Five Till Twelve

This train of thought is bringing us down,

Don’t tell me what happens next,

It’s bad enough we broke up,

But please oh (please),

I still need you,

Five till Twelve and I am adjusting my suit,

Blackened-, burdened-, by the outcome-,

War has losses on both sides, but you only lost me,

(Nice move~), you win, I lose,

(Was this just a game to you),

(I fell for you, now I’m grasping onto any sight, any though that reminds me of you),

(I can’t be living this way for to much longer),

These expeditions into the unknown,

I return with so very little, less than what I had before,

Because before I had you to hold onto,

Tell me what it is, the secret you hold over my head,

It’s so daunting to see you smile without me,

Tell me what it is, that makes you choose to live,

Tell me what it-, (is~, because I choose not to live),

(You see, now I am gone, our memories stay in the past for you),

(But they haunt me every night before I close my eyes),

(Are you even listening, I’m so angry, I’m so sad, I don’t even know what I am),

(How have you made me this way),

(Tell me what it is that keeps me up at night),

I lie in bed (Alone), staring at the ceiling (Alone), I have fallen (Alone),

Is there nowhere to go, no need for me to fulfill that could bring you back to my arms,

There’s nowhere to go for this problem to be solved,


(I can’t do this, split a Y down my chest doctor),

(Rip out my lungs, my eyes, my liver, take what you please),

(Leave my heart, you see it’s missing a part, it’s not complete),

(It’s missing something and without this something, it remains broken),

(You see there was this girl, it was getting hard to take it slow),

(But in the end it was okay because she and I would be together someday),

(Now I’m waiting and hoping for the next time that I can hear her voice~),

(But watching the romance between them, it’s about time to escape now),

(How could I say no to all the alcohol and cigarettes that file my hands with something to do),

(I could lay this all down on the ground), [right here, right now],

(But you see, I won’t put down the knife),

(So please don’t ask me to put down the bottle),

(I can swim you see, so I won’t drown),

(I’m a mess and I know it),

(But listen to my heart beating, hear how sporadic it has become),

(Look my love, you can’t have it all if my heart doesn’t beat for you),

Don’t ask me to not make the same mistakes,

Because it gets so hard,

Yeah someone out there has it worse,

But I’m just me,

(I’m just me),

(I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for-, you~)

(I’m sorry for the wasting over a year of your love),

(I can’t come back from this)

Five till twelve and I lay awake,

Wish the bottom of the bottle would go away,

And that you could claim your rightful place that these addictions have taken

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This song is a bit darker towards the end, but cheers.