Open Windows-Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

Thomas Jones (1892 - 1969)


I saw the restaurant, same as she did, and at the same time, almost as if thru her eyes. I knew that it was the only thing she could do to help and it was perfect. I almost shouted out to her when I realized what she was thinking, how she meant to help me.

Since the bad things in here thrived on darkness and evil, and pain fed them, and anguish was it’s fertilizer, everything on this side of the garden, including this slug they created, fed on the same negative energy, and felt anguish at the sound of laughter, at the thought of hope for anything good, or at least better than was now, and especially thoughts of unselfish love and those emotions, those were toxic as much as Nemrul and his acid slug.

They were somehow trying to get into my brain, sending me images of her and my brother making love when I walked in, the pain that I felt was still real, yet I hadn’t thought about it for a while and I wondered how they knew about it but then I remembered. Since they were in her garden, they knew what she did; they felt her feelings and searched her memory for something to distract me, to take away my resolve.

The things she herself was making me see were reminders of a better time, the feeling we shared that night was magical, I had never smiled so much in my life, and I knew she felt it too: she was smiling as much as I did, even after I told her my all of my corny jokes.

As I saw her smile, remembered the toast and what that all led to, I felt the slug slipping off, with as much disgust as I felt from it, it was now trying to get as far away as it could too, as if I had burned it with salt and the pain making it forget it's only purpose.

It’s job was to swallow me whole and bring it to his master, where he would regurgitate me out at his feet, not dead but close enough to it.

As disgusting as that was, he didn’t want me to die until he had the chance to kill me, so near dead was ok, but in any way it could bring me to him, that’s what the order of the day was. One simple task and then it was finished, the other flowers wouldn’t want it sliming up the garden so they would have to eliminate him, but he didn’t know that, he couldn’t think that far ahead.

It had felt the taste to be almost more than it could bear, but fought off the urge to stop and tried again to absorb me, knowing how much that would please his master.

But now, too late he realized his mistake. It was one thing to chase the good thoughts down and kill them, but it was another thing when they had legs and could get up and run.

Nemrul was still in the corner also had a "view” of what was going on thru the slug, and he saw me being knocked to the ground and knew I was senseless. He had stopped trying to listen to my thoughts when he felt me give up. No sense letting me affect his thoughts, he shut that out and just waited as he watched us with what might be a smile on its face.

But the smile was lost now. He simultaneously saw me as I wriggled free, and he saw his pet retreat at what should have been it's final thrust over me, and he heard her shout.

He instantly burned the slug on the spot. It went up in a flash and was gone. He burned him in his anger and frustration, but he knew as soon as he did it that it was a mistake he instantly regretted. Now he couldn't see what was happening. He could only guess what I might be doing and he didn't like that. He tried using the flowers he controlled to see me but all he got was fuzzy and indistinct images that could have been anything.

Then he felt the flower being uprooted and screamed in its rage. Because he couldn’t see me, he didn’t know which flower I was after, but it felt as though someone had taken a patch of skin and ripped it away from his body, he even looked down but there was nothing there, he could only feel the raw pain and he screamed in his rage and agony.

He tried again to see what she was seeing, but it was not something he wanted to see; he tried to give her a bad image, another memory of the child she had lost, the final straw and the thing that set her over the edge.

Not because she had lost it, she knew that every birth is a miracle and that it was a gift and given in trust but she also knew things being so fragile that bad things happened, she was adult enough to know that from the first time she threw up, but this was far worse than that, and she hated Nemrul for making her see this, especially now when we were so close to killing him and finishing this together, but his will was strong and focused on hers now.

She remembered what he wanted now, and in her inside world everything faded and seemed to be switched off somehow, again there was no noise at all, and no swirling colors, no life in here now but me and I felt suddenly as though if I didn’t get out soon there would be no oxygen in a short time either.

But she had gone to the father of her daughter, and she knew it was a girl before she had seen her because in her dreams her daughter would come to her.

They had met in a restaurant so his anger would be held in check, Because of the bleak outlook she had on life she was afraid for her child, that she could not provide for her or protect her from the monsters that had ravaged her life, and no one would help her while she was down with her after she was born. So she went to the father and asked him for help and at first he balked, saying that it had better not be his child and then after tense moments of anger and near shouting he calmed down enough to tell her he would pay for an abortion but he wasn’t going to be there when it happened. She was amazed that she had the courage to approach him at all, but she knew this was coming, she knew in her heart he would never help her, but she had to try after all.

That feeling alone should have told her to get up and leave but she couldn’t somehow, though at that moment she had a very clear idea of what he could do to her, she never thought he would.

She was shocked that he would suggest that but told him quickly that it was too late, she was too far into the birth and no reasonable doctor would ever do that now.

He sneered at her then and said “Who ever said he had to even BE a doctor?” and paused as he let that sink in.

Then he told her “Let’s go, we’ll talk to some people I know” and rose from the table and walked out before she had a chance to say anything.

He paid the bill and then walked towards his car, and he stopped and waited for her on the passenger side, something she knew he would never do normally and that set alarms off in her head. But she thought he was doing this because of her condition and was maybe going to do the right thing after all, she thought. Once again, she had her hopes up and for a brief moment she thought everything was going to be fine after all.

But then that fleeting moment was shattered when he punched her hard in the stomach, as hard as he could he had balled his hand into a fist and hit her again, exactly where their daughter’s head was and killed her, the soft tissue couldn’t stand the shock and her skull was not fully developed so she died without ever taking a breath in this world.

Erika’s breath was taken away too, but the shock of what he had just done with a calm demeanor, even a smile on his face as she approached him as he knew what he was going to do and did it so callously and cold heartedly, that shock set in immediately, but her first thoughts were to the baby and she put her arms over her protectively, though inside her heart she knew she was gone already, she still tried to protect her.

“I told you he didn’t have to be a doctor!” He told her then and laughed, dusting his hands off as if he had just thrown out the garbage.

She was lying on the floor and in her anger she called to him “YOU are a gutless coward and I don’t want you anywhere near my baby anyway! We will find our way without you!” she laughed then, an empty and hollow laugh because she knew the truth, but then he turned back towards her, he had been getting into the car and came back around with a horrible look on her face, and she remembered when he had made that face before, the last time she had seen it was when he was raping her, he had grabbed her and thrown her down with very much that same look on his face and at that time had panicked her and she let her mind drift away while he did what he was going to do, she was glad when it was over that it wasn’t as violent as he could have been, that he didn’t beat her as some might have with that much anger in their heart, as much hatred as she felt for women when he looked at her.

But because of the last time, she wanted to make sure THIS was going to be the last time. The last time he would ever hit her. The last time he would ever hit any woman for that matter, and the last time he would breathe a normal breath in this world.

She would make sure of that she said as she stood up then, she never noticed the blood streaming down her legs then, she felt an intense pain in her stomach now, and she knew what that meant, that she was hemorrhaging now and would soon pass out and die from blood loss, no one would see her in time. Just something else she knew for sure right then. Just so she had enough time to deal with this bastard she thought.

“You could hearted son of a bitch!” She snarled at him then, and as his face turned from intense anger to shock she felt herself slipping away and she fell to her knees.

He looked at her falling now and stopped, thinking he was going to fine after all, that he didn’t need to hit her again and he had done his work. He spit on the ground towards her and then went to the car again.

She leaned forward and held herself up with her hands on the ground in front of her, but if he knew anything about the bond between a mother and her child, especially when still she carried that gift in her womb, he would have seen this coming, or at least had an idea that he wasn’t done yet, but be was stupid and had someone else to meet and couldn’t wait.

“NO!” she growled at him in a low voice, then a little louder until she felt him turn. When he saw the look on her face he had been ready to kick her to shut her up but she didn’t look like Erika anymore, her eyes had rolled back and all you could see was white, and she was snarling at him in a way that froze his blood and he stopped in his tracks,

“NO!” she shouted one more time, and he just had enough time to realize that her voice didn’t even sound human anymore when he burst into flames, they spread thru his entire body so fast that he didn’t have time to react before he was engulfed, and yet nothing else around him burned.

She felt his intense pain as he died and somehow it wasn’t enough, she wanted to make him suffer more, so she kept him alive, willed him to live until he could no more, and maybe that is why he never really was consumed by the flames, though anyone that might have seen it would have sworn he should have been.

She didn’t know that because by then she had passed out, had fallen forward and was going to bleed to death, but she was thinking, “That’s all right you son of a bitch! I got you too!” and she allowed herself a smile. She thought it was ok to die now because her daughter was gone, “What else was left?” She thought to herself.

She would have died too, had her hatred not been so intense, her anger so real and palpable to all, because when he exploded into flames as he did, it brought other people to the area, some just to watch it happen, others wanted to help.

Most of them arrived just as he was running to the ocean to put out the flames, most of them thought he would never make it that far because he was burning so brightly and he kept falling down, but he would always get up and they saw as the waves washed over him at last, though they knew that would put out the flames, the sudden shock from the heat to the cold would have killed him anyway, so they concentrated on her, calling an ambulance and caring for her as much as they could and she woke up in the hospital three years later.

His body was never found and they assumed that what was left after that fire was consumed by the fish and would probably be in someone’s tuna sandwich before long and they gave up after a short while.

But had they searched a little longer, just about 200 yards past where they gave up they would have found him all right, and he was very much alive, she remembered. The Coast Guard had posted some buoys to mark the edge of the jurisdiction between where the local police could be and the guard took over.

He was on the last of those, clinging to it and trying to get out of the water and yet he was so tired he fell asleep that way. He heard the Coast Guard nearby but he wasn’t going to call to them, he thought he was dead anyway and was waiting for his maker to tell him where he was going, but he was pretty sure about that already. He just hoped he was somehow wrong.

But as he slept there, something in him began to change, and he felt himself healing though he didn’t know how or why, just that he wasn’t dead, at least not yet.

Something between her anger and the salt of the ocean was helping, but he knew it was something far more than that. His healing had come at a great cost too, because he didn’t look human anymore and when he looked at his skin it was still afire, even the parts underwater, his legs and feet.

As he slept he felt himself being swept off the buoy at last and thought that was ok too, he thought he was drowning and it didn’t feel too badly after all, he knew there were worst ways to go and yet he could not remember now how he had gotten out there.

His body eventually washed ashore and was swept under the pier and that was where he woke, too early in the evening to come out, he waited until much later and then found a place to hide, but by then he had no idea of who he was and what he was doing, only that he must hide from everyone and that he had to see someone in the hospital, that he had unfinished business and she was there in the intensive care unit.

He was there when she woke, and when she first opened her eyes he was the first thing she saw. As she was living her memories at Nemrul’s hand, I was stumbling about in the darkness, it had gotten so dead that even the flowers I accidentally trampled didn’t seem to react or call out, they just died, and I could not see if they fed the ground or not. I didn’t know what was going on with her but I had the proverbial bad feeling right then. I thought all was lost.

But as she opened her eyes and she saw him, her concern was not of fear for herself, although she knew who he was, it was that he might be caught there and she told him to leave, that she would call him when she needed him.

He turned to leave, confused then, and asked her “May I ask one question before I am sent away?”

She looked behind him nervously and then said “What is your question? What would you ask of me?

“What is my name? Where did I come from? Are you my lady? He asked the three questions he wanted to know, though he asked permission for one, he could not help himself because it was driving him crazy.

She smiled patiently at him, as a mother would to her only child then and said, “Your name is Nemrul and you are as much my son as anyone else’s! Now go, before you are caught and wait for my word!” and then he was gone.

That she had dismissed him so easily that day and how she felt then made her feel strong enough to get up and see the grave of her daughter, and that took another year, and in that time two others had died by what the police dismissed as lightning striking, even though there were no reports of lightning in the area, that was what the coroner announced as his findings, “a man and a woman, man and wife died together in the park when they were struck by a freak bolt of lightning!” he said somberly.

“Since they were both holding hands, when one died the other went too, and they burst into flames and were quickly consumed!” he droned on, further details as we get them.” and he left without answering any questions.

It hurt her so much to see that grave, a single marker that only said a number, and nothing about the day she SHOULD have been born, the way she would have been, the kind of loving, I’ll take care of you Mom kind of a daughter that would be a joy to raise and share her dreams with, her life could be better than ever she thought. Again, this was because she had seen it in her dreams and she believed in them.

She shut her mind to this, was able to actually use her anger to set her mind right, and that worked against Nemrul because she knew how much I loved her and didn’t have to decide what side to take, there was no side, only her and I now, the two of us against this world and the other one too if it came to that.

So she was trying to make her thoughts pleasant and peaceful, to give her a sense of calm and to make Nemrul get out of her mind, away from her real thoughts, so she was thinking of the memory she had of holding her baby, her daughter and the only other person she had ever felt total love and devotion to, it was the same vision I saw of her rocking and cooing a baby, when I thought it was HER being carried and the other woman was her mother.

The baby was a surprise, unplanned and unwanted because she had been raped and later found out she was pregnant while she was still trying to adjust to the rape, and the total humiliation of it, of having control wrenched away from her, and the feeling of being cast aside when he was sated, of being used and no longer needed.

Her first instinct was to kill the baby, an abomination of his lust and taking her in such a violent manner; she didn’t want anything in her life that might remind her of him and what he did, her hatred for him was almost too much and she came too close to that edge twice before she came back.

But she began to imagine the little girl growing in her body, and she knew was kind of a girl she was going to be without being told, she could feel it without waiting for her baby to come out and greet the world.

She knew she was going to be beautiful, and that she could love this child, could protect her from the monsters of the world that she herself had seen. She knew all of that now and it was so real to her that she could see it, as if it was more than her imagination at what they might have had together.

“Better he had taken my life than to let me see her and then take her away from me that way!” She answered when anyone suggested how lucky she was to be alive after all of that.

Nemrul was making her think of that, so he could feed off her anger, but there was another reason, he knew that if he got her worked up enough with that memory she might yet turn and help him fight me and kill me so they could continue as they had before.

He smiled then, realizing that it had worked, at least for a moment, and he knew that I wouldn’t know that because I didn’t know how to see him yet, “But soon you will!” He rasped to himself.

Lightning again flashed thru the darkness behind me. I didn’t know how or why, but I knew that it was coming for me and I had to move a lot faster if I expected to do anything else but watch her die at his hands, I felt the urgency he felt as it searched for me in the darkness.

It flashed a bright blue and then a tree burst into flames, though it was far off, I could see it clearly, as if someone was warning me what was going to happen.

I drew my guns and brought them up when the flash made me cover my eyes, the blast knocked me back but I hit the ground this time, and landed near the flowers. I looked where the flash had been and saw a scorch mark of that slug there now.

I didn’t know how, but I knew he had done that and the anguish was his because he had lost the link between us, that he couldn’t see where I was anymore. I heard another cry of anguish and frustrated rage fading out and I laughed and said "promises, promises" as I yanked the flower up that I came for and started to run back again.

I couldn’t hear it with my ears, but in my head I could hear the flower as it was still cursing at me, though it was fading as it was losing strength or getting tired.

I had what I’d come there for and though it felt slimy and greasy in my hands, I was not going to let go no matter what; it could have had acid and been burning my skin off as I held it, but I would still have held fast and not let go. It felt like a piece of meat that had gone bad, all slimy and slippery.

I turned back to see where the lightning was now and I saw it, still far off yet very clear and still coming towards me, all the while telling me something but I was pretty sure I didn’t want to know what that might be.

I saw it hit the ground and then trace a line, as if it was arcing on some metal or live cable that might run under the ground there. It burned a long line that way and then went out quickly, I braced for the thunder that followed that light and it still knocked me down.








The slap to the side of her head had really weakened her. That and her efforts to help me, though she had no way of knowing if she had or not right then.

She was brought out of her bad memories by the flash of lightning in the room, though she knew it couldn’t hurt her, it was still thunderous and made her jump.

She knew then what he had done, why she had such a terrible taste in her mouth, and she knew that she had to keep flashing the thunder and make him think she was helping him, so she concentrated on things that were on the ground, burning things to make him think she was looking to scorch me but she never meant to do more than that.

Though she had to separate her mind into two very different thoughts then, which took a great deal of concentration and energy, she braced herself for that and almost hit me with a bolt of bright blue light, coming so close to me that she fried the edge of my right shoe.

On the one hand she was trying to keep the light bright and angry, to keep that going so she thought about how angry she was with him for not listening to her, and then she hoped that the light would become not a tantrum and not seek me out too fervently. It took a strong will to do that and had I known how hard it was for her to help me, to control those bolts, I would have run that much faster, but I didn’t know what was going on out there, but only that I had to hurry.

On the other hand, she was dreaming about a poem I had quickly scrawled on the napkin as we were out for dinner.

She thought about the flowers I had given her that night, but the details of the poem had eluded her so far.

It was right there, on the edge of her mind but she couldn't quite remember, though it had been very touching and had meant so much to her at the time, the harder she tried to remember the more elusive it became.

She knew where the copy was though, she had kept it in a book of her thoughts, things that were special to her and it was tucked into the pages there.

But she knew he would not let her get it, he would have burned it in her hands so she tried harder to remember it, how it went, but she had no trouble remembering how it made her feel that day.

So in her mind, she was still there at the restaurant, she knew if she’d tried hard enough, she would remember it. She just had to remember it in time to save us, or at the least save me.

She began to focus on everything else then, the ambience of the room, the music and even that she could smell the ocean as the waves were breaking nearby.

She could see that we were now dancing and everyone stopped and watched because we looked so happy together, and so much in love.

Not that she felt like anything special and a bag of chips, but it felt great because we were envied for the feelings between us. All eyes were on us then, and all the guys wanted to be me, and all the women wanted to be her. It was as if the entire world stopped for us and we had everyone’s rapt attention.

She leaned back and looked into my face, and I had closed my eyes. She looked at the small scars on my face, reminders of the bullets that could have struck me there. She remembered when I got those too, because it might as well have been her hand firing those shots at me, but then she had never missed before and so maybe her missing wasn’t an accident.

She was looking at The way my jaw ran across my face and how strong that made me look.

She looked closer at my other scars and wondered what kind of story each one was. She loved that my eyes were closed as we held onto each other, that it meant that much to me. She knew how I felt then; there was no doubt in her mind anymore.

She slid around behind me while we slow danced, then putting her head on my back and her arms around my waist, she stopped and smiled and we both felt good.

She could feel from me how I knew that this was a special moment for us, how much I meant to her for her to hold me that way, and she had to admit she liked that too.

We had walked outside after that, to polite applause from everyone there. I even stopped and gave an exaggerated bow. Always trying to be funny.

“Thank you very much, we’ll be here all week!” as if we were part of the show now.

She grabbed me by the arm and said “Showoff!” as she laughed.

She wanted to know everything about me then; for her it felt so good to be in my arms that she felt she could forget everything else, that we actually could be happy together.

Slipping in and out of consciousness, she began to wonder which was real and why it was so damn hot in there. She thought she had a fever, maybe some kind of flu. She hoped she wasn’t lying in a coma somewhere, she wanted the chance to tell me how she really felt after all, she knew she loved me then and couldn’t wait to share that with me.

She remembered when she first felt her daughter inside of her, she was afraid to see her and how now she would have given anything in the world, including selling her soul to have that image be real instead of her happiest vision of what might have been.

The noise that the baby made was nothing intelligible of course, but what she heard in her mind was enough that it touched Erika’s heart and she turned suddenly cried then because she could never have that moment.

She would swear to anyone that asked about it, she was so sure it had happened yet it was very brief but she saw her daughter smile at her, as if she knew who was holding her, as if she were telling Erika that it would be all right. She would wake up with that vision in her head, that dream of what she thought they would have together, what was not to be.

She would have pulled her daughter close then, crying and holding her tightly to her chest she would have vowed they would be best friends as long as they both lived.

I was running as fast as I could, feeling deep inside that I was too late, but knowing I was not going to give up until I knew. Then I would deal with that too, if I could. If I was not too damn slow. I felt a stitch in my side that stung as I tried to breath, but I could not give in to it, I could not let it defeat me and let it burn into my thoughts as I tried to dismiss it.

I fell twice in the darkness, barking my shin once and raising a welt, the other time I cut my hand and it stung, but I hardly felt it and hardly noticed if the blood was sucked up quickly as before or just sat there as it should have.

Each time I fell, I turned to see if another slug was coming out of the darkness, but thankfully, that was the only one, and there was nothing behind me now but the darkness. I almost felt as if I could hear the good flowers cheering me on.

The occasional flash of light that was either too far away or too close, depending on her thoughts, I think because it seemed to be drawing away from me and leaving and then it would flash really close, I never knew which part of that was her in control and which was Nemrul in control it so I kept running.

As I looked ahead, I could see where the lighting had scorched the ground, and that even the shrubs it had started afire were blown away now, nothing more than a brief memory now of what once was.

As I slowed to make sure it was really gone, I could see the carcass of several small animals lying on the ground. Their bodies burnt and twisted from the painful death they had endured.

I felt as if there was big sale in the department store and I had missed it, arriving too late, I discovered all the aisles empty and barren. I’d missed the party and they’d all gone home.

It was the oddest feeling but it was real and hard to shake. I decided I didn’t care about the lightning or much about anything else that might hurt me or be there, I just wanted to be out of there faster than I was moving now. I cursed myself for being so damn slow, for all the things thrown at me to try and delay my return, to hinder my search. I was especially mad now for not seeing that slug that had tried to dissolve me into itself.

I remembered that my eyes became so focused on that target before me that it had almost cost me my life. The irony of that would have made me laugh any other time; it would have been revenge for all the slugs I had poured salt on when I was growing up.

I began to shed tears that burned my face as I ran, thinking she had saved me so many times in there and I had let her down.

I had the oddest sensation as I ran, feeling as though when I ran, layers of skin or of my life were being washed away and lost forever. As though the wind or the sand or everything in this place was pushing at me and trying to force me to slow down or turn back.

It helped me though I now felt like I’d gotten my second wind because I could see the end of my journey just up ahead. I again marveled at the quick time I had made it back but still felt as though I should have been there yesterday, that I was too damn slow again.

"Please God, don't make me too late!" I pleaded. The sound echoed thru my head and then thru then emptiness of where I was.

As if it was mocking that and me for thinking I HAD a God or anything could save me in there, as if He was not too busy with real issues and other, more important people‘s lives.

As I thought of that I ran headlong on into the light and almost moved fast enough to make my enemy miss...almost.

Erika saw me come into the room, in a moment of semi-lucidity, she thought I had walked in and then fell, so she didn't see me get clouted behind the ear, but as confused and as tired from fighting him as she was, she couldn‘t have made much sense of anything at that moment.

She smiled at me, thinking I was playing with her again, and she tried to get up. She couldn't explain her need to be in my arms right then, but she felt that she needed me stronger than anything, even her sense of being in danger.

She couldn’t shake that feeling that something was very wrong, that all was lost and hopeless. That this time the darkness was going to win and we would never be together again. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming but she wouldn’t give in to that either. She saw me there and it gave her hope, she knew I had come to fight for her and other than Nemrul no one had ever done that for her in her life.

I saw her in the corner, laying on her side and thought for a moment that I was too late, and that she was dead, but then I felt, just as quickly and dismissing that thought, I felt that somehow everything would be ok after all.

I saw her turn and smile at me, but it faded and then quickly came back again. I could tell from where I was that she was struggling with something too, and that she was very weak now. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the hit coming, but again was too slow to get out of the way.

I fell hard again, tearing open my cheek under the left eye. The room swam and I saw her smiling at me as her part of the room floated by. As the room spun, it made me feel sick so I closed my eyes and fought it off. But Nemrul was standing over me now, ready to kill me and gloating over his new toy. The nightmare I had seen so many times about to come true.

All he needed was his guns fully loaded and he was ready to finish me off and take her away from me forever. I hoped that if he did kill me, at the very least he would spare her, after all, I was his enemy and not her. She was just the bait he used to ensnare me I thought. I wondered why he didn’t burn my body then, he was close enough, but I was trying to think of something to do and didn’t want to give him ideas he might use against me.

I still wasn’t sure then who I was fighting or where he had come from, if he had ever been human and what the hell Nemrul meant at that time, and didn’t realize who I had been fighting all along, that I was fighting the woman I love when I fought Nemrul.

I felt the blood cover my eyes, making everything crimson for a moment until I wiped it off with the back of my hand, my head still spun and every so often I would see images of her and then Nemrul swimming by, the nausea overwhelming me and making it hard to focus, to keep from retching and vomiting whatever was left in my stomach by then.

I tried to raise myself up and get a bearing on where he was when he let me know by kicking the back of my head and knocking me silly again, I could see them though, as the room spun by, sometimes him moving towards me, sometimes her trying to tell me something that maybe he was preventing me from hearing because I could not hear a word she was saying.

Sometimes the two images floated together, not just side by side but as if they were a mirror of each other, one side hideous and menacing, the other side the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Still I did not get the connection.

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Now they begin to help each other, her without knowing it, and him because he knows she is worth fighting for and thinks he can save her.