Losing My Hair

Losing my hair but I really don’t care

Because it isn’t what or who I am

I’ve always been bold, some even think cold

But in truth I don’t always give a damn

-what some people might think

I know that I’m a man, without any clear plan

And sometimes I appear to be lost

But I know it’s my life, I deal with my own strife

And I have to be me at ANY cost

I pay all my bills, chase all those cheap thrills

And it’s my face I have to see in the mirror

I can live with myself, with love my heart’s filled

And I know what my heart has, the good for me couldn’t be clearer

So though I’m losing my hair, proves that life isn’t always fair

But I know that it’s all in what you make of it

Though you might think I’m cold, that it seems that I don’t care

That everything about me screams I don’t give a ___

My heart is full of love, I know the big man above

And I give Him all credit and glory

I ask him for help, when push comes to shove

And I know that He has a script for my life story

Someone once called me “Mr. Rogaine” but he was a kid with no brain

Because he never looked beyond what he saw outside

He never knew me, what makes me laugh or cry, and how I deal with my pain

And to be honest my hair isn’t a source of any pride

So if you see me out on the streets, and you think maybe we should meet

Don’t ever be afraid, I won’t bite (much) and I won’t be rude or obtuse

I like making new friends, talking to people about life, what makes them feel their complete

But if you get rude, and mess with my mood, that kind of behavior I have no use

debby   debby wrote
on 4/12/2008 5:17:06 PM
"Mr. Rogain" has a very humorous, sweet side.

Butterfly   Butterfly wrote
on 4/11/2008 12:01:47 PM

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/11/2008 12:02:17 AM
Thanks on both counts!

writing Bluez
wanna be writer
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I know what your thinking, silly, frivolous, maybe even a goofy poem, but I can't stop what my mind tells me to write. I thought about that once and then realized that if I did that, what if it never started again? So please indulge me and if you don't like it, at least be nice (please).
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