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Again, not knowing if this is ok, I just wanted to ask your opinions on something that is really bothering me and I thought I would get some intelligent answers here.
There is a movie out right now, called "Charlie's War" and it's being marketed for our collections, but what bothers me is that, as I was watching it early in the making, I kept thinking, "But wait a minute, isn't that how bin laden got his arms? How he learned how to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan? How he learned to use the weapons he used against us on 9-11?
If that is true, and I really hope someone will tell me I am wrong, but if it IS true, then how can men and women we admire for their character and dignity make money off of something like this? A comedy about something that led to that horrible day?
It galls me that we are at war with a country that started because bush said "He tried to kill my father!" and of course, to control the oil and add stability to the region.
What would we do if they came here and did the same? Arrested bush as a criminal and then had him hanged because we didn't agree with things he did as ruler of this land.
What makes us think we can go into a region that has always known war and conflict for as long as anyone can remember and add stability to that region? 
Our young men and women are dying there and they are making movies about it, every time I see that former speechwriter or whatever he was of bush's doing that dance while our boys are dying it makes me sick.
I love this country, and I support our men and women fighting for our way of life, I just wonder about the leadership we are stuck with.
I sincerely apologize if anyone was offended by this, or if I posted the wrong kind of message but I don't know who else to ask and get a decent and intelligent answer than a place like this.  

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This has been bothering me for some time, and I wasn't sure how to ask anyone or even who I might ask about it, but I hope I can get some intelligent answers by asking your opinions.
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