Say Cheese

Was it a dream, was it a nightmare, even I don’t know for sure

All I can remember is whatever I know right now

And I never felt so dirty, so unclean and so impure

Then the day you came into the show

Life has never been the same, and never will again

Though in truth, nothing is as it seems

No such thing as happiness, but there sure is a lot of pain

So am I waking or is this still a dream

Walking through my life as if I’m already dead

Because I let all the others make my decisions

Though it seems that I functioned, that I had my daily bread

Relationships were a puzzle, such deep cuts, and so many incisions

You really think I care about what you say

That you have that kind of power over me

You really think that seeing you made my day

And that without you I am much incomplete

But no one really needs me and I need no one

I was born alone and that’s the way I’m going to die

There might be some tears shed on the day I’m gone

But if you think about it you’ll probably wonder why

What did I change, did I make anyone’s life a little better

Did I make you laugh really hard and out loud

Did you think I was too lazy or was I a go getter

Did I blend in or did I stand out in a crowd

These are things I think about, these things consume my thoughts

Because in the end, it’s all they will ever know

Was I sorry for the act, or was it because I was caught

You know, the things that come after the wash before they show

If on the other hand, you can say, “Hey, remember that time” and laugh

If you think of me and feel a reason to smile

If you were a fan and asked for my autograph

If we shared some time and enjoyed each others style

Then it was all right with me, and I can rest easy

Because then I know I was ok with at least you

I know this poem is frivolous and a little cheesy

But sometimes we all do what we have to do





Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/6/2009 9:10:29 AM
Thank you Starpoet, I apreciate your kind words but I am not sure if it takes courage to admit that anymore, I have lived with it all of my life, and of course there are good days where I am so happy it boils over and I can't even think of hiding or denying it, but it is my belief that every day is a gift from God, and if I start knocking them, or say I am having a bad day then He might give them to someone else.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/6/2009 2:09:59 AM
The questions you ask are many that fill our psychology doctor's offices and even our mental institutions. And sad to say, our graveyards. Many have attempted to answer them in bad ways, which leads them down these roads. (Include in this the artificial ways of "healing" such as drugs and alcohol, which myself was a part of. See my poem "I Love My Freedom"). I admire that you have the courage to ask these questions of yourself and to admit that you are depressed. Thefirst step to true healing is to admit that there is a problem. God be with you, my friend.

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I swear I don't know where this came from, when I first wrote it I was thinking of using it to fill in a gap I found in a book I am trying to finish. This is one of those times where you see mistakes you should have caught three months ago when you thought it was finished AGAIN and sent it in. IF there's one thing I can pass on to help you is EDIT everything very carefully. I have a feeling this is going to cost me. Maybe THAT'S where this came from!
A Word from the Writer
I love my life and thank God for each and every second I am allowed to live it, so if this sounds dark to you, I am an ( self diagnosed) depressed human being and can't help it, another reason I call myself the Bluezman, just in case you were curious.