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Id like to talk about this time, my mom. some of you while reading this make just think. oh shes just anther teen complaining about her mom. well think to yourself, is verbal abuse complaining? making it your goal in life to punish your kid because her life is better then yours? I have to stay inside at all times, not able to do anything. not able to have friends. my life is a nightmare, and I yearn for school to come back. my moms a whore, shell sleep with anyone who shows intrest in her. now im may not be a virgin but ive only been with one guy. shes constantly saying she wants to die, she wants me to die, im a worthless good for nothing piece of shit, you know she hasn't taken care of me for 9 years. she pinned me off on my grandparents. awesome mom right? she doesn't want me, never has and never will. why does she care about me? she never took the time to get to know me. and when something is wrong with me or my brothers, she turns around and makes herself the center of attention. sad right? I have chronic depression. my mom thinks I just want attention. that's what she tells everyone. even my doctors. they ask me if im depressed and my mom juts in and ssays "of course shes not!" I really hate her sometimes. honestly. she makes my life a living hell.

okay, I know these aren't normal writing, but I cant write stories lately, and id rather tell things about my life, that's alright if it bored you. its not ment for your enjoyment. its meant for me.

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my life with my mom
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don't think anything rash please. she has never laid a hand on me.
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