Beyond the Doors
I thought I had woken up in some weird places after having too much to drink at some party, but I’m pretty sure this topped them all. The room was freezing with a stone floor which didn’t help at all. Shoeless, I crawled along the floor in an attempt to find an exit or source of light. Cool metal objects, hard flat surfaces, and useless little things that I couldn’t identify seemed to be the theme in this room. Unfortunately I was getting stressed. Another thing that was unfortunate was that I was a smoker. When I got stressed I would smoke. Thankfully I had a pack of smokes on my belongings. Since I had no idea where I was or how I got here I thought of how to ration out my smokes. “God, I never thought this day would come.” I said out loud. I mean why not? No one was here with me so who's going to judge me? I used each arm to reach into their respective pockets and pull out my handy dandy box of cigarettes and Zippo lighter. I sparked it and suddenly realized the value of my lighter in the current situation. I had light. Looking around I took mental notes of my surroundings. I was in some sort of storage unit. A huge storage locker for your information. All around me was little nick-nacks, tables that were slightly cracked in places, metal poles that might have been used to support some kind of structure, and various types of rugs. “The benefits of smoking... If you get locked inside a storage locker, you still have light.” I said thinking sarcastically. I picked up a couple rugs and walked to the nearest corner in the room. I laid the rug on the floor so I could sit comfortably. Sitting, smoking, and thinking as the time went by, but I wasn’t sure if it was going by quickly or not. I was growing sick of the dark and I needed a quick fire of some sort. The fact that it was freezing now didn't help in the slightest. It must have been night as the temperature was dropping quickly. I light the Zippo and placed it on the floor to illuminate the area. I ran to grab a couple more rugs and a table. I found two rugs that I could use to make some makeshift bedding and another rug for a quick fire. I rolled the rug into a cylindrical shape. I ignited the top part of the rug to start the fire and grabbed the other two rugs so I could start making my new “bed”. Once it was complete I was huddled up in the corner shivering like I was raised my whole life to do this. Soon i was lost in thoughts like what to do or how to escape. I had spent a good hour, at least, to find a door, but to no avail. Four walls, one floor, and one roof. No doors or windows or holes or anything.
I awoke, not remembering that I had fallen asleep. It was warm again, but still no light. Not even from the sun. I turned to my pack of smokes and Zippo. I had to use these items as little as possible. I breathed in deep, letting the smoke go deep into my lungs. It felt amazing, killing myself like this. I let it all out. The smoke seemed to be drifting towards a certain part of the wall. “It’s funny because because that only happens when... theres a hole.” I said to myself realizing the importance of this discovery. There was a small hole to the outside world. I set fire to another rug for light and searched for something I could use to break open the wall. I scampered off on all fours hoping that if I stayed low I could find a strong object that someone was to lazy to put up high. My thinking skills must have been sharp because staying low had paid off. I found a metal baseball bat and a long, solid lead pipe. I took both not sure which would be more of a use. I reached the spot where the smoke had been just in time to see where I had left my Zippo on the floor as the light from the flaming rug died. I lunged for it before I forgot where the lighter was.
I sparked it back to life and found a couple more rugs. Setting fire to more rugs I went to work. Smashing, jabbing, slashing, and impaling the pipe I slowly let the hours pass. “Who knew a cigarette could save a life.” I said out loud. Finally I broke through the wall and I had gotten a good chunk out of it. The hole wasn’t big enough to climb out of, but I had a definite way of escaping in progress. The downside of having this sudden hole was the frigid winter breeze blew right at me. “Yet another innocent rug being put to service.” I chuckled to myself as I put up a rug to block the hole. I used the table from the night before to prop up the rug that kept the cold air out. As I turned to sleep for comfort from the cold, I lay there thinking about how I had gotten here and how I was even put inside.
There was a crashing noise which woke me up in a poor way. I was annoyed that someone had pushed the table out of the way and was waving their arm around in the hole. Then it clicked, someone was here. “Help me! I’m trapped inside here!” I quickly screamed. The arm stopped for a moment. I was worried I had scared the owner of said arm. All of a sudden the arm came back to life and the owner was screaming in such a demented way that I couldn’t bare to listen for long. The arm was reaching out for me now. I became full of dread as I heard multiple screams and moans from multiple directions. The worst of it was that all the sounds were headed for my direction. The wall began to crack apart as more and more arms came through the hole. Quickly I ran to grab a table and a pipe. I found them in seconds of searching for them. I rushed back and set aside the table. Half heartedly, I raised the pipe to swing it straight down. “I’m warning you! If y’all don’t bring your arms out, I will break them!” I screamed, but I didn’t expect a response. Without even seeing these creatures, I knew they were no longer human. Three seconds went by as I listened to their demonic moans. Pushing my conscience to the back of my mind I swung the pipe down and listened to sickening cracks of their bones snapping. The creatures didn’t seem to be bothered with the new state of their arms. Then I heard another crack, but this one wasn’t caused by me. No, this crack came from the creatures sheer weight against that wall. I knew I wouldn’t last long standing here like and idiot, so I did the one thing that came to my mind. Run and hide. Which is exactly what I did. As I crawled under a line of tables, I decided it was as good of a place as any to hide. I heard the wall crash down, I heard the creatures stumble into the area, then I heard them spread out. I saw several feet walk past my hiding spot. Unfortunately my spot wasn’t as good as I thought it was. Or should I say luck wasn’t on my side. One of the creatures tripped and startled me. I gasped from the sudden movement and the creatures head turned to my direction. I had nowhere to go, nowhere to run, I was already hiding. The creature crawled towards me. I just sat and watched, accepting this was the end for me. It reached out its arm for my leg, but suddenly it was moving backwards. I was confused beyond belief. Then I realized it was being dragged out from under the desks. I saw it look up at a new set of legs. It was motionless for a while and then I heard a gunshot as I watched its brains explode. The gruesome sight started me, but I stayed silent. The gore was everywhere. A man hunched down and looked down the tunnel of desks I stowed myself in. “Come with me.”

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Short Story
writing BringMeMore115
Fuck work, I have a job.
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I have been writing this for a while, I just forgot that I hadn't finished it. Cheers.