Do you know that I still dream about you,

Lately you're all I can think about,

I forgot what it was like to hold you tight,

To wipe the tears that temporarily scar your face,

Baby, I tried to move on, darling, I tried to forget, love, I tried,

I went one day and then these dreams enlightened me,

And now I lay awake with seconds passing like hours,

If only you were here, I could talk it over with~, you-,

Each and every lonely night,

All my thoughts drift back to you,

How can this be legal, to feel this way,

I could write you a thousand songs, but they would never be enough,

Can you, at the very least, give me a hint,

As to what you would like me to do,

Because now all I do is change, and change, and change, and fall~, down-,

Will you ever escape my mind,

Love we were perfect together,

We could talk out the fights,

It wasn't just about me or you,

It was about us and what we could do together,

And now you're gone and I'm still here,

Did you leave me behind,

When you said give me some space, I trusted you,

And now you're thousands of miles away,

Living in Texas,

What have, I done, to deserve this,

But to be honest, I don't think I ever deserved you in the first place,

And you did give me a second chance, but third time's a charm girl,


Take a step back, thats what you said to me,

I fought my each and every instinct and desire,

Just to not bring you close and kiss you goodnight,

You had something to say, but I know the words intended for me didn't come from you,

I could try to make him understand, you see I can be a people person,

Girl, I can be whatever kind of person that you need me to be,

Your mother's boyfriend, he was honestly just like me,

To in love to think straight, driven insane with not knowing how to express the feelings that surfaced,

But I know how to now,

And better than ever before

I pinky promise, you won't be disappointed

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