I Am...
I am a point on a map. Moving in the direction that it takes me. I am a petal that is blown through the wind. Waiting for my next destination. I am a drop of blood, Gliding down the arm of the scar that was created by a monster. I am a monster. Waiting for the next weakness to come to where I pick up a sharp object to make the pain go away. I am a lost thought. No one stops to wonder about the depressed gay girl. I am a reason. A reason for the monster to not over power me. I am a feeling. A passing emotion that gets the best of me. I am me. A lesson in life trying to figure out all of the worlds answers I am wrong by society. I am not free. Held in chains by our country. I am in object in a game. A game where people break my heart and I have to accept it. I am a masochist. Even when I hate the pain I want more. I am a number. Given to me by the government. I am a color. Classified by our own people. I am an american. But only because I was born here. I am pain. The pain I see in the monster as she cuts at my skin. I am disgust. Disgust in myself as I look at my reflection. I am a shadow. Following in the footsteps of someone who is not me. I am an inspiration. To those who look up to the thoughts I share. But no where am I me. I am not religious. There is no god. I am not straight. I don't meet societal measures. I am not white. There are many different types of backgrounds I come from. I am not a tool. I don't fix things. I am not normal. What even is normal? I'm not insane. I'm simply lost. Why is the world so full of labels? Why must we label ourselves into categories? It gives people a reason to look down on us. I don't want to be a label. I am tired. Tired of being shamed for what society has labeled me. I am just here. I refuse to be categorized. I just exist. Barely. But I still exist.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/26/2015 5:16:55 AM
I agree with you on this. We label everyone and everything according to our perceptions. I like how you summed it all up with "I still exist". Well done!

Free Verse
writing Bronkerz
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