Dreaming of Angels

I dreamed of an angel and woke up to you

It’s not just an attitude, but it’s what you do

I think I’m still dreaming, and try to pinch my arm

But it’s real what I’m seeing, and will allow me no harm

I know what I found in you, others would die for

And some spent their whole lives looking and searching for more

But they never find what I found in your arms, in your heart

And things you do I miss so much, like now when we are far apart

But I console myself, I say “She loves me so!”

And it’s more than just a rumor, it’s something I feel and I know

And then my troubles just seem to float away, afraid to return

Because I know what’s real my love, and it’s for THAT love that I burn

So I wish you’d hurry back, though I want you to enjoy your time

And I‘ll be here when you return, with open arms, sending you these simple lines

You are the woman I dream about the Angel sent from above

The one showed me the only real meaning of true and devoted love


Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 2/17/2009 9:05:19 AM
WOw...I guess I should come here more often, I apologize for not asnwering these earlier, I didn't see the "comment count" until a few days ago and didn't think anyone had anything to say, much less such good and kind thoughts as you have all shared here with me. I am very happy that you liked it, felt my romantic side through my words here and that you took the time to read and comment, I need that feedback to know if I am on the right track, either good or bad.

debby   debby wrote
on 4/12/2008 5:02:03 PM
Quite the romantic! Your feelings are what everyone dreams of. I enjoy your writings.

rbouncha   rbouncha wrote
on 4/9/2008 4:49:12 PM
investing time to think is a beatiful thing isn't it. I Appreciate your worked.

hoodiegirl   hoodiegirl wrote
on 4/8/2008 2:12:50 PM
Very sweet poem. Lucky girl.

jlew1973   jlew1973 wrote
on 4/6/2008 11:22:30 PM
Another good one. Lyrical. Could even be a great song with a decent melody. Thanks for posting it. Love it. ~John

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