strength or pow-wah! plenty pow-wah in dis bruddah who like wait foa go, oa no wait foa go, dat means wait foa stay! Yea, I wait foa stay, no wait foa go, go already, if you no like wait foa stay. makes sense...dum haole
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