The Acid Rain

“Go on.” The man said. “Take a peek! I know you want to.” Heinsisted. It was hopeless though. For my sake, and possibly his too, I lookedout the window. The scene before me was horrific. Instantly I wished I hadn’tlooked outside. The rain, the acid rain was eating away at everything in sight.Cars, bikes, people, literally everything was being eaten away. Except for thedirt. The dirt seemed to just absorb the rain. The unfortunate part was thatthe rain outside was just a light shower. The damage that would be done if itwere a storm outside would be incredible. “So now you see, you’ve nowhere togo! Nowhere to run and hide.” The man said as he brought me back to reality.While I was looking out the window, I saw him pulling something out of hisjacket and aim it towards me. I caught it out of the corner of my eye so Icould still surprise him. I had walked into this building to avoid the rain.That’s when I heard the screaming from upstairs. The screams called to me and drewme deeper into the building. Whether it be a flaw or a calling, I always have aneed. A need I have yet to satisfy, the need to help someone in trouble. Thisneed seems to have lead me to my own downfall. Here I stand, in need with noone, but myself for assistance. “And so it begins.” I spoke to my own being.Slowly, I lifted the side of my shirt, just enough do I could grab the handleof my bowie knife that was on my side. I turned my head to him, making sure notto turn my body towards him. “Any last words?” The man asked. “Yeah. Never askthat.” I said trying to intrigue him. Thankfully it worked. “Oh? And why isthat?” He asked curiously. “Because.” I said while turning the blade flat alongmy wrist. “Because it gives me the chance to do this.” I put bluntly. “To dowhat?” The silly old man asked as he lowered his gun slightly. It wasn’t much,but it would do. “This.” I said as I side stepped forwards. He tried to takeaim again, but I shoved his arm away from me. Using my right arm, I followedthrough with the bowie knife. I didn’t want to risk anything because I broughta knife to a gun fight. Literally. The blade glided along the man’s throat.With his final breath, the man shot the window twice. Rain poured into the roomand drops landed on my left leg. The sensation was almost unbearable. As I dovefor shelter I saw disintegrating wherever the rain landed. “What the hell isthis stuff?” I found myself asking the man. “Oh… right. I killed you.” Followedout my mouth. Still higher up, I heard more screams. Grabbing the newly deadman’s gun, I took off running for the stairs. The screaming was slowly dyingdown. My only thoughts were that someone was in trouble and probably hurt. Iran down the hallway in search of the stairs. No luck. The screaming started upagain and I generally felt sorry for whoever was in pain. Frantically I lookedfor a way up, turning every doorknob, breaking every lock, all the while therewere screams coming from upstairs. Outside the screams had gone silent a whileago, but it only now registered to me. My mind started to race as everything inthe world started to speed up. Up, that word was searing itself into my brain,I need to get up. After searching almost every room in this horrible building,I found my way up. Not stairs, no, but a ladder. The unfortunate part…”There’sonly half a ladder left…Well crap.” I said to myself in some unrecognizableemotion. It also didn’t help that it was outside. I walked towards the ladderand almost missed the figure turn the corner and walk into this room. Almost,but not quite. They hadn’t noticed me yet though. Not sure whether they werehostile or friendly, I went prone. The feel of the marble floor meant so muchmore to me now. Oh how I could smell it. I could almost taste it on my tongue.Life itself became intoxicating, but I needed to focus. Someone needed help. Idrew my knife again, but I hoped that I wouldn’t need to use it again. Thefigure that I had seen earlier stepped out of the shadows. He was a younger manwho looked to be in college. He also had the same idea as me. Slowly he liftedthe window to make as little noise as possible. I returned my knife to itsholster at my side as I watched. He climbed out of the window and stepped ontothe metal grating. It croaked and groaned as his weight was put onto itsshoulders. The man walked towards the ladder using baby steps. Suddenly, withone final moan, the metal grating gave way and the man let out a scream. Itcontinued, but the scream didn’t seem to grow distant. I heard a crazed pleafor something. I lunged forward to see what had happened. As I poked my headout of the window I saw the man had caught himself on the ladder. It swung backand forth, swaying as his weight set the ladder into motion. I grabbed the backof his shirt and slowly pulled him up. He was rather light and especiallyskinny, so my job there was easy. I realized then, why he was screaming. Morethan half his body had been exposed to the rain. His left side was onlypartially touched as I could see the red splash marks on his skin and clothing,was still bubbling. He realized my presence shortly afterwards. His screamingturned to whimpers as we stared into each other. To me, he was no longer athreat. To him though, I could be the crazed old man from earlier. I could donothing for his pain, but I sat down beside him. “Don’t kill me, please I begof you!” He blurted. He looked so scared, so afraid. I pulled out the gun I hadgotten from earlier. He closed his eyes. “I’m ready.” He said. “No, no, no! Iwant you to have it. You know, in case someone else comes in who isn’tfriendly.” I said to him softly. He took the gun, but just stared at it. After severalmoments I stood and headed for the ladder. The screaming had stopped, but Istill had to check. I climbed out and reached for the ladder. With no metal gratingto hold me I became nervous. I made up the ladder halfway before I heard theshot. I looked down at the man I had saved. He had shot my right shoulder and Icould do nothing, but hold on for my life. He turned the gun on himself and squeezedthe trigger. As I watched him fall out the open window as the rain ate away athis body during the fall, I thought this is the end for me. I looked up and sawmy good hand lose grip. As I slipped I reached up with my right hand,forgetting it had been wounded. The sudden weight of my weight on my arm was toogreat. I let go once again. I fell back down to earth, the rain slowlydestroying everything about me. Hitting the ground with a loud splash, Ibounced back up. My left arm was bent behind me, probably broken. The bones inboth my legs had broken through the flesh. The irony in this situation, the armthat was shot was still usable. I looked up as a strange man appeared over me.He was wearing an all-black suit with a black scarf around his neck and mouth.He was holding a clear umbrella in one hand and a gun in the other. “Help me.” “That’sunfortunate.” The man said as he aimed the gun towards my heart. “I thought youwould be one to survive the experiment.” The man said. “Wait, wha-?” I started.I heard two of the three shots clearly, but the third seemed off in thedistance. Everything slowly started to fade to black. A cool, calm, and vacantfeeling slipped over me. As it crawled to my mind, I turned to the man for onelast look. He mouthed something, but I was too far gone to hear him. “Help.”

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Short Story
writing BringMeMore115
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A darker story with no hope for a good ending. I got bored with were it was going and don't plan on continuing this in anyway.