Rightfully Stolen

Prologue~ Arimay



            I wear a mask.

            A mask of gray.

            It blocks out the sunlight,

            It blocks out the breeze.

            It blocks out happiness,

            But protects me from the pain of humanity.

            More yet, it holds me



“Hey May!” Jake yelled running to catch up with me. “Wait up!” I snapped out of my poetic daydreaming and purposely lengthened my stride; dealing with this unwanted pursuer would only bring trouble. And my name was Arimay Blythe Corain, not May.

            “Ow!” I cried when I felt a clammy hand snake tightly around my wrist. “Jake, let go of me,” I snapped, shooting him a glare.

            “I was jus’ thinking about walking you home,” he said, his words slurring. I jerked my wrist from his hand and walked briskly into the alleyway that led to my house.

            “Get lost, for both of our sakes,” I called back. “Oh, and maybe find your girlfriend. You know; the one with blonde hair? The one that was practically made in a factory?” I couldn’t stand Jake, or his girlfriends. They were exactly the type of people that I wasn’t; attention seeking, mindless, loud...

            “Bu’ I don’ wanna see her righ’ now,” Jake protested. “I wanna see you.” He grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face him. Soon, he was backing me up against the alley wall while clumsily leaning forward, his alcohol tinted breath hitting me hard in the face and making me gag. I didn’t want to fight, fearing that I’d unleash my real self upon him and hurt him, but I was through with him. Everything about Jake made me want to punch that cocky, drunken look off his face, from his suggestive remarks to anything that walked to his constant pestering and stalking me after school despite his countless girlfriends.

            “Jake, I’m going to give you ten seconds to let me go and get away from me,” I began, deciding to give him one last chance before I completely lost it. “When I get to one, you’d better be gone, or you won’t be able to live with your own shadow. Now, ten… Nine…” He leaned forward, forcing me to turn my head to the side in order to breathe. “Eight… Seven…” I gasped as he slid his arms around my waist. “Six… Five… Four…” His nose touched my neck, sliding up towards my lips. “Three… Two…” I angled my head straight down to avoid his mouth. Then, in the darkest, most intimidating voice that came from somewhere deep within me, I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “One.”

            “You mus’ not mind me too much because-” Jake began, but he was cut off by the sharp, erratic jerking of his body that threw him backwards and away from my own. He flew to the left and smacked against the alley wall next to me, knocking him hard enough to hurt him, but not enough to injure him.

            “I warned you,” I said, my voice low and menacing as I twitched my arm upward. The shadows that I had learned to control with almost instinctual ease carried him to the top of the alley wall where dropping him would have meant death. “But you wouldn’t listen.”

            “Please, Please! I won’… I won’ mess with you anymore!” Jake shouted. Liar, I thought and widened my palm, releasing him from the shadows. He screamed wildly as he plummeted rapidly towards the alley floor, but just before he hit the ground, I whipped my hand up from my side, catching him with the shadows.

            “You got lucky. As in, I was having an okay day. Now go home, and never try to force yourself on a girl ever again.” I jerked my hand back to my side and dropped him the last inch back to the ground. He stood up and sprinted as well as an intoxicated man could out of the alley, whimpering as he went.

            I turned away from the alley entrance and started home, trying to ease the buzzing in my ears as I went.

            Well, time to go home, I thought bitterly. Time to open the door and tell my single mother that we have to move yet again because I’ve exposed my ability. Time to drop out of another school and go to live in another house. Time to ditch whatever friends I had and struggle to gain new ones. Time to live another life all the while dragging my mother down deeper and deeper into this endless struggle. And then… And then we’ll do it all again.

Derek   Derek wrote
on 11/5/2014 10:44:48 AM
That's a pretty bad ass power. I do have a question though. Are the shadows living things, or are they just the absence of light?

Novel / Novella
writing Bailey_Elizabeth
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Arimay has never had what you can call a "life", moving again and again each time she accidentally exposes her strange abilities and never fitting in or settling down. Until one day, a mysterious letter arrives in her mail inviting her to join Owl High, a school existing to protect and train those with abilities. That's not the only thing the school is for though, and soon Arimay will find herself part of a battle she never expected to join. Kyle has grown up knowing that he was special and where he was going; Owl High, of course, just like his parents. Being one of the most dedicated team leaders in the entire school, his life revolves around bringing down the school's enemies, the Thieves, so when they begin to rise in power, he is the first to step up and take action. If only those pesky memories weren't in his way...
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This is only the Prologue of a finished story, which I am currently in the process of editing. Tell me what you think of the Prologue, and if enough people end up liking Rightfully Stolen's beginning, I'll post another chapter or two!
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