For My Father
My Dad wasn't everything
but he sure was something
he didn't leave us the brass ring
but he showed us how to function
He didn't always know the way
and yet we always followed
he didn't always know what words to say
but he never had to beg steal or borrow
we never had enough time
to talk of the things he knew
but I knew if I needed help, I'd drop a dime
and I knew without a doubt that he would come thru
I miss you so much now
did you make it to heaven
did He forgive the things you did
I wish you were here to show me how
to change the cards, to drop them a seven
so many times I needed you
as I was finding my way, growing up
but you had your own thing that you had to do
it's ok though, it made me smart, made me tough
now your gone
cancer took you away
all these questions linger on
the emotions I feel for you make this all so tough

justwrite   justwrite wrote
on 4/29/2008 11:22:36 AM
Beautiful dedication to a man that is sorely missed. I lost my mother to cancer and even though it's been awhile, that void stays with you your whole life. Wonderfully written in simple heart wrenching prose. Good Job! Keep on writing!

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/14/2008 11:31:00 AM
my father called his remaining sons together to tell us, he had pancreatic cancer and we lost him less than two months later. It has not been as long as your fathers been gone Debby, but I know it took me at least that long before I could say my brother was killed and not break down in tears. I used to beat the refigerator because I didn't want to hit anyone else that hard.

debby   debby wrote
on 4/12/2008 5:37:41 PM
I too lost my father to cancer (although it's been 23 years.) The sentiments never change, even after a great deal of time passes.

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/10/2008 10:04:50 PM
Your very welcome. I think about calling him all the time, and it bothers me that I can't. I miss his smile, but I still have his music.

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I lost my Dad four years ago to cancer and he wasn't the best Dad in the world but he sure wasn't the worst, and I sure miss him.