I see couples walking hand in hand
and enjoying each other's company
to me, thier life looks grand
and they look so happy to me

Why can't I have that too
what did I do wrong
why can't I have a woman like you
why can't we sing that song

why do I feel so all alone
in crowd full of friends and family
why do I hurt down to my bones
what are these tears that I see

What do they know that I don't
and why do I have to have envy and not love
I asked you to go there with me but you won't
so I send my prayers to God above

Why do I feel so all alone
not asking for pity
not asking you to throw me a bone
but it's so cold in the big city

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 5/12/2009 4:01:34 AM
Really? Maybe there's hope for me then, cause if I can convey my feelings and be as sincere as you are, StarPoet, i am doing something right. I will go and check it out when I can, thanks again for reading and commenting

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/12/2009 3:29:50 AM
You tell a story that many men wonder about, including myself. And you tell it well. Read my poem "What Did He Do?" for this poem and that one are twins.

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/21/2009 6:59:31 PM
Thank you Poetrydances, there is a sadness to this one, but it was what I think sometimes when I see people together and happy. Thanks so much for the good thoughts though.

poetrydances   poetrydances wrote
on 4/21/2009 1:40:14 AM
Hi Bluez- great write - lyrical. I like the question style at the start of the stanzas. Saw a lot of sadness in this- to which I could relate well kind regards Tony. http://poetrydances.ning.com

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/19/2009 9:53:10 PM
Thank you so much, I see that all the time and wonder about that too, things aren't always as they seem though I guess. Funny but, I guess since I am a musician it comes across that way, melodic I mean. Thanks for your good thoughts my friend!

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