He was angry and he didn't know how to say that, all of his life he had been told to shut the hell up whenever he tried to express his opinion, and now that was working against him again, it just wasn't fair.
Though he was only eight years old, he understood how it worked, your a kid, they don't care what you think, your a kid and you have to do EXACTLY as they say, no questions asked, because I'm the parent that's why!
He had done nothing wrong, he was just enjoying himself trying to write a poem for a new girl in his class, not just because she was cute and he felt his heart race every time he saw her, but also because she was new to the area and he felt as though she needed a friend.
She wasn't really shy, yet she held back because she didn't know how things worked where she was now, an army brat who never had roots long enough to understand what that meant.
It wasn't her father's fault, he had to go where they sent him, which last time wasn't a secure area and he wouldn't take her, which meant time with her least favorite Aunt Miriam and her cousin Terry, who tag teamed thier way through whatever time together and jumped on her for the slightest infraction, something not done, something not said properly, something she wore that they thought inappopriate for the oddest reason, nothing was safe or sacred and she hated every moment there, and she had almost an entire year.
The day they met, it was instant bonding, they were too innocent to have called it love, but by all accounts it was exactly that and as much as they fought it, or thought that was "yucky" they could not fight what thier hearts wanted, any more than they could have understood what it was, they just knew they enjoyed each other's company and when they weren't together they were wishing that they were, and that was what he wanted to write about, if only they would leave him alone long enough to express his thoughts.
She was new to the school and came in after the class had started, and as soon as she entered he knew his world was going to change, everything seemed to stop as he watched how gracefully she held herself, how easily she smiled and tried not to look around too much, she didn't want everyone else to know she was nervous and yes, maybe even a little afraid.
They had all of that going for them, his parents were involved in thier lives, making his plans for his life, spending every spare moment of thier lives trying to earn one more dollar, make one more friend that would help them climb that ladder and get the brass ring. They had no time for him, and worse, no patience either. He was made to feel as though he was a a "bump" in their road, something neither planned for nor wanted and left alone most of the time.
The times he wasn't left alone were, for him the worst, because that meant they thought he had done something and were going to punish him. Punishment had always been odd for him, kneeling down on rocks and uncooked beans, being whipped with the pronged-end of an extension cord, sadistic and mean things that at first made him think, "What did I do to make daddy hate me so much?" or "Why does mommy hit me that way?" and scared the hell out of him at other times, it never had the desired effect for them, no matter how abusive or mean it was, they always seemed to think of new and better ways to tell him that he was not wanted.
He knew she was leaving soon, he knew that thier time was short, her father had been wounded in some foreign land, fighting for something that "the president thought was important enough to sacrifice the lives of our men and women" he had heard his father say as if the thought disgusted him.
Either way, he was coming home soon, and to do his rehab he was going to Hawaii, to the island of Maui, which at the time was thought to be a haven for surfers who came from all over the world to enjoy the waves and sun.
It didn't seem to her to be the paradise everyone thought it would be, she wanted to stay where she was, for the first time in her life there was someone who would listen to her, really listen, and not pretend to, because he understood what she was saying, she understood his thoughts and knew that he was really paying attention, that he cared enough to actually hear what she had to say and even sometimes agree with it, so her paradise was not on the waves of Maui, the surf or anything like that, her world was crashing down on her head, further adding to the confusion she had already felt, he was just a boy after all, and yet she felt as though he was her world, and all that mattered was to be near him, to look into his eyes as he spoke about anything at all.
He knew she was leaving and had panicked, had been thinking about losing the only person in the world that meant anything to him, that cared about him as a person, a human being with real feelings and ideas about life, and how his life should be, not what they thought he should do with it.
He didn't mean to knock over her damned lamp, he knew how important those things are to her and didn't even see it falling or would have tried to catch it, but it fell and shattered into a thousand pieces and then she came running into the room.
After they had taken turns lamenting the loss, the cost to replace it and how this was messing with the "flow of the room" they started on him, and in his mind he went to another place. A place where parents didn't beat thier children, where they actually enjoyed them and laughed with them instead of at them. He had seen them on television, and though he knew that was make believe, he knew it had to come from somewhere and now he was going to find them, he was going to leave this place of anger and resentment and find that family or start his own, he was going to ask her to leave with him, to run away together and find a better place in the world. Though he had never met another kid in any of his classes that had that kind of family, he knew they were out there, he even thought that they might be looking for him, that they knew there had been some mistake and he was meant to be in that family and not this one.
Because he was pretty sure that she would go, he wasn't one hundred percent sure, when he finally made it there, he stood outside of her window for the longest time. First that was because he could see thier profiles, thier shadows cast against the window told him that they were yelling at her for something, some break of the rukles that they thought she deserved to be villified for, and his first thought was "Come on, is it really that big of a deal? Does it matter that much to you?" because he knew her nature, he knew she wasn't capable of evil or malice and whatever it was, he was one hundred percent sure it was an accident.
But then, she was in her room, everything had gone quiet and the lights downstairs went off, one by one as they travelled the length of the house and went to bed.
He looked at the tree on the side of her house, one of the branches led to her room, it wasn't very thick, but he didn't weigh very much either and he thought it would support him until he got to the window, and then he could get her attention. But he wasn't ready yet, he didn't know what he was waiting for but he sat in the dark and waited a while longer.

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/5/2009 10:51:30 AM
Thanks for that advice, I have a tendency to do that, get too involved and forget about the breaks. I was remembering childhood stuff when I wrote this. Your a good friend, Mr. StarPoet

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/5/2009 4:47:20 AM
Good story here with a message. Many feel left alone when something like this happens in their life. Friendly advice: Break your paragraphs up more. I seemed to be one long read, despite the indentations. "Let the reader breathe" as I was told when I did the same thing.

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