Social Disconnect


Brent Johnson

Jeffry Johnson


Captain / narrator


Jamie Polanco

 Chloe Polanco



Captain- Ladies and gentlemen thisis your captain speaking. We would like to welcome you onboard Lufthansa Airlineflight to Munich, Germany. Flight duration should be around eight hours and weare expecting a fairly smooth flight today. Once again we thank you for choosingto fly with us today and we hope you enjoy your flight. Please turn yourattention to the flight attendant nearest you for our safety demonstration.Please follow along with the safety card located in the seat pocket in front ofyou.

[Stewardess enters]

Stewardess- Please make sure yourseatbelt is securely fastened at this time. To fasten, insert the loose metalbuckle into the holder. Tighten so it fits firmly around your waste. To loosen,pull up on the lever of the holder. Also, make sure carry-on items are storedin the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

[Stewardess pauses]

Stewardess- There are 2 emergencyexits on this aircraft. One in the front right of the plane and the otherlocated on the left side wing. Each exit is equipped with a safety slide thatcan be detached and used as a flotation device. Please take this time to locateyour nearest exit. Keep in mind that it may be behind you. If cabin visibilityis reduced, lighted strips along the floor of the cabin will lead you to thenearest exit. Remember, red lights mark the exit. In case there is loss inpressure, yellow oxygen masks will deploy from the ceiling compartment locatedabove you. To secure, pull the mask towards you and tighten the elastic strapto your head and fasten the mask to cover your mouth and nose. Even if the bagdoes not fully inflate, oxygen is still flowing. Please make sure to secureyour own mask before assisting others. In case of a water landing, life jacketsare located under your seat. To fasten, place the vest over your head and secureboth straps around your waste. To inflate, pull the red tab or manually inflateby blowing into the tube. Remember to NEVER inflate the vest inside of theaircraft. A beacon of light will activate upon entering the water. Thank youfor your attention, and we wish you a good flight on Lufthansa Airlines.

[Stewardess picks up phone]

Stewardess- Hello Captain! Kick thetires and light the fires and it’s off into the wild blue yonder. Yippiekayaye!

Captain- roger!

[Everyone onboard laughs]

Brent Johnson- OH stewardess! I’dlike my peanuts now!

Jamie Polanco- That isn’t evenfunny.

Jeffery Johnson- Hahaha! Hey Brentlook! [Points to Chloe] I found the crying baby on this plane.

Chloe- Mommy what do they mean?

Jamie- you two must be related ifyou both have the same bad humor

Man- Ladies, Ladies! You’re all pretty.Can we all act like the mature adults that we are and enjoy the flight please?

[Passengers settle down]

Narrator- some time goes by andeveryone does their own thing. The Johnson brothers make immature jokes tothemselves on and off. Jamie focuses on her papers she is writing. Little missChloe, Jamie’s daughter, sits patiently and quietly. The mother and daughtertalk a little about TV. The man keeps to his own personal being.

Man- Stewardess?

Jamie- Oh not you too!

Man- oh no I just have a headache.Stewardess?

[Stewardess enters]

Stewardess- How may I help youtoday?

Man- Do you have an Aspirin orsomething like that?

Stewardess- We can’t give outmedication like that onboard.

Brent- Well make yourself usefulthen, and get us something nice to drink.

[Stewardess leaves the cabin in frustration.The seatbelt light faded at the sound signaling passengers could unbuckle.]

Man- oh god! Why does my head hurtso much?

Jeffery- stop complaining! No onecares about your problems.

Narrator- Some several hours passin unwelcomed silence caused by the immaturity of the man-child Johnsonbrothers. The man who sits alone suddenly stood up. Grabbing at his head hespun around.

Man- Someone please help me

Brent- Sit back down before youmake more of a fool of yourself.

Man- just help me! It hurts somuch!

Jamie- Please sir, sit down! You’rescarring my child!

Narrator- The man wobbled back towhere he sat. He collapsed into his seat and groaned with pain. It was not longbefore the man was up on his feet again.

Man- Someone please. Just help me.I’m begging.

[Man grabs at his chest as he fallsto his knees. He slowly stands again and Jeffry stands up to the man.]

Jeffry- Listen buddy. I don’t knowwhat kind of stunt you’re trying to pull here, but I’m not having any of it.You hear me?

Man- Just help me!

[The man stepped forward. Jeffrypushed him back. The man got up again]

Man- {yelling} Just someone helpme!

[Jeffry punched the man in theface. The man went down, but didn’t come back up.]

Narrator- Everyone becomes worriedas the man lays motionless. They only thought of excuses to cover their selvesas to why they never helped the man. Deep down they knew they did wrong, butstill they found ways to justify neglecting the sickened man. The plan landed,but the passengers were all in shock. It caused some concern so the stewardesscame into the cabin. She immediately checked the man’s pulse. After figuringout the man had died, she called for the authorities.

[Authorities enter]

Narrator- The authorities explainto the other passengers that the man was a diabetic. He had used an insulinsyringe, but it was faulty. The syringe had an air bubble in it. The air bubblewas big so it kept blood from getting to the heart. His body began to shut downcausing him serious pain in his head and abdominal areas. The authorities said theman could have easily been saved, but only if someone had tried to help him.

Chloe- Mommy. Why did that man haveto die nameless to us? 

TheTaleMonger   TheTaleMonger wrote
on 11/28/2013 10:42:13 AM
I get the selfish behavior. couple things - in no particular order. rather than the narrator ending with an explanation, you might improve the impact by having the syringe found on the man. it is damaged? only half full (the bubble could be in it). Or his issue could be something else, such as a heart med. Then you are showing vs. telling. Same goes for the narrator telling about calling for the authorities. Having someone say, 'he's dead.' can have more impact. As far as telling about the self-serving passengers playing CYA, show this. The behaviors are a bit extreme. if such is necessary, you might introduce some background about why Brent is so rude and thoughtless. Does he have emotional issues? What if he is on meds and missed a turn?????? keep writin'

10 minute plays
writing BringMeMore115
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The assignment was to come up with a ten minute play. I put a meaning behind mine. I tried to show how disconnect society has become from one another and how eager we are to judge.
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This was sort of enjoyable, but I don't think I would do it again.