Dear father,

I would lovean answer as to why you walked out on us when we did in fact need you. The yearwent by slow giving it enough time to sink in. How do you think I felt? Myfather, the man that I am supposed to look up to, got up one day and left. Thefact that you came back to rub it in our faces, happening almost every singleday, made me wonder was it because of me. My mom cried for nights on end. Shetold me not to tell Stef and that it would stress her out if I did. I had noone to talk to about the fact the only male figure in my just got up and left.No reason what so ever. How is this in any way fair? Mom needed you, Stefneeded you, and most of all I needed you. A year went by in that god awfulhouse. A year of remembering you were once here. And then we couldn’t affordthe place I called home. The place where I felt safe and that nothing couldhurt me. Yet you proved me wrong. Why would you do this to us? Because you are justa simple coward. You never gave me a reason for what you did. Now mom is borderlineinsane. She deals with problems by bite people’s heads off.  Now I feel as if she blames me for this. HowStef feels, I don’t know, but what I do know is that she needed you as well. Sofather, in your own time, please tell me why you did this. It wasn’t fair notgiving a reason. A year went by and at school I didn’t even care about work. Iskipped and did other things that I wasn’t supposed to. In my defense, Ilearned from you. You aren’t supposed to leave your family. Not unless you’re acoward. So please, when I become worth your while, let me know the reason. It’sonly fair you tell me. Also, don’t give me some stupid reason that you wereunhappy. That is total bull. For any and every event from that day on, I wouldquestion myself as to if I were good enough. One last time, can you tell me whyyou left us?

BringMeMore115   BringMeMore115 wrote
on 11/27/2012 10:50:10 PM
Thank you for the comment. I had a lot of time to think about this letter, as the question had burned inside me for the past two years.

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I had to write a personal letter for school and could think of nothing else. The basic question, "why did you leave" has been nagging at me for years, so I used the assignment as an excuse to wander into my feelings.
A Word from the Writer
I am currently back in a good relationship with my father, as best as it could be given what had happened, and if the current situation does not improve I only hope it stays this way.