Dear Smartguy

Dear Smartguy,

What kind of people, more specifically groups of people, actually think less of others for acting and behaving differently than themselves? If everyone thought and acted the same way how would mankind ever move forward, how would new discoveries be made if nobody had the guts to go out on a limb and make a mistake. Knowing full well that there’s a good chance for failure should not be thought of as a deterrent, it should be thought of as an adventure, one that very few have ever considered to make, and one even fewer have ever actually made. Our childish fears based on embarrassment in front of others, robs our souls of the most enriching gifts we can give to ourselves, experience, which in turn feeds our perspectives on life. The human beings true path to happiness is lives within self-discovery, accomplishing things that you yourself had already dismissed as impossible. Sure it feels good if others witness it, but nothing compares to surprising yourself, you can never guarantee how others are going to feel which is exactly why what others think of our behavior shouldn’t ever matter to us. If we allow ourselves to be shaped by what others think we stunt our growth, limit our development and leave ourselves empty on purpose. This is the life we’ve all accepted as most worthwhile, allowing worry and failure to govern our every move.  A mistake could cost us our reputation that we’ve built up for years, others feelings could change for the worst at the drop of a hat, and if we don’t take a chance to look foolish we can rest assured our sterling record has a good chance of remaining that way. This type of thinking gave birth to the old saying, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks; it’s not that old dogs can’t continue to grow and learn during their golden years, it’s that they choose not to chance it, they’re scared of the possible damage they could do to memory, how others will remember them is the driving force behind why they choose not to learn new tricks. How foolish did Christopher Columbus sound to the masses when said that he thinks the world is round, and then how completely insane did everyone think he was when he took sail to prove it? Do you think he cared what others thought of his choice, I’m sure he didn’t condescend others thoughts, but I can guarantee the others were talking maddness about him, with a labeling extravaganza falling nothing short of a "stupidly dumb ignorant fool", that just so happened to go on to be one the most famous people the world has ever come to know. 

Christopher Columbus, who was obviously a crazy man, took a chance, a huge chance, he trusted his gut feeling instead of trusting and believing what all the “smartguys” were warning him about. Selling fear, especially of the unknown, is a human staple in world history, and if we’ve learned anything through just our lifetimes; we’ve learned that times change, thought changes, and if we grow complacent and stop changing then we can fully count on women will never vote, black people will never be free and Jesus Christ is just another ordinary man.  Thomas Edison once said, “ I have never failed in my experiments making the light bulb, I have merely learned 10,000 ways of how not to make one”. Facing our fears is what our country was made of, ignoring our fears is why we have fallen slave to our own pathological, neurotic paranoia. Our well established, well evolved united characteristic, that of the well polished American "scapegoat" trait to deny, blame, ignore, minimize, excuse, deflect, distort and believe our own bullshit dominates our angry little lives, any hint of our own personal involvement which we may perceive as others possibly noticing an embarassing flaw or shortcoming, which constitutes laughing at us for some mistake, error or screw-up no matter how minor will skillfully be re-routed by our "unrecognizable" built in defense mechanism, and thus never to be heard from again; though our constant projections that we'll inevitably attatch to others will bring light to their absolute existence, just denied as to where they truely reside. 

Look our RPMs have been reving high, red-lining since childhood, our engines have steadily worn down by adulthood and our chassis are completely defunct and torn apart by our senior years. Teh stress hormone cortisol has blocked all nutrient receptor sites in guts, has coated our arteries with plaque, neuronally deteriorated and inflammed our brains to the point that dementias are our only sanctuaries. If we somehow escape our self-progammed apotostic death march, well we confess our sins and cross our fingers, toes, nuts and bitter attitudes thanking god it's over, finally. We go to our graves with our guards up, making sure that every knows what kind of person we were, what kind of things we accomplished and make sure that somebody etches it in stone above are casket, never understanding, that all along, the only people’s opinion that really ever mattered, was our own opinion about ourselves, who knew.  

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