Coffee Shop 080106

“Darling… My goodness! What has happened to you?” The blonde woman in a black and white polka dot dress with matching hat shrieked as she emphasized every word and made her way across the coffee shop eyeing me favorably.

“I just got back… Muah… from Paris… Muah!” I answered air kissing Jacqueline on both cheeks European style as she fluffed my curly hair surprised to see it. I had opted to shed my usual plain dress, cardigan, and Mary-Janes for a fresh colorful summer dress with matching pumps and hose.

“So you must tell Jacqueline everything.” She said leaning forward tapping my arm while calling a waiter for cream for the tea I had ordered for her. I hated it when she referred to herself in the third person, but I was so desperate for someone to talk to.

“I fell in love…” I started simply knowing that there was so much more than love that had surfaced in Paris causing my world to miraculously spin upside down.

“With a man?” Jacqueline asked her eyes squinting in a tell tale sign of laughter disguised as she blew the steam from her tea.

I hid behind the wall of steam rising from my own cup as I began. “With a man, with Paris, with myself maybe… I don’t know.” I sighed in remembrance. Jacqueline pressed me to go on.

“There was a man, he was tall, brown wavy shoulder length hair, eyes blue like the summer sky… and lips soft, firm, demanding… gentle?” I stopped to glance at Jacqueline who was lingering on every word.

“Where did you meet?” she urged.

“We met in a little restaurant off of the Champs D’Elysées. I went there every evening for dinner. It was no bigger than this with outdoor seating. I sat outside at the front and he was a table over from me. I would catch his eye now and again as I enjoyed watching the evening pass me by. When our glances would cross, I would look the other way as fast as I could. He was so handsome… and well I… I was so sure that he thought that I was the ugliest duckling.”

“So how did you get to finding out that his lips were… you know… yummy?” Jacqueline

I swallowed deeply the sheer memories making it difficult to relay the tale properly. “Well it must have been the second night that I realized that he and I were sitting in the same position. So by the third night, I asked to sit outside but on the opposite side. This was when he got up and asked if he could join me. He told me that he couldn’t bear to let me dine alone another night and apologized for being so rude not to have introduced himself earlier. I couldn’t come up with any excuses just having put food in my mouth. It was so nice talking and chatting with him. He was so adorably handsome.”

Jacqueline let out a sigh.

“He offered to give me a tour around Paris which I stupidly agreed to; he said it was dangerous for a beautiful young lady such as myself to walk alone. I knew that I was in for trouble when were walking and his hand began touching the skin at the back of my neck. It was like a lightning bolt just up and hit me. I must have jumped right out of my skin because I fell right into him. He caught me before I brought us both to the floor.”

Jacqueline immediately slapped her hand over her mouth to stifle a shriek of laughter.

“I know he must have thought I was a bumbling idiot.” I placed my head in my outstretched palm sliding it down my face carefully avoiding my lipstick, as if I could wipe away the historical stupidity.

“What did you say to him?”

“I couldn’t say anything. I was mortified and no words were coming out, just a strange gurgling sound I think.” My thoughts moved off of my complete embarrassment to how deliciously wonderful it had felt to be in his arms, even if at an awkward moment. Smiling I told her, “Oh he was really nice about it. I remember his saying… Cheri… the cobblestones can be difficult to navigate in the dark… his smile was so awesome, his teeth were so perfect and his hands so strong.” I had started out trying to mimic his French accent but my mind pulled me back to that one surreal moment in France finding myself looking into his smiling eyes at a complete loss for words, with sweaty palms and a dry throat both wanting and rejecting the possibility of having him at the same time as I fumbled to regain my footing on legs that were about as steady as a fresh bowl of gelatin. He was a pillar of strength as he pulled me to my feet fixing my cardigan and making me gasp by undoing the severe bun that had successfully pinned the only wild part of me to the back of my head. My hair was unleashed like a wild child upon the world, my curls immediately springing back into ringlets cured only by harsh chemicals or severe conservative hairstyles.

I must have been lost in my thoughts of him and how much I had wanted to be someone else for that moment, careless and carefree enough to have a wild but tender moment with a complete stranger.

Jacqueline was becoming impatient as she tapped the table, “Darling you simply must share what happened next.”

“Not much actually, he loosed my hair and walked me home like a gentleman.” I said smiling simply at her.

“That’s it? No…” Jacqueline stared at me, through me tearing my lie apart. Her fingers waggled at me beckoning me. “I want the rest!”

“Ok. When we got to the flat I rented he kissed me goodnight.” Which wasn’t the complete truth but definitely wasn’t a lie. The moment had felt slightly awkward as I didn’t want him to go. Out of the norm, I had invited him up for a drink. My hands had been shaking when I poured the glass. It hadn’t mattered because he didn’t have any; his hands had wrapped around my waist, moving my hair so he could kiss my neck softly. He pulled me to him as if he expected my electrified reaction turning me kissing me crushing my lips before there could be any objection which wouldn’t have come because I was lost in the moment with all prudish and conservative thoughts blown away on the Parisian breeze that blew in through the windows billowing the curtains. I remembered tasting the wine as his tongue explored my mouth as he removed my cardigan and unzipped my sheath. Feeling the air on my lily white skin so completely hit me like a dose of reality until he pulled me to him lifting me up carrying me resting me gently on the bed. I remembered crossing my arms about me trying to cover myself wishing the moon were not as bright. When I had stopped wondering about covering myself, I realized that he was naked, completely naked, and so gorgeous but amazingly naked. I remembered trying to move further up into the bed as he smiled. His smile was so calming and comforting. He assaulted me with kisses up my torso reaching around my back removing my brassiere releasing my breasts. A dormant fire flared into an instant rampant inferno as his lips descended on my breasts turning them into demanding orbs of fire craving for his touch and attention. His mouth found my neck as I arched his hands finding the round of my buttocks as he easily removed my panties, his mouth finding mine this time I had responded which an urgency, submitting to him as his mouth had claimed mine. Responding as his hands stroked my back lost in a reeling reality as he entered me slowly; smiling as he realized that I could accommodate his entire throbbing organ, finding a natural rhythm, moving my hips as I never knew they could. The wanton world claiming me as I unleashed a lifetime of restraint, meeting his every thrust, until our energies were spent collapsing in a renewed pile on the bed.

“Darling… Darling…” Jacqueline was shaking my hand. “Are you okay?”

My breath was ragged; I had been gripping the table for support. I looked up my brown eyes meeting hers in surprise.

“Oh stop it. It couldn’t have been that good.” Jacqueline was immediately laughing while she called a waiter for water for me. “Oh Darling, I am going to Paris with you. Where did you stay?”

Once I got my breath back, I laughed too, my panties a little too moist for my liking but I had no regrets. I glanced around the coffee shop quickly trying to ascertain who else had noticed my climax, the conservative side of me still caring what others thought. My Frenchman had changed my life and while I probably would still always be more conservative I had experienced the freedoms that came along with wanton abandon. I laughed along with Jacqueline catching the eye of a handsome Greek waiter calling for the check, holding his gaze a little longer than was necessary smiling hesitating for a moment making it feel like it was just for him.

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